Seduce Them With Success

Abstract:The first commandment of Six Sigma quality is that you must get top management commitment in order to succeed. The truth is that half the firms that have taken that path have failed. Six Sigma's strength is in resolving linear cause-effects, but culture change is a nonlinear phenomenon. For Six Sigma to succeed, you must get the commitment of the informal leaders. These are the experts everyone turns to for insights about that part of the business. Six Sigma is an idea that needs to reach epidemic proportions to convert a culture. Start small with a few key pilot projects. When these succeed, do another round of projects, adapting Six Sigma to your business as you learn. If you continue in this manner, Six Sigma will pull its way through the business without further effort. The crawl-walk-run method is a better road to follow whether you are implementing Six Sigma for the first time or trying to restart a culture change that has …

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