Audit Manager Provides Automated Solution

ASI DataMyte has announced its Audit Manager system, which provides an automated solution for containment and suspect lot audits for high volume, physically large, serialized products. Applications for the Audit Manager include automotive assembly, subassembly fabrication, major appliance assembly and assembly of other large products.

Audit Manager is used when a defect is discovered on the manufacturing line and a particular serial number is identified. Because many products may have been manufactured before the defect was discovered, an operator is sent to the shipping area to locate the products, check them for defects, record the results and ensure repairs are completed before shipment.

Call: 763-746-4303; e-mail: mikemccalley@asidatamyte.com.

CSR Offers Manual and Supervisory Control

The Series 24 Control Switch Relay (CSR) from Electroswitch provides both manual and supervisory control of power circuit breakers. The unit’s blade and terminal construction and stacking procedures allow up to 20 independent contacts in the same deck. Contact ratings are 60 amps and 30 amps continuous, at up to 600 voltages in an alternating current. A built-in bipolar diode enables the unit to withstand transients on the control bus up to 3.5 kilovolts.

Pushing in the handle of this model disables remote operation, allowing only local and manual control so testing or service can be performed safely.

Call: 781-335-5200; e-mail: info@electroswitch.com.

EV2 Workstation Is Designed For Real-Time Viewing

The EV2, a rackmount data acquisition workstation, has been announced by Astro-Med. The unit offers an open architecture design, 18.1-in. color display for real-time viewing, touch screen interface, an integrated computer and 32 analog or digital input channels. The EV2 is designed and engineered specifically for aerospace applications including flight testing, missile testing, flight simulation and satellite telemetry.

The EV2 was designed to address new telemetry markets by providing a base platform for the integration of third-party hardware and software.

Call: 401-828-4000; e-mail: mtgroup@astro-med.com.

Tinius Olsen Releases T 504 Impact Tester

Tinius Olsen has developed the IT 504, a plastics impact tester with Izod and Charpy impact fixtures that can be added and removed through a T-slotted back.

Standard features of the plastics impact tester include an aerodynamic compound pendulum, selectable energy units and strength calculations, break type input options, automatic or manual toss correction and auto calibration for bearing windage and friction. Real-time display of energy for verifying display accuracy is offered against traceable measurements of pendulum height and weight.

Call: 215-675-7100; e-mail: whayward@tiniusolsen.com.

 RoundAbout Enables 2-D And 3-D Dynamic Tracking

The RoundAbout cable guide from SpaceAge Control gives draw wire transducers flexibility in connecting the displacement cable to applications. Offering rotational capability on two axes and linear capability on one axis, the RoundAbout enables 2-D and 3-D dynamic tracking capability.

The RoundAbout uses two precision positioned pulleys to provide two dimensions of the tracking capability. The third dimension of tracking capability is provided by a bearing mount housing incorporating a cable actuated rotation mechanism. The product eliminates the need for specific pulleys to be mounted to provide 2-D and 3-D motion tracking.

Call: 661-273-3000; e-mail: email@spaceagecontrol.com.

CmController Is Designed As a Mobile System

CeTaQ America’s CmController Compact5 is a tool that analyzes chip shooter machine capability, checking the basic settings and functions of the equipment to identify, control and correct failures. This enables the chip shooter to once again assemble products within the original quality specifications established by its manufacturer.

Chip shooter machine capability is measured by running a glass board with injection molded dummy components through the shooter. These tools are used to minimize the dimensional errors associated with an epoxy board with real components and to provide accurate and relevant measurements. The CmController is a mobile system designed for use on the production floor.

Call: 603-883-7843; e-mail: msivigny@cetaq-americas.com.

AS 200 Designed for Quality Control Departments

Retsch’s AS 200 control has been specifically redesigned for quality control departments. It now comes with a natural frequency drive that takes simple loads of up to 6 kilogausses, but it can also be operated from 100 to 200 volts and 50 or 60 Hz. The sieve shaker also features memory for up to nine parameter combinations.

The AS 200 control accepts sieve stacks from 100-mm to 8-in. diameter and is suitable for dry and wet sieving.

Call: 866-473-8724; e-mail: info@retsch-us.com.

Robots Are Ideal for Top Mount Integration

KUKA Robotics Corp. has introduced its 6-axis shelf mount KS Series robots. The robots are designed for top loading and unloading of injection molding machines (IMMs). The KS Series offers a low profile design for platen mounted robots, which reduce ceiling height requirements on IMMs up to 1,200 tons.

The KS Series of shelf mount robots are available in KR 16, 30 and 60 models with payloads of 60 kg and vertical reach for part removal to 1,800 mm. The robots are ideal for top mount integration onto IMMs, for part unloading, insert loading, degating and other post mold processes.

Call: 248-819-0230; e-mail: kevinkozuszek@kukarobotics.com.

SV-800 Measures Multiple Cross Sections

Mitutoyo America Corp. has announced the availability of Surftest SV-800 surface roughness measuring machines. The SV-800 is engineered around a column moving mechanism that almost eliminates load capacity limitations. The machine’s measuring envelope and long stroke probe arm are designed to accommodate sizable, heavy work pieces such as crankshafts and camshafts. The long reach of the probe arm also enables the SV-800 to measure multiple cross sections and waviness over a wide range.

The SV-800 is constructed to attenuate vibration and minimize measurement deviations attributable to machine deflection.

Call: 630-820-9666; website: www.mitutoyo.com.

Faraday Cage Protects Entire Workspaces

Kinetic Systems has introduced a line of Faraday Cage options for use with its Vibration Isolation Workstations or to protect entire workspaces. Faraday Cage workstations offer two hinged front doors, roll-up or sliding doors and can accommodate fixed, hanging or sliding shelves.

Used in semiconductor processing, telecommunications, aerospace engineering, medical research and other fields, Faraday Cages can be configured for almost any situation in which external vibrations and electrostatic interference adversely affect the operation of sensitive equipment.

Call: 617-522-8700; e-mail: sales@kineticsystems.com.

Series 3000 Features Readable Threads

Rock Tenn has released its white label security board series 3000 featuring readable threads. The series 3000 does not interfere with printing or require modifications to production setups. Randomly embedded directly in the paper fiber or between layers, the threads store encrypted data that can carry a variety of information, such as lot and market identifications, as well as provide enhanced track and trace capabilities.

Since the threads are embedded in the substrate, the data cannot be erased. White label security series 3000 cannot be duplicated or altered without destroying the carton.

Call: 678-291-7386; e-mail: rmuscat@ rocktenn.com.

Model 5624 Won’t Experience Contamination

Hart Scientific’s secondary platinum resistance thermometer (PRT), model 5624 is designed to serve as a calibration standard for high temperature thermocouples. Hart’s PRT offers accuracy of ±0.05�C up to 1,000�C. Accuracy is provided over the full range of calibration, though fixed point calibration covers the range of 0�C to 962�C.

A small sensor construction creates low immersion requirements. Enclosed in an aluminum sheath, the model 5624 will not experience contamination problems.

Call: 801-763-1600; e-mail: info@hartscientific.com.

Ocean Optics Introduces HG-1 for Calibrating

Ocean Optics has introduced its HG-1, a low power, drift free mercury argon source that enables users to perform wavelength calibrations of diode-array spectrophotometers and postdispersive monochromators. The HG-1 produces fixed, low pressure mercury and argon atomic emission lines from 253 to 1,700 mm.

The mercury and argon spectral emission lines are printed on the HG-1’s housing for reference. This tool is useful for creating calibration spectra that can be included with experiments in which wavelength accuracy is important.

Call: 727-733-2447; e-mail: info@oceanoptics.com.

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