MicroCamera Is Ideal Where Size and Weight Are Critical

Sensors Unlimited has introduced the SU320US-1.7RT InGaAs NIR Snapshot MicroCamera as payload on miniature unmanned aerial vehicles and other robotic systems. The MicroCamera is ideal for use where size and weight are critical factors. The camera captures 320 x 256 pixel images in shortwave infrared waveband and from 900 to 1,700 nanometers with temporal control and sensitivity.

The MicroCamera is suitable for covert surveillance, machine vision, fiber optic components inspection and free space communication.

Call: 609-520-0610; e-mail: marlene@smm-ads.com.

UV FastCheck Strips Are Paper Thin

UV Process Supply has announced ultraviolet (UV) FastCheck Strips, an alternative ultra UV measurement tool. They are paper thin, photochromatic, pressure sensitive strips that change color when a specific level of UV dose is received. FastCheck Strips determine the power of UV light source at specific locations and then let the user know what the UV dose is within the application.

Included with the UV FastCheck Strips is a chart that lets the user compare an exposed strip against reference strips to establish dose range.

Call: 800-621-1296; e-mail: info@uvps.com.

RoboCell Stages Small Parts for Shift Work

Fanuc’s RoboCell has five-axis robotic loading and unloading and the ability to stage enough small parts for a shift. RoboCell is ideal for high speed, fast cycle precision drilling, tapping and milling at high production rates under heavy chip loads. It offers 0.9-second tool changes, 6-second load and unload times and software that permits robotic feeding from rows, columns or layers.

The RoboCell can be mounted at any altitude without modification and can be configured with a bowl feeder, conveyor or stacker system. It loads from the side, allowing safe access to the front.

Call: 978-443-5388; visit: www.methodsmachine.com.

Heidenhain’s Scale Uses A Large Scale Window

Heidenhain has introduced a sealed LC 182 linear scale that can measure lengths of up to 14 ft. In this encoder’s design, Heidenhain has incorporated its single field scanning method. It uses a large scale window that mitigates any effects of contamination and offers high traversing speeds and increased natural frequency. The LC 182 features a constant signal quality over the entire measuring length.

The LC 182 is ideal for linear motors, high speed machine tools and dynamic extended travel applications.

Call: 847-490-1191; e-mail: info@heidenhain.com.

Drop Watcher III Scans Multiple Nozzles

The Drop Watcher III, an analytical ink jet measurement tool from Imaging Technology International, has additional features for its automated data acquisition software (ADAS). The new features include a motion profile input that permits user control over camera motion during automated testing. It also gives the user the ability to scan multiple nozzles within the same print head.

The ADAS nozzle alignment function automatically readjusts the camera position to account for motion profile inaccuracies.
A frequency sweep feature allows for all tests to be performed over several different frequencies.

Call: 303-443-1036; e-mail: cindy.morgan@imagingtechnology-corp.com.

Software Is Integrated Into Calibration System

Renishaw has extended its ML10 laser calibration system with the release of QuickView. QuickView is a software package that enables real-time, high resolution motion analysis of linear or angular positioning accuracy, velocities or accelerations. QuickView turns the ML10 into a tool for engineering, research and academic institutions.

QuickView features applications from miniaturized, high speed stages in the electronics and biotechnology fields to transducers, actuators, machine tools, measuring machines and other multi-axis motion systems.

Call: 847-286-9953; e-mail: jeffrey.seliga@renishaw.com.

Quality Game Teaches Quality Control Concepts

The training division of Ryan Systems has released its management training and evaluation game, the Quality Game. It is designed as an interactive online supplement for textbooks focusing on teaching quality control concepts to undergraduate and graduate business students. It is also designed to allow company management to evaluate employee problem solving capabilities and to train existing and new employees.

The Quality Game is suitable for individual or team play. Scoring is tracked throughout the game and across multiple games. The game’s reporting capabilities allow managers and classroom instructors to view player status on an ongoing basis.

Call: 808-346-0373; e-mail: jryan@ryansystems.com.

The XL800 Features Real-Time Notification

Vorne Industries has announced the XL800 production monitor, a product for performance management, productivity improvement and lean manufacturing. The XL800 visual display features real-time information that notifies, alerts and motivates employees.

Up to 16 concurrent visual controls enable mixing text, graphics and tables in many combinations on any screen. Screens automatically change context with plant events, and virtual pages allow unlimited amounts of data to be displayed. The XL800 production monitor includes eight focused performance management modules.

Call: 630-875-3600; e-mail: jfeltman@vorne.com.

LSV-300 Can Distinguish Between Motion Conditions

Polytec has introduced its LSV-300 laser surface velocimeter for noncontact, online measurement, inspection and control of velocity and length in continuous process industries such as steel, metals, paper, plastic, glass and building materials. The LSV-300 can distinguish between forward, reverse and standstill motion conditions.

Polytec’s LSV sensor head and the signal processor integrate into control systems through ethernet, encoder or other process control interfaces. The sensor head is designed for measurements of online production processes. Optional protective housings and air purge devices are available for extreme or harsh conditions.

Call: 714-850-1835; e-mail: p.mitchell@polytec.com.

The 60 Die LED Is Ideal For Long Range Illumination

Opto Diode has developed the 60 Die LED array product line, which features a 40° radiation beam angle with higher intensity in the center of the working beam. The array has the same thermal conductivity and range of wavelengths from 405 to 870 nanometers as Opto Diode’s 99 Die LED.

The 60 Die LED is ideal for tasks that require a narrower and brighter center working beam and long range illumination. Other applications include florescence and photo dynamic therapy.

Call: 805-499-0335; e-mail: russdahl@optodiode.com.

PQ Systems Releases Report Support Software

GAGEpack EZ from PQ Systems offers capabilities for tracking preventive equipment maintenance and overhauls as well as barcode support and improved reporting functions. GAGEpack is a program that helps users manage complete histories of measurement de-vices, instruments and gages. It allows users to create, sort and update gage records. For re-peatability and reliability (R&R) percentages, sigma values can be user selected.

Included within the software are functions for linearity, bias, stability, uncertainty and attributes R&R studies with graphs and charts.

Call: 800-777-3020; e-mail: sales@pqsystems.com.

The AR Series Features A Split Arm Option

Brudi Bolzoni Auramo has announced a series of paper roll clamps. The AR Series line of clamps allows users to handle rolls ranging from 10 to 72 in. in diameter and load capacities from 3,800 to 10,000 lbs. The series also features a high-speed rack and pinion mechanism that allows for 180° operation.

The AR Series’ hydraulic system matches requirements of modern lift trucks. Operators can adjust clamping force using the optional four-stage pressure selection valve. The AR Series also features a split arm option allowing users to lift two rolls with different diameters at the same time.

Call: 800-358-5438; visit: www.bba-usa.com.

Calibration Kit Offers Various Configurations

SV Microwave has re-leased the ZMA connector calibration kit, 8700-CAL-KIT, which includes a full line of terminations, shorts and adaptors that allow users to validate the performance of the ZMA interface, a high coupling force bayonet connector. It has been developed for the frequency range from direct current to 12.4 gigahertz.

The kit can be configured with various types of terminations, shorts and adaptors to suit user requirements. It is packaged in a wood case with protective foam inserts.

Call: 978-465-9453; e-mail: dsnader@svmicro.com.

Radiometer Designed To Meet Navy Requirements

Santa Barbara Infrared has released a spectral radiometer designed to meet U.S. Navy requirements for high thermal sensitivity and increased radiometric accuracy. The RAD9000 offers radiometric performance over midwave and longwave infrared spectral bands, and conforms to the U.S. government’s test accuracy ratio standards for current and emerging high performance electro optical sensors.

The RAD9000 system consists of two primary modules; the electro optical module and interchangeable detector radiometry modules. Two additional modules, a radiometric reference module and a reference control module, are also available.

Call: 805-965-3669; e-mail: jay@sbir.com.

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