USB Server Notifies Users Via E-mail or Phone

Onset Computer has released a USB based ethernet server that allows multiple Hobo data loggers to be connected over an ethernet network. The Keyspan USB server—when used with Hobo loggers—enables users to remotely manage and access Hobo loggers distributed throughout a facility. It also notifies users via
e-mail or cell phone when environmental conditions exceed set thresholds.

The Keyspan server is plugged into an ethernet network, and multiple Hobo loggers are connected to the server. An accompanying software driver is then installed on each client PC, enabling data to be shared by any person in the facility.

Call: 800-564-4377; e-mail: info@onsetcomp.com.

FTA-Pro Analyzes Product Failures Before They Occur

Dyadem International’s FTA-Pro, a software application for improved fault tree analysis, analyzes potential product failures before they happen by beginning with each potential failure and predicting every way they could occur.

Through a Windows based interface, the FTA-Pro helps avoid mistakes by offering analysis and reporting capabilities that help prevent safety and reliability shortfalls.

The software is designed for industries such as aerospace, automotive, transportation, electronics, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical, defense and general manufacturing.

Call: 416-969-2747; visit: www.dyadem.com.

Heidenhain Introduces ERA 4000 Series Angle Encoders

Heidenhain has introduced a series of ERA 4000 angle encoders for use on rotary motion systems, spindles and other motors. The ERA 4x80 version of the series is mounted using a centering collar method.

The ERA 4x81 is the weight reduced T-profile version that is mounted using a three-point centering method. The ERA 4x82 offers the highest accuracy of the series.

All three versions use the same scanning unit per diameter and have a movable faceplate. The ERA 4000 series is available in seven different diameters, ranging from an outer diameter of 52.65 mm to 331.31 mm and grating periods of 20, 40 or 80 microns.

Call: 847-490-1191; e-mail: info@heidenhain.com.

Deposition Sciences’ Filter Coats Curved Surface Lenses

Deposition Sciences offers a wide acceptance angle band pass filter that can be coated onto curved surface lenses for use in high accuracy applications. The thin film coating blocks wavelengths from the visible region of the spectrum into the shortwave infrared wavelength with a high transmission at 1064 nm.

Deposition Sciences’ optical interference filter is engineered for tasks in which the film needs to have a high transmission over the entire surface of a curved lens and is designed for use across a large cone angle.

Call: 707-573-6785; e-mail: solutions@depsci.com.

Spring Balancer Allows Full Access Work Area

ASG’s spring balancer, for use with assembly tools, allows the operator full access to the work area without tool interference. It will retract completely or can be adjusted to retract a tool partially to suit the operator.

The spring balancer keeps tools at an ergonomic height and reduces workpiece damage by keeping tools away when they are not being used. The spring balancer is offered in two sizes: 1- to 3-lb. weight capacity or 3- to 6-lb. capacity. Its cord length is 55 in.

Call: 216-486-6163; visit: www.asg-jergens.com.

Nonconforming Material Software Automates

MasterControl’s Nonconformance software automates and manages the process for controlling and handling nonconforming materials. It connects the nonconformance procedure to other quality processes under a single web based platform.

Key features added to Nonconfor-mance include a best practice form, best practice process, flexible process, form-to-form launching, analytics reporting and a compliant system.

MasterControl offers a continuum of products and services that address different levels of validation needs based on individual risk assessment for Food and Drug Administration regulated companies.

Call: 800-825-9117; visit: www.mastercontrol.com.

Gigahertz-Optik’s Probe Measures Irradiance

Gigahertz-Optik has developed the low drift solid state ROD-360-UV18 specifically for the measurement of ultraviolet germicidal irradiance applied in air and water sterilization applications. The ROD-360-UV18 employs a low and medium pressure hectogram or pulsed Xenon lamps.

The rod probe measures 113 x 15 mm in length and diameter as it is seated in its threaded post mount holder. The ROD-360-UV18 is constructed of stainless steel and quartz for underwater use and includes a National Institute of Standards and Technology traceable calibration certification.

Call: 978-462-1818; e-mail: angelo@gigahertz-optik.com.

Clare Instruments’ SafeTest Stores up to 6,000 Tests

Clare Instruments’ SafeTest is for manufacturers that are required to perform a range of safety tests on electrical and electronic products.

All tests are individually user selectable, and an internal memory has the capacity to store up to 6,000 tests.

The SafeTest comes with an optional safety label printer that enables the automatic production of test tags, labels and test reports.

Call: 44-0-1903-233-314; e-mail: sales@clareinstruments.com.

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