Dixon’s Couplers Feature A Built-In Swivel

Dry disconnect couplings from Dixon Valve and Coupling are designed for the transfer of chemicals, solvents, fuels and hazardous materials. These couplings are available in stainless steel, aluminum or brass in sizes from 1 to 4 in. They allow for connection and disconnection of hoses and pipelines while eliminating accidental spillage and product loss.

Each dry disconnect coupler features a built-in swivel that allows the operator to use a push and turn action to connect and start the flow of product. A similar turn and pull action disconnects the coupler and stops the product flow.

Call: 800-355-1991; website: www.dixonvalve.com.

The EyeCon Digital Laser Increases Operator Control

LMI Technologies has introduced the Class II EyeCon digital laser line sensor for high resolution 3-D cross-sectional profile scanning of up to 150 points across a horizontal measuring line. Key features include on-the-spot measurement of material and equipment variations across multiple dimensions, increased operator control for throughput and reduced waste and tighter production control for uniformity and product quality.

Measurement applications include width, thickness, density or porosity, height profile, edge detection, robotic guidance, lead position and profile monitoring.

Call: 31-45-571-9300; e-mail: sales@lmint.com.

IMPCO’s Impregnating Process Fills and Seals Voids

IMPCO’s metal impregnating process seals porous metal parts so they are as tight as the equipment used to test them. With parts that test within the leak band of the testing equipment, any perceived leaking could actually be from the testing equipment itself.

IMPCO permanently seals porous cast metal and powdered metal parts with a variety of proprietary resins. Since porosity is problematic for parts designed to contain liquids or gases under pressure, the IMPCO process is designed to seal both macro and micro porosity, filling voids completely. This process works for ferrous and nonferrous metals and their alloys as well as for wood, plastic and ceramics.

Call: 401-521-2490; e-mail: mail@impco-inc.com.

LT-9000 Uses a Signal Head On Wet or Irregular Surfaces

The Keyence LT-9000 series of laser confocal displacement meters provides 0.01 micron thickness measurements of transparent objects using a single sensor head even when target surfaces are wet, angled or irregular.

During operation the LT-9000’s 2-micron diameter laser beam is focused on speed by means of a tuning fork. The beam continually reflects off the target surface and converges on a pinhole in the sensor head, then enters the light receiving element. The LT-9000 incorporates a built-in camera that provides an image of the target surface.

Call: 888-539-3623; e-mail: philm.hq@keyence.com.

Vibration Mounts Are Ideal For Sensitive Equipment

Vibration Isolation Mounts from Kinetic Systems are ideal when designing or retrofitting sensitive equipment for original equipment manufacturers where external isolation is not desired or is not suited to the application. The 1206 Isolation Mounts provide vertical and horizontal vibration isolation with low natural frequencies, automatic leveling and height control. They also provide internal damping for improved stability.

The mounts have a standard blue polyurethane finish and are class 100 clean room compatible. Other options include a portable air compressor and a white epoxy powdercoat finish for class 10 clean room compatibility.

Call: 617-522-8700; e-mail: sales@kineticsystems.com.

IceDry Units Are Directly Installed Within the Freezer

Munters’ dehumidification division has introduced the IceDry desiccant dehumidifier to reduce or prevent ice and frost in cold storage areas. The dehumidifier was designed for installation inside cold storage and process freezers with temperatures as low as -30° F.

The IceDry unit prevents frost and ice buildup in two ways. It is installed in a manner that reduces moisture infiltration in the freezer, and because it is installed directly in the freezer, it is constantly removing moisture from the air within the freezer.

Call: 978-241-1124; e-mail:jsiemasko@ munters.com.

X-4 Measures Light Signals Integrally and Spectrally

Gigahertz-Optik’s X4 Light Analyzer is designed for use with a PC under remote control operation for measuring LEDs and other light sources. It works through a universal serial bus interface with the supplied OS-X4 software.

The X4 measures the light signal integrally and spectrally with a photopic detector and a spectrometer, allowing an online correction calculation to yield a measurement uncertainty of less than 2%. Other available accessories allow average luminous intensity and luminance measurements to be performed.

Call: 978-462-1818; e-mail: b.angelo@gigahertz-optik.com.

The PRL-854 Switches From Analog to Digital

Pulse Research Lab has announced the PRL-854 switch and signal router with a 1.75 GHz bandwidth. The router is a self-contained pod that switches on 50 Ohm input to any of four 50 Ohm outputs under manual or remote control. The PRL-854 can switch analog and digital signals from high speed pulse/pattern generators, frequency synthesizers, optical transceivers and laboratory equipment.

The PRL-854 can also be used as a reflective scanner, switching four inputs to one output. Since the unused signals are not terminated, the device can be used as a scanner where the reflection of the unused signal is acceptable.

Call: 310-515-5330; e-mail: sales@pulseresearchlab.com.

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