Acclaro Designer Features FMEA and DSM Modules

Axiomatic Design Solutions has introduced Acclaro Designer version four, a software package featuring failure mode effects analysis (FMEA) and design structure matrix (DSM) modules.

The FMEA module allows users to indentify single or multiple failure modes for a design element and assess severity, causes, frequency of occurrence, detection modes and remediation plans. The results can be exported to Microsoft Excel. The DSM module can be used as either a systems engineering tool or a project management tool. DSM results can be exported to Microsoft Project.

Call: 617-746-9222 x205; e-mail: hamiltona@axiod.com.

 Electroswitch’s Series 20 Designed for Power Industry

Electroswitch has released its Series 20 Cam switches, which are designed for the power industry. They have double break, silver plated contacts housed in thermoset plastic, allowing for configurations with up to 12 decks and 12 positions. The switches are available in three basic configurations—standard, lighted and modular.

The standard series offers two hole mounts and provides continuous rating of 24 amps at 600 volts. The lighted series offers one, two or three prewired status indicator lamps. The modular series offers modular enclosures with round plug-in connectors and a quick disconnect feature.

Call: 781-335-5200; e-mail: info@electroswitch.com.

DigiDirect Converts PCs For SPC Gauging

Kurt Manufacturing has announced the universal serial bus DigiDirect hardware and software for converting existing PCs into a real-time statistical process control (SPC) gauging system for digital gages. The DigiDirect module provides four direct interface ports, dial indicators and metrology devices.

DigiDirect also provides SPC charting and tools, gage and machine capability studies, light column, digital or spreadsheet displays and generates standard or custom reports. Additional features include support for more than 200 gauging channels and more than 800 input and output ports.

Call: 800-343-9884; e-mail: electronic.sales@kurt.com.

Videoscopes Withstand Immersion in Fluids

Titan Tool Supply has announced the V Series portable videoscopes for remote visual inspection. The series features a charge coupled device, solid state camera and metal halide lamp providing high resolution images on an integrated LCD monitor. The selection of articulation options allows users to guide the scope into inspection areas.

The V Series can withstand immersion in water, oils and fuels. It comes in lengths from 1.5 to 15 meters and is comes with a compact flash digital image storage card and universal serial bus port.

Call: 716-873-9907; e-mail: menza@titantoolsupply.com.

 ProCast Software Simulates Manufacturing

ESI Group’s ProCast casting process simulation software enables foundry workers to evaluate mold design effects to allow for early decisions in the manufacturing process. ProCast is based on finite element technology and can simulate a range of processes from high and low pressure die casting, gravity and sand casting to lost foam and investment casting.

ProCast allows for the simulation of mold filling, solidification and microstructure. Additional features include automatic generation of shell layers, radiation with view factors and shadowing effects.

Call: 33-0-141-73-5835; e-mail: nathalie.david-franc@esi-group.com.

Deform-HT Predicts A Part’s Microstructure

The Deform-HT is a heat treating simulation software package that provides quantitative information on process and part specific variables. Deform-HT can integrate its results with related predictions for upstream and downstream operations such as material production, forming and machining.

The Deform-HT can predict a part’s internal microstructure and residual stresses, as well as distortion, quenching stress and phase transformation. The software can model heat treating processes, including normalizing, austenizing, caburizing, solution treating, quenching, tempering, aging and stress relieving.

Call: 614-451-8330; e-mail: jwalters@deform.com.

Ultraviolet Testing Lamps Help With NDT Inspection

Spectronics Corp. has developed two ultraviolet lamps that aid in nondestructive testing (NDT) inspections. The Maxima ML-3500D and ML-3500FL use micro discharge light technology and feature a filter and bulb reflector. The Maxima ML-3500D model includes a spot bulb and diffusing filter; the ML-3500FL configuration features a flood bulb.

With either model, NDT inspectors can see surface defects, hydrocarbon contamination and other flaws. The lamps produce almost zero emission of hazardous ultraviolet-biological rays at 15 in. and emit minimum visible light.

Call: 516-333-4840; visit: www.spectroline.com.

Toshiba Camera Features Remote Control Operation

Toshiba’s IK-TF7 progressive scan camera features a small form factor for designing into space sensitive machine vision applications. The camera is ideal for online color inspection, product testing, identification and measurement applications.

The camera includes an RS-232C serial communications port to enable remote control operation through a PC. Other features include automatic and manual white balance, one-pulse or two-pulse random triggers, asynchronous reset and a clean signal-to-noise ratio.

Call: 949-798-9549; e-mail: vincent.giovinco@tais.toshiba.com.

EVM Detects Corrosive Conditions

Rohrback Cosasco Systems has announced an environmental condition monitor (EVM) for detection of corrosive conditions, including humidity, temperature and differential pressure. The EVM is designed to provide surveillance of the atmospheric environment. It allows for detection of deterioration of the environment that could result in damage to highly sensitive equipment.

The corrosion rate is shown by indicator lights that correspond to the ISA classification of environments for copper and silver.

Call: 800-635-6898; e-mail: krosario@rohrbackcosasco.com.

 Handhelds Include a Three-Year Download Subscription

ABB has introduced two handheld units, the Mobility DHH800-MFC, which configures Hart Scientific instruments, and the Mobility DHH810-MFT, which offers configuration and calibration. Both handhelds can be supplemented with non-ABB instruments having Hart support.

The handhelds support downloads through the internet of updated firmware for the operation, as well as for device object files of new and updated Hart instruments. The units come with a 2.6-in. square display with 13 lines and 128 x 128 pixel resolution. Purchase of the handhelds includes a three-year download subscription.

Call: 215-674-6580; e-mail: robert.mapleston@us.abb.com.

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