Software Automates Generation of Flowcharts

FlowBreeze 1.0 from BreezeTree Software is a flowcharting tool that adds to Microsoft Excel. The software program allows users of Microsoft Office drawing tools to automate the generation of flowcharts. FlowBreeze 1.0 generates a flowchart shape based on the content of text and a set of rules customizable by the user.

Users can identify keywords that, when entered, cause FlowBreeze 1.0 to create that shape. Users also can force an entry to generate a specific shape type by using a prefix in their entry. FlowBreeze 1.0 generates flow line connectors between shapes and allows users to preformat the flowchart shape colors, font, text alignment and line styles.

Call: 503-625-4917; e-mail: info@breezetree.com.

 Paper-Less QM Simplifies Quality Process Procedures

Paper-Less QM from Paper-Less LLC is a software application providing manufacturers a paperless quality management system that helps simplify quality process procedures and data collection.

Paper-Less QM’s features include the establishment of control plans, incoming and in process test entry, nonconformance reporting, electronic signatures, trends and alarms. E-mails are sent automatically to notify the user of problems.

Call: 262-567-9240; visit: www.paperlessllc.com.

KTX Camera Designed For Low Light Conditions

Sensors Unlimited has released the KTX camera for industrial and commercial original equipment manufacturers. It is designed for low light conditions and day and night operation. The indium gallium arsenide KTX offers range imaging in partial starlight to direct sun illumination. It features real-time video for use in passive surveillance and with lasers.

Other applications include imaging spectroscopy, astronomy, emission microscopy and machine vision. The KTX camera can be integrated into unmanned aerial and ground vehicles and robotic, handheld and portable systems.

Call: 609-520-0610; visit: www.oss.goodrich.com.

Carton Clamp Adjusts Force To Reduce Damage During Load Handling

Brudi Bolzoni Auramo’s ETX-G3S intelligent carton clamp has been designed for industries in which variations in clamping pressure can produce significant loss claims. This helps reduce product damage during load handling.

The ETX-G3S uses a microprocessor controlled system to automatically adjust clamping force. The parameters are based on product and load guidelines predetermined by the end user.

Load configuration data is collected on a real-time basis through three sensor sets. Using the data, the ETX-G3S control unit directs the proportional valve to adjust the hydraulic pressure in the clamping cylinder to fit the load.

Call: 800-358-5438; visit: www.bba-usa.com.

 ASI DataMyte Updates Data Collector

ASI DataMyte has announced an updated version of the model 501 handheld data collector. This version of the 501 includes allowance for characteristic names with up to 50 characters, validation checking for vehicle identification numbers and improved torque timing performance.

The 501 increases the speed with which torque measurements are captured. It also is able to capture up to seven peak torque measurements within one second. This facilitates situations in which operators could take readings faster than data collectors could respond.

Call: 763-553-1040; e-mail:mikemccalley@asidatamyte.com.

 Nylok’s Nyseal Eliminates Leak Paths at Pressures up to 500 PSI

The Nyseal from Nylok creates a sealing element at pressures up to 500 pounds per square inch (psi). The green, preapplied coating is fused on the bearing surface of the fasteners, eliminating the leak path. As the screw is seated to its final position against the mating part, the Nyseal element compresses and fills the void under the bearing surface of the head and countersink or bore.

Fasteners treated with Nyseal are reusable and work in temperatures up to 150° F. They are resistant to chemicals like alcohol, gasoline, oil, kerosene, diesel fuel and hydraulic fluids.

Call: 516-781-0180; visit: www.nylok.com.

Gas Module Enables Safe Introduction of Gas Samples

Thermo Electron’s EGM II gas introduction module is designed to enable the safe and reproducible introduction of gas and liquefied gas samples. The EGM II switches from gas to liquefied gas while the calibration range is set using one calibration gas and multiple injection sequence.

The sample loop can be filled and injected automatically up to 99 times in a single measurement cycle. The EGM II also is equipped with pressure and temperature regulators. It can be used in petrochemical and chemical quality control laboratories. The module meets compliance requirements for lower sulfur specifications in automotive fuels.

Call: 800-532-4752; e-mail: thermo@scottmail.co.uk.

 Synergy 1000 SPC Software Offers Real-Time Data Collection

Zontec has released Synergy 1000, statistical process control (SPC) software for companies that need to regularly document compliance and generate audit trails and traceability records. It also provides help in certification to quality standards.

Synergy 1000 offers real-time data collection, charting and color coded alarms for monitoring process violations and implementing corrective actions. The system includes built-in gage interfacing for automated data collection, analytical and reporting tools. Synergy 1000 also includes short run utilities and gage repeatability and reproducibility.

Call: 513-648-9695; e-mail: rmorris@zontec-spc.com.

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