LFE Connections Available In Tapered or Straight Threads

Meriam Process Technologies has announced process and instrument connections for its Laminar Flow Element (LFE) technology products. Meriam LFE models with gas flow rates of 0.2 standard cubic centimeters per minute to 40 standard cubic feet per minute are available with tapered pipe threads or straight threads. Standard accuracy is ±0.72% of reading and traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology Standards.

The tapered threads meet international needs for gas process connections; the straight threads have been added for user convenience. Typical applications of LFE products include leak detection and quantification of systems or discrete parts, calibration standards, critical flow measurements, flow control, and engine
and emission testing.

Call: 216-281-1100; visit: www.meriam.com.

System Designed for High Resolution Applications

YESTech has released its YTX-3000 HXR X-ray inspection system for high resolution applications. It features an open tube transmission target X-ray source with a high voltage power supply and computer controlled operation.

The 3000 HXR is available with a 4 or 5 axis sample manipulator and a 15 x 20 in. x-y travel for samples up to 5 lbs. A 360° rotation and 30° of tilt are available. All systems come with a control module and programmable motion for automated inspection.

Call: 949-361-2714; e-mail: sales@yestechinc.com.

Kinetic Systems Raises And Lowers Work Level

The 2000 series Variable Height Vibration Isolation Workstation from Kinetic Systems allows users to raise and lower the tabletop to accommodate their work. The workstation is designed for applications such as semiconductor tests and inspections, intercellular biology, tunneling, wafer probing, mask aligning, roundness checking and other repetitive processes in which external vibrations adversely affect the operation of precision equipment.

The workstation is class 100 cleanroom compatible and is available with tabletop sizes up to 36 x 72 in., height ranges of 24 to 36 ft. and weight capacities up to 1,300 lbs. Available tabletops are composite with plastic, antistatic or stainless steel laminate. Front and rear guard rails come standard.

Call: 617-522-8700; e-mail: sales@kineticsystems.com.

Switches Comply With Military Specifications

Electroswitch Snap-Action Rotary Military Switches comply with pertinent military specifications for AC or DC switching in high shock, high vibration environments. They have fully enclosed decks and glass alkyd moldings that provide insulated compartments for contact separation. The ends of the stationary contacts extend outside the insulating disks to serve as connecting terminals.

Standard double wiping contacts further reduce resistance. Stationary contacts can be nonshorting, shorting or sweep style, and rotor blades can be simple, right angle or multifingered. Additional options are available.

Call: 33-02-3282-7233; e-mail: novacel@chargeurs-protective.com.

Brown and Sharpe Adds Digital Micrometer and Caliper to Kit

The Liquid Resistant Tool Kit from Browne and Sharpe includes a Micromaster IP54 digital micrometer and a Dura-Cal IP65 digital caliper. Both instruments include 1/4 in. high display digits and an automatic shutoff.

The Micromaster IP54 digital micrometer includes a tungsten carbide anvil and spindle measuring faces, a spindle lock and a webbed thimble with slip friction drive. The Dura-Cal IP65 digital caliper features a hardened and ground stainless steel frame and is designed to measure outside, inside, depth and steps.

Call: 800-283-3600; visit: www.brownandsharpe.com.

Color Coded Outlines Reveal Project Status

Geodetic Systems has announced V-Stars 4.4 SR2 metrology software. The V-Stars software features a display that matches the picture thumbnails, their outline colors and text colors to the icons on the project tree. Users can review color coded outlines to see the project status of each photograph.

Another feature of the V-Stars is the “create detail codes” option in the multicamera mode setup. When this option is checked, any triangulated coded targets are added to the detail file. This information shows how far a code has moved from its starting or baseline condition. For backward compatibility, the option can be deselected.

Call: 321-724-6831; visit: www.geodetic.com.

ViSmart Viscosity Sensor Integrates With Other BiODE Products

BiODE has introduced ViSmart, a solid state viscosity sensor designed to provide real-time, in-process viscosity measurements for process control. The ViSmart—with no moving parts—offers temperature measurement capabilities using semiconductor technology.

The ViSmart integrates with BiODE’s eCup handheld reader or its ViscNet control hub where onboard electronics transmit viscosity and temperature readings in real-time using standard communications protocols. The ViSmart measures viscosity of fluids from 10 to 10,000 centipoises and is rated for temperatures up to 135° C in the standard package. Custom options are available for specific industry applications.

Call: 207-856-6977; visit: www.biode.com.

Trek’s Infinitron Impedance Voltmeter Measures Site Specific Voltage

Trek’s impedance voltmeter, the Infinitron, measures site specific voltage on devices sensitive to electrostatic discharge during their handling and processing to identify and solve problems immediately. The electrostatic voltmeter features a handheld probe, which enables contact voltage measurements to be made with almost no transfer of electric charge to and from the measured object.

The Infinitron provides a measurement range of 0 to ±100 volts DC or peak AC at ±0.1% accuracy. Bandwidth is greater than 10 kHz and speed of response is less than 100 μs for a 100 volt step change.

Call: 800-367-8735; e-mail: lorna.j.finch@trekinc.com.

Operator Interface Allows For Easy Machine Programming

Num’s Axium Power Centralized Network Configuration system is embedded with a conversational or graphical operator interface and machining cycles for gear hobbing or grinding and automatic gear and tool alignment. The operator interface allows the user to program the machine without knowledge of ISO code programming.

Pictorial information and questions are shown to the operator on the screen. The screen displays graphics that depict the hob or grinding wheel, the gear and all associated setup data. After the operator fills in the data fields, the program is generated, stored and ready for execution.

Call: 630-505-7722; e-mail: sales@num-usa.com.

MasterControl Helps Attain And Sustain Compliance

MasterControl has designed a management control process to help companies in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and ISO environments attain and sustain compliance by interconnecting all quality subsystems. It meets FDA and ISO regulations and helps companies change their control procedures to maintain product quality and safety.

MasterControl’s Change Control features a best practice form, connected quality processes, document approval, dependent routing, organizers and a reporting tool.

Call: 800-825-9117; visit: www.mastercontrol.com.

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