Lean Lessons: Value Stream Mapping--an Introduction

Description: Value stream mapping (VSM) can be an extremely powerful tool, combining material processing steps with information flow as well as other important related data. VSM is arguably one of the most powerful lean tools for an organization...…

Keywords: quality,QP,lean,value stream mapping

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Very useful article.
--Isidra Exevea, 11-30-2018

Very useful article
--Monica Nwosu, 02-09-2016

Value added article.****
--Anand Dayama, 07-15-2014

--Rui Fernandes, 01-03-2013

Very good article, very useful to beginners.
--M.Devidasan, 04-19-2011

Excellent. Clear-cut explanation of the methodology.
--P L Narasimhan, 09-03-2010

A good article.
--Remon Raafat, 08-24-2010

Excellent overview.
--Henry Stey, 08-05-2010

Excellent, easy to follow.
--Mario Arevalo, 06-18-2009

Excellent, very well presented.
--Arvind , 06-17-2009

Good article that gives guidelines for Line Engineers to find Muda and bottleneck areas in the process.
--Nitin Barge, 06-17-2009

Clearly presented
--Hatem HAFSA, 06-17-2009

Good article. This could not have come at a better time!
--Bert Dorman, 06-17-2009

Excellent article, highly relevant.
--Bob Greaney, 06-17-2009

Excellent article - to the point and a great refresher.
--Mary Winch, 05-18-2008

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