Windows Are Removable For Maintenance Purposes

L.J. Star has released a line of Metaglas mechanically prestressed borosilicate glass windows for visibility use in the pharmaceutical and biotech processing industries. The Metaglas line offers sight and light ports and flow indicators and complies with sanitary codes.

Metaglas prestressed windows are formed by fusing borosilicate glass inside a precisely formed stainless steel ring. The two materials fuse under pressure to give a continuous transition to process flow, free of voids where bacteria might build up. Metaglas also can be removed and reinstalled when a vessel or pipeline must be opened for maintenance.

Call: 330-405-3040; e-mail: view@ljstar.com.

Mitutoyo Camera Captures Elevations and Contours

The Quick Image QI-2017RL and QI-3017RL series 2-D vision measuring systems from Mitutoyo America use a bilateral telecentric lens train able to focus on multiple surface levels at the same time. The QI-2017/3017 systems can—in one view—capture images of workpieces with varying thickness and levels.

These systems simultaneously acquire features found on items such as tool edges, connectors, cylinder forms and other solids with level transitions that are often difficult to measure. The systems’ color camera captures elevations and contours for viewing, inspection or analysis on a PC or laptop. The QI-2017/3017 systems come standard with a software package.

Call: 630-820-7403; e-mail: info@mitutoyo.com.

Torque Sensor Allows Continuous Monitoring

Sensor Developments’ 01287 is a pulley torque sensor featuring an integrated torque sensor and slip ring assembly. The 01287 replaces a standard pulley and allows for continuous torque monitoring of a belt or chain drive.

The 01287 sensor can be adapted to a range of applications in which knowing real-time torque is critical to proper operation. Torque capacities can be designed to meet individual requirements and range from 100 in-lbs. to 10,000 in-lbs.

Call: 248-391-3000; e-mail: kenw@sendev.com.

UV Curing System Offers Three Different Wavelengths

The CF-1000 UV Curing System features LED technology within a turnkey system. The machine is available in three different wavelengths and meets most UV activated curing processes. The multiple head capability increases output power and provides multiple angles of illumination.

The thermal management system is suitable for continuous usage and offers foot switch control. A long LED cable is included for remote positioning. The CF-1000 accepts both domestic and international AC power.

Call: 800-621-1296; e-mail: info@uvps.com.

Universal Dimensionair Allows Front Mounting

Mahr Federal has introduced the Universal Dimensionair as part of a series of adjustable magnification air comparators. It combines a differential air system with the ability to work both as a single or dual master air gaging system.

The Universal Dimensionair features built-in magnification and zeroing controls and can be adjusted for use with a dual master tooling or span master. The user sets system sensitivity by adjusting the air comparator span to correspond with the difference between minimum and maximum setting masters.

The Universal Dimensionair also allows tooling to be mounted directly on the front of the unit.

Call: 800-343-2050; visit: www.mahr.com.

Comparator Monitors Tool Wear and Breakage

The VC-2100 vibration comparator from Ono Sokki Technology serves as a watchdog for a range of vibration monitoring applications such as machine monitoring, production line pass/fail testing, test cell monitoring and machine tool wear and breakage detection.

The VC-2100 features multiple alarm bands to address application and machine defects. Alarm bands are specified in terms of measurement bandwidth and alarm limit. Alarm limits are set independently for each band, and an associated output is activated when the vibration level exceeds or falls below the alarm limit. Two alarm bands come standard with the VC-2100. An additional third band is optional.

Call: 630-627-9700; visit: www.onosokki.net.

Flexdeburr Replaces Manual Deburring

ATI Industrial Automation’s Flexde-burr—a radially compliant finishing tool—has a pivoting motor and spindle arrangement providing the finishing tip’s radial compliance to perform consistently on irregular part patterns. The Flexdeburr replaces manual deburring with a robotic or automated process.

The finishing tool uses two air connections, one at 90 per square inch (psi) to spin the cutting file and a second variable supply at up to 60 psi to apply the compliance force. The Flexdeburr uses standard tungsten carbide industrial bits, allowing adaptation to changing assembly lines and part requirements.

Call: 919-772-0115; visit: www.ati-ia.com.

UVCorder Records Near Ultraviolet Waveband

Oculus Photonics has announced the UVCorder, a digital near UV camcorder. The portable unit is designed for viewing scenes in the near UV waveband in real time. Its 3.5-in. LCD acquires videos and still shots for future reference purposes. The UVCorder receives its power from being mounted atop a commercial camcorder.

Applications for the UVCorder include forensics, building inspection, ultraviolet laser alignment, dermatology, dentistry, biological research, camouflage detection and industrial surface inspection tasks.

Call: 805-284-5757; visit: www.ultravioletcameras.com.

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