Liquid Filling Simplifies Cleaning Validation

Flexicon has announced a liquid filling technology that helps simplify pharmaceutical and biotechnology cleaning validation.

For each production batch, a new sterile disposable tubing fluid path is used. Since the product is in contact only with the disposable medical grade silicon tubing and filling needle, the Flexicon liquid filling technology eliminates any potential for cross contamination from other products. In most cases, product changeovers and validation can be accomplished in less than five minutes.

The Flexicon liquid filling technology is suited for pilot lot manufacturing and applies to large-scale filling operations in which frequent product changeovers are needed.

Call: 802-657-3232; website: www.flexiconamerica.com.

Nikon Series Designed For Failure Analysis

Nikon Instruments has introduced the NEXIV VMR LU series for material characterization and failure analysis, 3-D image stacking and large image composite stitching. This allows technicians to increase measurement resolution and use the capabilities of ultra precision scanning to stack images for surface profile and form.

The NEXIV VMR LU series features Nikon’s CF LU160 objective lenses for both dimensional measurement of a work piece through image processing and observation in a single unit.

The series includes VMR AutoMeasure software with interactive measurement, teaching wizards, computer aided drawing functionality, shape analysis capability and data management tools.

Call: 973-966-1100; e-mail: nbooth@keatingco.com.

NWA Software Updated For Manufacturers

Northwest Analytical (NWA) has updated its NWA Quality Analyst software to version 6 to help manufacturers understand and improve their processes to increase product quality; reduce defects, waste and costs; meet customer requirements, certify vendors and comply with regulatory requirements. NWA Quality Analyst version 6 has been enhanced to identify process improvements and execute quality initiatives such as Six Sigma, corrective and preventive action and ISO 9000.

Features include a graphics viewer that provides unlimited data points on statistical process control charts, more graphic output formats and database synchronization.

Call: 503-224-7727; e-mail: sales@nwasoft.com.

Tool Features Torrit Dust Collection System

The TrodeMaster from Methods Machine Tools is a modified high-speed vertical machining center equipped for cutting graphite electrodes. With full enclosures and a torrit dust collection system, the TrodeMaster is ideal for small job shops, large in-house electro discharge machining facilities and hard die milling and the production of copper electrodes.

The TrodeMaster comes with standard features including ethernet, a laser tool setter and a 1,000 cubic foot per minute dust collector. Optional productivity and precision features include fourth and fifth axes, spindle measuring probes and robotic loading.

Call: 978-443-5388; website: www.methodsmachine.com.

Insight’s Results Aid Production Quality

MTS Systems has introduced the Insight electromechanical testing solution. Insight combines TestWorks software, consulting services and frame hardware in a solution that enables customers to complete the electromechanical testing they require.

Insight helps perform simple monotonic tests on a wide array of materials such as plastics, metals, adhesives, ceramics, composites and elastomers as well as subcomponents and finished products. The test results help aid quality in production processes and provide analytical capabilities in research and product or process development. Applications in industries include medical devices, consumer products, automotive, aerospace and general materials testing.

Call: 952-937-4333; e-mail: elizabeth.walsh@mts.com.

Instrument Combines Color And Gloss Measurements

BYK-Gardner has a new spectro-guide instrument that combines color and gloss measurements in one unit. It measures color and 60� gloss simultaneously in compliance with ISO 9000, the American Society for Testing and Materials and DIN (a German institute for standardization) specifications. Color and gloss values are displayed together, making it possible to determine the cause of a mismatch.

Users can save up to 200 standards and 999 samples in the spectro-guide’s memory, both for color and gloss. The software supplied contains predefined quality control reports and allows direct transfer of measurement results to Excel.

Call: 800-343-7721; website: www.bykgardner.com.

Synergy 2000 Monitors Process Variation

Synergy 2000 from Zontec is used in quality assurance applications to monitor and react to process variation during production and inspection. The software provides tools that support Six Sigma quality initiatives and is suited for companies that want to monitor processes at multiple locations in real time.

Features of Synergy 2000 include exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) and poisson EWMA control charts, box and whisker plots for managers and a serial device interfacing that allows two-way input/output using device command strings.

Call: 866-955-0088; e-mail: rmorris@zontec-spc.com.

9300 Series Isolates Sensitive Equipment

The 9300 series equipment platforms from Kinetic Systems isolate large sensitive equipment from surrounding floor vibrations. A platform offers omnidirectional, ultra low frequency vibration damping and automatic leveling while raising equipment inches off the floor. Its proprietary air mount system provides vertical isolation, while a proprietary trifilar pendulum assembly provides cradle support for horizontal isolation.

Platforms are available in custom sizes or shapes with extra leg supports. Cutouts or notches can be added. Nonmagnetic platforms are also available.

Call: 617-522-8700, e-mail: sales@kineticsystems.com.

Miniature Data Logger Monitors Temperatures

Onset Computer has released the HOBO Pendant Logger, a miniature data logger for monitoring temperatures during the transport and storage of temperature sensitive goods. Examples include perishable foods and produce, beverages and chemicals. The waterproof HOBO Pendant provides ±0.5� C accuracy and up to 52,000 readings.

The logger records temperatures constantly and provides high and low LED alarms for both shipping and storage applications. For shipping, the alarms offer visual verification that temperatures have not exceeded user defined limits. In storage, the alarms can provide visual notification when temperatures go out of range.

Call: 508-759-9500; e-mail: sales@onsetcomp.com.

Mirror Adaptor Sees Around Corners

Gradient Lens has upgraded its line of Hawkeye Precision Borescopes to include lower light dispersion, a wider field of view and an improved mirror adaptor for seeing around corners.

The upgraded features include the endoGrins lens system, which produces a sharper image by lowering the dispersion of light. An objective lens is included to give a wider field of view and a fuller image in the 0� and 90� direction of view. There is a scratch resistant mirror and an improved multilayered broadband antireflection coating.

Call: 716-883-5915; e-mail: glazzara@verizon.net.

Companies Collaborate On Software Solution

Caterpillar and StatSoft have collaborated to announce the release of a turnkey software solution designed for manufacturing companies for the modeling, optimization and stimulation of their manufacturing processes.

The Proceed software is based on the integration of Caterpillar’s analytic processes and powered by the Statistica suite software. The processes are used to simulate, predict and optimize the outcome of complex manufacturing processes. The Proceed software helps manufacturers derive and validate simple to complex causal relationships between manufacturing processes and product quality outcomes.

Call: 918-749-1119; e-mail: reames@statsoft.com.

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