MetricStream Adds Two Modules to Quality Software

MetricStream has added two modules to its customer quality software. The Customer Issue Management module allows a manufacturer to start the process for investigation and tracking of reported customer quality issues. It tracks issues in specific terms, performs containment and failure analysis and determines if corrective action needs to be initiated.

The Change Notification module enables manufacturers to standardize the processes for initiating and communicating product changes to enable systematic decision making and timely communication. The module covers product changes, obsolescence, alerts and recalls.

Call: 650-620-2955; visit: www.metricstream.com.

L75 Series Provides Remote Control Actuation

Flowserve has released the Limitorque Actuation Systems L75 series of electric valve actuators. The L75 series provides remote control actuation of quarter-turn valves and other rotary devices. Applicable industries include water and wastewater treatment, copper mining, chemical, petrochemical, process control, pharmaceutical and food and beverage.

The L75 series is available with a cycle length control feature, feedback potentiometer, position indicator board and a heater or thermostat. The L75 series is available in eight sizes.

Call: 434-522-4146; e-mail: swilkerson@flowserve.com.

ESL39 Luminary Lasts Up to 10,000 Hours

L.J. Star has introduced the MetaClamp ESL39 luminary for large pressurized tanks, pipelines, mixers and sanitary vessels. The ESL39 bulb provides an equivalent of 300W of light through a Metaglas safety glass. It can be mounted directly onto 6-in. or larger sanitary vessels.

The unit is available with a 40° beam angle for illumination of specific areas or a 90° wide angle to illuminate the entire vessel. The bulb can last up to 10,000 hours.

Call: 330-405-3040; e-mail: view@ljstar.com.

Titan Tool Supply Introduces Eyepiece For Quality Control

Titan Tool Supply has introduced the model AME-5M 10X angle measuring eyepiece for microscopes. The protractor eyepiece measures 360° to an accuracy of 5' (minutes) and uses a rotary vernier and rotatable crosshair. The AME-5M is designed for checking cutting tool geometry and angular measurements in die and mold making, research and development and other quality control applications.

The AME-5M fits 23 mm optic tubes. Optional bushings to fit 30 mm or larger optic tubes are available.

Call: 716-873-9907; e-mail: menza@titantoolsupply.com.

Ophir Optronics ReleasesPyroelectric Detector

Ophir Optronics has released the PE9-F pyroelectric detector, designed for the measurement of repetitive rate lasers with pulse rates up to 20 KHz and up to a maximum pulse width of 0.5μs. The PE9-F provides pulse energy measurements from 0.3 μJ to 1 mJ. Spectral response with metallic absorber is 0.19-12 μm with energy scales of 1 mJ, 200 μJ, 20 μJ and 2 μJ.

Average power for the PE9-F is up to 2W, with maximum average power density of 50 W/cmÇ. The PE9-F operates with Ophir’s Nova II and USB interface only.

Call: 800-383-0814; e-mail: sales@ophiropt.com.

Sensor Designed For Compression Loads

Load Cell Central has announced a low profile shear load cell. The SCWM precision sensor is designed for compression loads such as those in material testing, force calibration or presses and technical and industrial compressive force measurement applications.

The SCWM is constructed of nickel plated high alloy tool steel and has four bolt slots for mounting applications. It comes standard with an output of 2 millivolts per volt, making it compatible with signal conditioners and standard strain gage digital displays.

Call: 800-562-3235; e-mail: ron@800loadcell.com.

The GS-1613 Measures In Harsh Environments

Ono Sokki Technology’s GS-1613 digital linear gauge sensor is designed to measure dimensions, thickness, curvature, eccentricity, height, depth, flatness, variation, roundness, distortion, deflection and position of parts on the production line.

The GS-1613 uses linear glass scale technology and produces measurements to 0.00004 in. A waterproof seal and dust bellow allow measurements in harsher environments. The GS-1613 comes with a 6 ft. signal cable that can be connected to remote displays with various outputs.

Call: 630-627-9700 x121; e-mail: kujiye@onosokki.net.

Film Protects Cars During Transport and Storage

Novacel has introduced a surface protection system—the Novacel 9377—as an effort to adhere to a sustainable development policy. The Novacel 9377 is an adhesive film without solvent that is designed to protect car bodies during transport and storage. It features a 60 μm adhesive film with a polyolefines base.

The Novacel 9377 can be customized to include a company’s logo or trademark, advertising message or technical information. The film is supplied in 650 ft. rolls and can be from 1.2 to 110 in. wide.

Call: 33-02-3282-7233; e-mail: novacel@chargeurs-protective.com.

Sensor Developments Introduces Mini Sensor

Sensor Developments has released the model 01168 miniature reaction torque sensor for small space applications. The sensor features a less than 2 in. axial length for low capacity applications and an integrated cable to minimize space. The flange to flange attachment style offers extraneous load handling capabilities while maintaining accuracy.

The model 01168 offers capacities from 50 to 1,000 in-lbs. The sensor is also compatible with commercial data acquisition systems with an inline miniature amplifier or as a self-contained system using a parallel telemetry interface or USB sensor link.

Call: 248-391-3000; e-mail: kenw@sendev.com.

Quick Vision Apex Integrates Touch Probing

The Quick Vision Apex series centralized network configuration vision measuring system from Mitutoyo America offers a choice of accuracy levels, optical and oblique illumination systems and measuring ranges. As part of Mitutoyo’s QVPAK software, the systems also integrates touch probing for 3-D measuring work.

The Quick Vision Apex’s programmable turret tube lens provides automatic zooming for a wider field of view at high levels of image detail. Measurement results are displayed in 2-D and 3-D graphics, and the system comes standard with editing and control tools.

Call: 630-978-5385; e-mail: info@mitutoyo.com.

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