X-Cite Designed To Be Manual and DCC

Xspect Solutions has released a series of X-Cite coordinate measuring machines designed to be both manual and direct computer controlled (DCC). Designed and built to machine tool standards, the machines use a granite and honeycomb alloy structure providing natural vibration dampening. Air bearings can be preloaded in both directions by implementing a granite Y-beam design.

The manual X-Cite machines can be upgraded to a DCC machine in a few hours at the installed location. The DCC machines are supplied with a 32-bit architecture controller mounted into the machine base.

Call: 866-497-7328; website: www.xspectsolutions.com.

Fluke’s Package Includes Data Logger and Software

Fluke has announced the Fluke 189 Data Logging Multimeter (DMM) and software combo, a package of tools and accessories that includes the Fluke 189 DMM and the FlukeView Forms 3.0 software package. The Fluke 189 DMM can measure and log AC and DC voltage and current, resistance, continuity, and temperature, as well as perform diode tests.

Technicians using the FlukeView software can display and overlay data from up to six DMMs on a single chart, showing cause and effect relationships or predicting maintenance applications.

Call: 425-446-5671; e-mail: larry.wilson@fluke.com.

Data Loggers Can Record Or Transmit by Radio

The PicoVACQ PT from TMI Orion measures and records temperature and pressure up to 300° C and 300 pounds per square inch. The sampling weight can be set up to 4 acquisition per second. Due to the data loggers’ small size, they can be placed in various types of processes, packages or storage rooms.

The data loggers can be used to check temperature, pressure, humidty and many other physical parameters. They can record data in memory or transmit it by radio. The TMI data loggers meet the requirements of most pharmaceutical, biotechnological, chemical, ceramics and other industrial applications.

Call: 04-99-52-6714; e-mail: jeanluc.favre@tmigi.com.

Calibration Gases Are Made Portable

To provide on site calibration, Scott Specialty Gases has released portable Scotty Calibration Kits. Each kit provides a high density polyethylene carrying case containing 28- and 35-liter cylinders of calibration gases, single stage pressure regulators and flexible tubing.

The gas mixtures available include nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen sulfide. Custom gas mixtures are available for other types of laboratory and in-field instrumentation.

Call: 800-217-2688; e-mail: techserv@scottgas.com.

Kineo Path Planner Offers Support for CAD

Kineo CAM has introduced the Kineo Path Planner software package that provides support for computer aided design (CAD) automatic motion planning. Kineo Path Planner enables users to automatically plan the optimal path of articulated or nonarticulated systems in a 3-D environment.

Kineo Path Planner takes into account the different geometrics and kinematics related constraints. It uses probability based motion planning technology and is designed to find a solution with minimal calculation time. This includes systems with various degrees of freedom in highly cluttered environments.

Call: 33-561-00-9060; e-mail: m.reux@kineocam.com.

Viewport Allows for Closed Door Infrared Inspections

Mikron Infrared’s Viewport is a device that allows closed door infrared inspections of electrical panels. It features Mikron’s SpyGlass fisheye lens, allowing an inspector to scan a panel by looking through a single port’s 0.62 in. opening.

The Viewport is designed to make frequent inspections, enabling a thermographer to work without the help of an electrician or safety barricading. The device is ideal for use with ultrasound detection equipment. The Viewport is unaffected by moisture, dirt, ultraviolet rays or corrosive environments.

Call: 888-506-3900; e-mail: jon@mikroninfrared.com.

ProMinent Offers a Plug And Play pH Dosing System

ProMinent Fluid Controls offers a dosing system that can be used for pH control in applications from process water to water treatment. The self-contained unit has two hydraulic connection outlets for dosing acid and alkali, allowing it to be plugged into an existing process system.

The dosing systems are ready mounted on a rugged backboard. Individual components within the dosing system can be selected according to the specific application.

Call: 44-0-1763-262621; e-mail: denis@inpress.co.uk.

Tachometer Never Contacts Moving Shaft

Kernco Instruments has introduced its model DT-2234-C, a laser beam tachometer designed to measure revolutions per minute (RPM) from 10 to 100,000 without contacting a moving shaft. It’s ideal for industries where machine shaft and rotating members have to be monitored.

Readings are obtained by the DT-2234-C once per second. Other features include a memory button to recall last, maximum and minimum readings. The DT-2234-C is battery operated and can measure from 2 to 6 in. from the target.

Call: 815-852-3375; e-mail: contact@kerncoinstr.com.

PQ Systems Releases Report Support Software

GAGEpack EZ from PQ Systems offers capabilities for tracking preventive equipment maintenance and overhauls as well as barcode support and improved reporting functions. GAGEpack is a program that helps users manage complete histories of measurement devices, instruments and gages. It allows users to create, sort and update gage records. For repeatability and reliability (R&R) percentages, sigma values can be user selected.

Included within the software are functions for linearity, bias, stability, uncertainty and attributes R&R studies with graphs and charts.

Call: 800-777-3020; e-mail: sales@pqsystems.com.

The AR Series Features A Split Arm Option

Brudi Bolozoni Auramo has announced a series of paper roll clamps. The AR Series line of clamps allows users to handle rolls ranging from 10 to 72 in. in diameter and load capacities from 3,800 to 10,000 lbs. The series also features a high-speed rack and pinion mechanism that allows for 180� operation.

The AR Series’ hydraulic system matches requirements of modern lift trucks. Operators can adjust clamping force using the optional 4-stage pressure selection valve. The AR Series also features a split arm option allowing users to lift two rolls with different diameters at the same time.

Call: 800-358-5438; web: www.bba.usa.com.

Radiometer Designed To Meet Navy Requirements

Santa Barbara Infrared has released a spectral radiometer designed to meet U.S. Navy requirements for high thermal sensitivity and increased radiometric accuracy. The RAD9000 offers radiometric performance over midwave and longwave infrared spectral bands, and conforms to the U.S. government’s test accuracy ratio standards for current and emerging high performance electro optical sensors.

The RAD9000 system consists of two primary modules; the electro optical module and interchangeable detector radiometry modules. Two additional modules, a radiometric reference module and a reference control module, are also available.

Call: 805-965-3669; e-mail: jay@sbir.com

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