Pellet Press Allows For Sample Preparation

Retsch has added a pellet press for sample preparation to its product line. The manual hydraulic pellet press PP 25 is a compact laboratory instrument with a maximum pressure of 25 tons. Applica-tions for preparation of solid samples include the x-ray of fluorescence and spectral analysis.

Dies for the pellet press are available with diameters of 32 and 40 mm. Solid materials such as limestone can be stabilized with the aid of an aluminum beaker. Samples that don’t allow the use of aluminum beakers are homogenized with binders to form a stable pellet.

Call: 866-473-8724; e-mail: info@retsch-us.com.

Janos Technology Releases Stitching Interferometer

Janos Technology has announced production of a subaperture stitching interferometer (SSI). The SSI has interferometric capabilities providing radius or curvature and surface figure measurements for both high numerical aperture (NA) and large aperture optics.

The SSI is an automated workstation that features a five-axis centralized network configuration machine base integrated with a Zygo VeriFire AT phase shifting interferometer capable of measuring lenses up to 280 mm in diameter with an NA of 1. The SSI acquires and stitches subaperture data and calculates and compensates for reference wave front errors.

Call: 603-757-0070; visit: www.janostech.com.

Torque Screwdrivers Provide Audible and Tactile Feedback

Wera has added adjustable torque screwdrivers to its range of products. The desired torque values are adjusted through an integrated adjustment ring, which locks into place when the torque value is selected. Once the preset torque value is reached, the torque indicator releases mechanically and provides both audible and tactile feedback to the operator.

The torque screwdrivers feature the Rapidator quick release bit holder, which allows changing of either insert or power bits. The larger torque screwdrivers include Wera’s Kraftform ergonomically shaped handle.

Call: 49-0202-4045-311; e-mail: info@wera.de.

Simulator Designed For Drug Labs

Medelpharm’s Stylcam 200R simulator is designed for use in pharmaceutical research laboratories. It is a single-punch press used to duplicate and analyze precompression, compression and ejection phases in industrial tablet production. The simulator allows the operator to test punches, optimize primary parameters, produce small clinical batches and create real prototypes of production batches without stopping manufacturing.

The press uses Analis acquisition and regulation software. It is used to set precompression parameters for formulation, avoid capping, detect the adhesive forces of new punches or choose the tools for tablets with a break line.

Call: 33-0610-5079-55; e-mail: icoyle@medelpharm.com.

Safety Tester Can Be Used Manually or Automatically

Clare Instruments has released its SafeTest Manufacturing safety tester designed for conformance testing in low to medium volume electrical and electronic production environments. The instrument can be used as a manual tester or with varying degrees of automatic test sequencing. It performs earth bond, insulation resistance, hipot, leakage, short-to-line and run and load tests.

Tests are individually user selectable and the internal memory holds up to 6,000 tests. An optional safety label printer that automatically produces test tags, labels and test reports is available.

Call: 813-886-2775; e-mail: usa@clareinstruments.com.

FlexSmart Is a Modular and Reconfigurable Data Logger

Onset Computer Corp.’s Hobo Flex-Smart is a modular, reconfigurable data logging system facility management to use in energy and industrial monitoring applications. The signal conditioning modules convert signals from many types of sensors.

System measurements include root mean square AC current and voltage, power demand and energy consumption, differential air pressure, pulse and contact closure, and gauge pressure. Plug-and-play sensors are also included for measuring temperature, relative humidity and other environmental conditions.

Call: 800-564-4377; e-mail: info@onsetcomp.com.

Leak Testing Technology Comes With an Expert

Cincinnati Test Systems provides a helium mass spectrometer leak testing technology that complies with quality, environmental and safety concerns in manufacturing of automotive gasoline tanks. The technology uses a vacuum chamber, and the charge pressure varies based on each component’s typical static and operating pressure.

The test stand must control the differential pressure to less than 1.5 pounds per square inch during the testing process, which includes chamber pump-down, part charge and test and chamber vent. A Cincinnati Test Systems leak test expert reviews each application with the customer.

Call: 513-367-6699; visit: www.cincinnati-test.com.

CORD-XL Monitors Input Voltages in Real Time

The CORD-XL dual channel electronic chart recorder is a remote monitoring unit from Rohrback Cosasco Systems. The CORD-XL simultaneously monitors and records direct current or alternating current voltages on two electrically isolated input channels. Other types of signals can also be monitored by converting those signals to a voltage value.

The CORD-XL can monitor and graph input voltages in real time with recording speed ranges from as fast as 10 readings per second to as low as one reading per hour. The memory capacity allows up to 1,080,000 readings to be stored.

Call: 800-635-6898; e-mail: krosario@rohrbackcosasco.com.

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