Software Is Designed For Document Control

ASI DataMyte has announced version 5.6 of its PACT suite of software products, designed to aid in quality planning and document control process for manufacturing environments. Version 5.6 now integrates with ASI’s Quantum and Transend software.

Other updates include the capability to export files to an Excel spreadsheet. The resulting Excel file can then be edited to suit the user’s requirements. A parts data report, which identifies the part numbers in which individual characteristics are used, has also been added. The target and tolerance for the characteristic in each part number is included.

Call: 763-746-4303; e-mail:mikemccalley@asidatamyte.com.

Data Sent Hands Free From a Foot Switch

Mahr Federal’s Millimess 2100 inductive digital comparator offers temperature compensation for measurement on the shop floor. It features a dynamic measurement capability and a backlit LCD display that flashes green or red for in or out of tolerance conditions. It offers the same functions as a bench amplifier, such as automatic zeroing and preset options.

The Millimess 2100 comes with a foot switch that allows operators to send data to a PC without removing their hands from the part. Other accessories include manual or pneumatic lifters, a measuring force adjuster and a mounting lug for horizontal or vertical setup.

Call: 800-343-9884; e-mail: electronic.sales@kurt.com.

AccuVision Conveyor Projects Uniform Light Field

The AccuVision internal backlit conveyor from Conveyor Technologies projects a uniform light field through the translucent belt on the low profile conveyor, illuminating part profile and appearance for automatic or manual vision inspection capabilities.

AccuVision’s internal light source is rated for 16,000 hours and is available in three light tones. The light source is equipped with isolation mounts to dampen vibration. Bulbs can be replaced after belt removal. AccuVision’s light field is available in five lengths, and the light field width can be customized to specific dimensions.

Call: 513-248-0663; e-mail: sales@conveyortechltd.com.

Quality Visualized Through Membrane Window

Orelis has introduced an individual filtration module, Pleiade MP4, for the ultra filtration of electrophoretic paint. The filtering surface of the Pleiade MP4, a stack of separate membranes, features the ability to see the quality of permeate from each membrane through a window and isolate individual membranes by means of a small valve.

The major components of the Pleiade MP4 are manufactured from plastics and composites. The membranes are supported on flat plates with an open paint channel. Orelis offers different types of membranes suitable for various and new types of paint.

Call: 33-0-472-01-2848; e-mail: marine.bence@novasep.com.

Custom Coaters Contain No Hazardous Components

Lord has introduced two MetalJacket custom coaters. The coatings are applied through an autodeposition process over either bare steel or zinc phosphate pretreatment. The final finish has a uniform film thickness without high voltage electric assistance or rinses regardless of part configuration.

Coatings can be applied through both indexing and monorail systems using an automated application process. Lord says the system contains no hazardous components, generates minimal hazardous waste and sludge and uses no toxic acids or heavy metals.

Call: 919-468-5981 x6308; e-mail: todd.wallis@lord.com.

Post and Clamp Assembly Accepts Up To 1-in. Shafts

Stafford’s Universal Post and Clamp Assembly is a positioning system consisting of a base that attaches to a flat surface and a series of stepped and straight through couplings that accept 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-in. shafts. The system provides the ability to locate and lock items and is ideal for the final setup of components and devices used in automation systems or as an ergonomic assistance tool during assembly.

Applications include the positioning and final setup of video cameras, sensors, blowers, pulleys and other electronic and mechanical devices.

Call: 800-695-5551; e-mail: jswienzynski@staffordmfg.com.

Probe Has Traceable Certificate of Calibration

Hart Scientific has announced its precision resistance temperature detector (RTD) freezer probe, the model 5623A. The precision RTD probe can be placed within a dry or wet environment. The assembly of the model 5623A is sealed to prevent the introduction of moisture when exposed to extremely low temperatures.

The probe is designed as a calibration standard and has an accuracy of ±0.05� C over its range of -200° C to 156° C. Each probe comes with a National Institute of Standards and Technology traceable certificate of calibration.

Call: 800-635-6898; e-mail: krosario@ rohrbackcosasco.com.

Portable Robot Rotates Part While Trimming

Robotic Production Technology has introduced a portable, pre-engineered router trimming and knife deflashing system designed specifically for the plastics industry. The RoboTrim RT-400 is a system that can be used by thermo formers, injection, blow and rotational molders. It features a servo controlled table with the ability to rotate the part as the robot is trimming, allowing each side of the part to be trimmed in a compact work area.

This modular system is mounted on a single base and can be moved to various locations. Options include automatic tool change and alternative spindles in single and dual ended configurations.

Call: 248-829-2800; visit: www.rpt.net.

The Oxymax ER Monitors Respiration Samples

Columbus Instruments’ Oxymax ER is ideal for respirometry experiments on soil, water and sludge. The head space gas exchange is measured directly in up to 10 different chambers and samples using precise gas analyzers. It can be used in a laboratory or on site.

For use in the lab, it connects to a Windows PC for experiment configuration and data collection and presentation. When on site, it can be powered by a cigarette lighter adaptor and helps with the identification of contaminated sites.
The Oxymax ER also aids in the bioremediation effort by monitoring respiration samples.

Call: 614-276-0861; e-mail: sales@colinst.com.

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