Crosby's 14 Steps to Improvement

Abstract:In order to be successful, a company quality improvement effort must be well thought out and implemented according to plan over a long period of time. It requires management to stay at it constantly. Philip Crosby's 14-step quality improvement program shows how to get employees behind a quality movement and help them understand what quality means. This article is adapted from one of Philip Crosby's books, originally published in 1979. ASQ does not hold the copyright for this …

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Great article clearly articulating the necessary steps and what the expected accomplishments for each step will be.
--Anne Marie Cooper, 07-12-2012

A wonderful perspective and a helpful tool.
--Mohamed Emam, 01-03-2012

Brilliant to know this article, thanks.
--Kennie, 06-20-2010

Thanks to Mr. Crosby for this interesting information on quality. Organizations will definitely achieve continual improvement by following the steps as explained.
--Venkat, 06-09-2010

A great article, and a real gem.
--Dr deepak singla, 06-05-2010

It's an eye-opener for many.
--Umang, 02-24-2010

Very interesting article. Though 14 steps seem a bit too many. But perhaps they are really required. Some of the statements show great insight. For example: 'Why should quality be different from the real world?' The results of communication are real and long-lasting; the results of motivation are shallow and short-lived.' I enjoyed reading this and will surely try it out.
--Ananth, 06-12-2009

An Impressive article! Thanks to Mr. Crosby for his dedication to everyone in Quality.
--Kimsong-Siv, 06-02-2009

An impressive article that all organizational leaders should read, understand and practice.
--Hashif Pattambi, 03-13-2009

I am very much thankfull to Mr. philip Crosby for providing such a meaningfull and valuable Article.

it helps me a lot..

Thank you again.
--Tanmay Vora, 02-18-2008

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