Mikron’s Camera Converts Readings Into a 2-D Image

Mikron’s M7815B infrared camera acts as an X-ray machine identifying invisible problems for building diagnostics. It can detect air infiltration, moisture intrusion, mold, fungus, energy losses and pest infestations. The detector offers a 320 x 240 resolution that resolves an area smaller than one-tenth of a square inch at 6 feet.

The M7815B measures passive radiation emitted by the target and converts the temperature readings into a 2-D image showing temperature distribution at the target surface. Thermal images can be viewed in gray scale or full color, with color palettes available for definition and interpretation.

Call: 888-506-3900; e-mail: jon@mikroninfrared.com.

Two Companies Jointly Release Six AccuTrim Robots

Robotic Production Technology (RPT) and Fanuc Robotics America have jointly released six models of the AccuTrim robot. There are three models for waterjet applications and three for routing applications. Fanuc and RPT have combined software features and tools designed for path intensive, nonmetallic product trimming applications.

AccuTrim robots include tool center point recovery, collision guards to protect, expanded memory and accuracy enhancements.

Call: 800-477-6268; visit: www.fanucrobotics.com.

Software Allows Users To Pass Between Records

Blue Mountain Quality Resources has released Calibration Manager 4.2 software. Users can pass between calibration records for pieces of equipment performed in sequence or batches. Records for all thermometers can be accessed at once to record measurement data and calibration results.

A record hierarchy has been imple-mented to make calibrations of loops with multiple components more efficient. Calibration events are created for the master loop record to manage loop calibrations. Information about the loop calibration is stored in the master loop record and the records for all equipment in the loop. Information can be exported from Calibration Manager 4.2 to Microsoft Excel.

Call: 814-234-2417; visit: www.coolblue.com.

PCD Edge System Allows Eight Profile Sections

Methods Machine’s PCD Edge System allows profiling of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting tools. The system consists of programming, probing and cutting software, a microfinish power supply generator, a Hirschmann rotary axis, a Penishaw probe and a tool clamping system.

Users can create up to eight profile sections with specific parameters for each. The software and rotary axis adjust the relief angles on each contour element and automatic measure of 3-D PCD tip positions.

Call: 978-443-5388; visit: www.methodsmachine.com.

Cincinnati Releases High Speed Laser Cutting System

Cincinnati’s CL-850 high speed laser cutting system provides 10,000 inches per minute (ipm) cutting overall, 1,000 ipm cutting on 18 in. galvanized steel and up to 11⁄8 in. processing range on mild steel. The CL-850 features standard auto focus.

A breakaway feature keeps debris from entering the beam path, allowing beam alignment without head removal. A height sensor enables higher feed rates on thin metal using nitrogen or air assist gas. The CL-850 is available in 5 x 10 and 6 x 12 ft. cutting table models, each featuring dual pallets.

Call: 513-367-7165; e-mail: info@e-ci.com.

The LV-S Series Includes Six Sensor Head Models

Keyence has released the LV-S Series of digital laser optic sensors, which includes six sensor head models. All sensor models in the series produce small, visible red beam spots ranging from 0.05 to 0.10 in. in diameter.

The LV-S Series sensors operate with the LV-11SA amplifier, which features a dual digital display that simultaneously shows light intensity and setting values. The amplifier offers four power modes: fine, turbo, super and ultra. It uses 16-bit calculation in all power modes for accurate detection.

Call: 888-539-3623 x70703; e-mail: philm.hq@keyence.com.

The A-780 Handles Variety Of Case and Pallet Sizes

FKI Logistex’s A-780 case palletizer is suitable for single line applications in the food and consumer goods industries. The A-780 uses high level infeed and right angle pattern formation. Its close center rollers and biparting apron give the A-780 the ability to handle a variety of case and pallet sizes.

A recirculating row pusher option is offered on the A-780. The A-780 also features a pattern generation utility. This lets the user create new stacking patterns through the A-780’s user interface.

Call: 314-993-4700; e-mail: jill.raab@fkilogistex.com.

PowerPurge Distributes Air at Drier Levels

Munters Dehumidification Division has introduced the PowerPurge, an energy recovery option for Munters’ integrated custom air (ICA) handling units. The PowerPurge distributes air at drier levels and uses less energy than other active desiccant dehumidification systems.

ICA units feature a desiccant wheel that rotates between two primary airstreams, process and reactivation. Water vapor is removed in the process airstream while it passes through the desiccant wheel. The dehumidified air is delivered to a manufacturing process or space.

The wheel then rotates into the reactivation sector where a heated airstream is passed through the wheel. The desiccant wheel releases the water vapor. The energy required for the process is used in heating the reactivation airstream.

Call: 800-843-5360; visit: www.muntersamerica.com.

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