MasterControl Allows Document Automation

Document Control Systems has released its Web based MasterControl Quality Management Suite version 4.0, allowing companies to automate document based processes such as change control and training control together with forms based data collection processes such as corrective actions and customer complaints.

MasterControl features a single, integrated Web portal in which organizations can connect an entire quality system as one automated, closed loop solution. MasterControl also features flexible process automation, which manages quality processes that require collection of data captured on forms, such as those for audits, complaints, deviations or nonconformance issues, from initiation to closure.

Call: 800-825-9117; e-mail: jclegg@mastercontrol.com.

Concept FX Is Adaptable, Upgradable and Expandable

The Concept FX, a modular x-ray inspection system by FocalSpot, can be configured as a manual and semiautomatic inspection solution. The Concept FX is designed to be adaptable, upgradable and expandable to fit the most basic to demanding application requirements.

Applications include failure analysis, semiconductor inspection and rework verification of large bare or populated printed circuit board assemblies up to 20” x 24” or down to individual component packages for inspections of wire bonds and die attachments. The Concept FX features a compact footprint and offers several design components.

Call: 858-536-5050; e-mail: sales@focalspot.com.

X-Ray System Inspects For Visible, Hidden Defects

YESTech has announced the YTX-5000, an in-line automated X-ray inspection system. The YTX-5000 inspects for both visible and hidden defects on flip chips and other array devices. Other typical inspections include solder joints, leads, component presence and position, correct part, polarity, color and through-hole parts. Features include auto zoom, 130 kilovolts X-ray, offline programming and real-time statistical process control data collection.

The YTX-5000’s image processing technology integrates normalized correlation and rule based algorithms to provide complete inspection coverage with a low false failure rate.

Call: 949-361-2714; e-mail: don.miller@yestechinc.com.

Falcon Uses Sensors For Leak Detection

The Falcon Leak Test System manufactured by Cincinnati Test Systems enhances the effectiveness of leak detection in the production of automotive headlights and taillights. It simultaneously determines leak location and calculates total leak rate.

The Falcon utilizes a series of integrated In-telense sensors to detect the presence and magnitude of helium leaks. The In-telense sensor incorporates an on-board microprocessor to initiate data shown on the advanced, on-screen graphics display to determine visual identification of the leak location and leak rate for the operator.

Call: 513-202-5103; e-mail: ggrebe@cincinnati-test.com.

Pull-Ring Plugs Protect Original Equipment Parts

Plymer Molding has announced its full line of PR Series Pull-Ring Plugs to protect original equipment manufacturer parts and products during shipping, storage and masking. The tapered style plugs are designed with built-in lift rings to make the plugs easier to remove. This design reduces product and thread damage that may be caused by using screwdrivers, pliers or other labor intensive means to remove or install plastic plugs.

Pull-Ring Plugs are constructed of low density polyethylene in standard blue and 17 different sizes are offered.

Call: 800-851-5181; e-mail: pmi@pmimolding.com.

Advent CR Combines as Software and Hardware

ActiCM has introduced a noncontact, automatic optical measuring system called the AdventCR for offline control and inspection of car bodies. The product is a 3-D measuring system designed for use on production lines. It can be used for both geometric and surface point measurements, and its accuracy is 50 to 300 microns depending on the material and the measurement volume.

AdventCR is a solution composed of both software and hardware. The software takes charge of calculation and analysis of image processing, and the hardware obtains the data.

Call: 011-33-476-91-3760; e-mail: a.mendesnazare@acticm.com.

Software Is Designed For Full Inspection

Phoenix/x-ray Systems and Services has announced the addition of quality/assurance 2005 software to its line of 2-D X-ray equipment. This software is a full inspection environment designed to cut the time to program an automated X-ray inspection tests, while improving the automated testing of the latest area array packages.

The quality assurance 2005 software package features the ability to import computer aided design files, allowing the X-ray machine to align and self-identify all area array packages. The time required for program setup is reduced as part types are saved to a common library and optimized inspection routines are aligned with the part geometry.

Call: 661-242-1967; e-mail: dklehmann@phoenix-xray.com.

Lo-Carb Switch Ideal for High Volume Applications

ITW Switches’ Lo-Carb switch is a right angle miniature pushbutton switch for printed circuit board mount. The Lo-Carb switch is ideal for high volume electrical applications including toys, consumer electronics, telecom/datacom, test and measurement, audio and medical applications. Able to handle just under one ampere of current, the Lo-Carb is a member of ITW Switches’ Flex Tech low current product family.

The switch features nonshorting contacts, low operating force, low initial contact resistance and full travel of 0.14 in.

Call: 800-544-3354; e-mail: customer_service@itw-switches.com.

Signal Conditioner Series Ideal for Critical Monitoring

Each 5D series signal conditioner module from Daytronic Corp. is a self-contained, configurable and physically hardened instrument. The modules feature pluggable screw terminal connectors for installation and input/output field wiring and they can also be used as individual or in-line signal conditioners.

The 5D series is ideal for critical monitoring operations and high-speed analog control loops. Gain, phase, excitation, filters, zero span and other critical characteristics are programmable per application.

Call: 732-248-4482; e-mail: eleinfuss@wptinc.com.

OptoSigma Integrates a New Measuring Stage

OptoSigma Corp. has developed a precision X-Y stage that has been integrated into an analytical measurement tool by Imaging Technology International Corp.’s Drop Watcher III. The stage is integrated to perform precise measurements of the fluid jetting parameters of ink-jet print heads. The tool is used in industrial applications where repeatable and exact measurements of drop formation and flight characteristics of fluids are required.

OptoSigma’s X-Y stages move the print head position through micrometer adjustments so the user can automatically track drops of ink at various stages of formation across all nozzles in a print head.

Call: 949-851-5881; e-mail: michelle@optosigma.com.

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