Phoenix/x-ray’s Nanotom System Suitable for 3-D Examination

The nanotom from Phoenix/x-ray is a 160 kV nanofocus computed tomography system designed for the needs of material science, micromechanics, electronics and biological applications. The nanotom is suitable for 3-D examination of sensors, complex mechatronic samples, microelectronic components and material samples.

The nanotom’s digital detector has a 5 megapixel resolution and a measurement range expansion. It can examine samples with diameters up to 120 mm and weight up to 1 kg. The nanotom comes with Pheonix/x-ray’s datos/x software.

Call: 661-242-1967; e-mail: dklehmann@phoenix-xray.com.

GCX Cartridge Seal Operates In Multiple Chemical Environments

Flowserve has released its Flowserve GCX single mechanical cartridge seal. The GCX is designed for American National Standards Institute and DIN (German institute for standardization) designated certified pump services, in which the pumps and seals are required to operate in multiple chemical environments without chemical compatibility change-outs.

The GCX is designed for intermediate and batch chemical processes in short-run chemical plants and in multiple campaign chemical and pharmaceutical plants using solvents and steam for decontamination. It features a standard throttle bushing with vent and drain ports to allow the use of nitrogen or steam quench to mitigate coking.

Call: 972-443-6644; e-mail: sboone@flowserve.com.

Xero Wafer From Group 4 Labs Addresses Transistor Industry Problems

Group4 Labs has introduced a gallium nitride (GaN)-on-diamond semiconductor wafer. The Xero Wafer sits less than 0.5 nanometers away from a synthetic diamond substrate and features high temperature resilience for high power, high frequency electronic, solid state white lighting, military and photonics applications.

The GaN-on-diamond wafer addresses the heat problem in the high power and high speed transistor industry: excessive heat buildup inside the chip’s engine leads to device failure. It extricates heat from the chip’s core at almost the instant it is generated.

Call: 650-688-5760; visit: www.group4labs.com.

InfinityQS Releases Web Based Software for SPC

InfinityQS International has released eSPC, a Web based statistical process control (SPC) software. eSPC offers hosted SPC applications using a shared database that allows manufacturers to implement real-time process improvements, scrap reductions and overall cost savings.

The Web based system is always on, enabling users to reconfigure the system as often as needed without interrupting performance. Managers at plant sites can communicate with the server through standard HTTP protocol and can configure access privileges to all factory floor areas.

Call: 800-772-7978; visit: www.infinityqs.com.

Software Notifies Users Of Problems via Cell Phone

Onset Computer has introduced Real-Time Alarm software for use with Hobo data loggers. The alarm software automatically notifies users through cell phone text messages or e-mail when temperature, humidity and other conditions exceed user defined limits. The software can provide alarm notification for multiple Hobo data loggers and can be used with ethernet services.

Example applications include tracking environmental conditions in computer server rooms, food storage warehouses and museums. The Real-Time Alarm tool is a plug-in software module to Onset’s Hoboware 2.1.1 software package.

Call: 800-564-4377; e-mail: sales@onsetcomp.com.

Control Gaging Integrates Precision Gages for Automatic Measurement

For lean manufacturing environments, Control Gaging integrates precision gages into part transport automation to provide automatic measurement of part size during part load and unload cycles. Control Gaging’s setup gages can be mounted on the gantry and robot end effectors, enabling measurement of a part while it’s in the grip of automation devices.

Measurements can be used for part sorting, tool compensation, statistical process control and capability index analysis. The gaging technique can be applied to turning, grinding and other metal cutting processes in which automation is used to speed production. The data provided by the gages can be used by managers to monitor quality, improve process control and remove out of tolerance products from the part stream.

Call: 734-668-6750; e-mail: ggg@controlgaging.com.

Hertzler Systems Releases Software Training Videos

Hertzler Systems’ software videos are designed to train users of inRealTime. inRealTime connects gages, sensors, files and machines to Minitab. Users can collect data in real-time and evaluate the data for statistical trends and alarms using updated, real-time statistical process control charts.

The videos are available free from the company’s website. They cover introductory topics such as how to launch and run the program and how to share data with Minitab. They also cover more advanced topics like how to respond to real-time failures or deliver work instructions to an operator.

Call: 800-958-2709; visit: www.hertzler.com.

Fluke Announces Four Products For Measurement and Calibration

Fluke’s Hart Scientific Division’s four products for measurement and calibration of relative humidity sensors are designed for applications including field and laboratory work, data logging and work in Food and Drug Administration and good manufacturing practices regulated environments.

The HygroGen Model 5119 provides quick scan rates and high stability for calibrations in field or laboratory environments. The handheld HygroPalm model 5171 measures relative humidity and temperature in industry settings. The HygroLab Model 5172 is designed for multichannel laboratory measurements, has onboard memory for humidity and temperature logging and offers optional software.

Call: 425-446-5671; e-mail: pressroom@hartscientific.com.

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