Ametek’s Series Offers 18 Pressure Units

The Jofra industrial pressure indicator (IPI) from Ametek is designed with the functions of an analog gage and the preciseness of a digital calibrator. The series offers 18 different pressure units and serial communications capability. The JOFRA IPI can be used in a range of applications from safety valve checks to system pressure verifications.

The JOFRA IPI is temperature compensated for shop or in-process applications and is available as a standalone, in a complete test system or attached to a Mansfield and Green diaphragm seal. The JOFRA IPI can be calibrated locally without returning the unit to the factory as long as there is an accurate pressure reference available.

Call: 800-527-9999 x3555; website: www.ametek.com.

Software Users Can View Runtime Images

Coreco Imaging’s intelligent products division, IPD, has released iNspect, designed for applications that require multiple inspections based on independent views of the same part. iNspect features the ability to hold views and processing for up to three cameras, optional monitor access through a remote network interface and a local display that gives users the ability to view runtime images with measurement overlays.

iNspect is shipped with all the required software, hardware, user interface, input/
output controls and communications interfaces within the product.

Call: 978-670-2002; e-mail: mclancy@goipd.com.

Sensors Suited for Various Applications

LMI Technologies has introduced a series of single point laser sensors suited for thickness measurement, profiling, positioning and other applications in industries that require a sensor with a long stand-off and measurement range.

Offset difference—the distance from the sensor face to the beginning of the measurement range—is 4 in., 10 in. or 19.7 in. for the long-range version. The sensors deliver a 25-micron resolution at a 1.8 kHz scan rate a 1.667 kHz scan rate for the long-range version. Measurement range is 11.8 in., 24 in. or 118 in. depending on the model selected, and accuracy is ± 0.05%.

Call: 248-359-2409; e-mail: issales@lmint.com.

Cooper Wiring Expands Its Line of Switches

The CS Series of commercial specification grade switches is an expanded line of electrical switches being offered by Cooper Wiring Devices. Features include a built-in wire stripper and wire looper, a wider mounting strap, stippled line, ground contacts and a color-coded amperage indicator.

The built-in wire stripper enables fast stripping without tools; the stippled line and ground contacts provide solid contact during installation. Amperage color-coding on the mounting strap gives a faster positive identification. The CS Series switches have compact dimensions and shallow depth, making them then suitable for tight installations.

Call: 800-315-0779; e-mail: cooperwiringdevices@mdfsystems.com.

Clare Instruments’ Tests Are Individually User Selectable

Clare Instruments has designed the Safe Test Luminaire for manufacturers of lighting products who need to meet electrical safety standards. The Safe Test Luminaire can be operated as a simple manual tester or for automatic test sequences and performs the required safety tests, including earth bond, insulation resistance, class I and II AC hipot, load/run test, continuity and polarity tests.

All tests are individually user selectable. An internal memory has the capacity to store the results of 1,000 tests. A PC interface is also provided for further storage and analysis of measured data.

Call: 813-886-2775; e-mail: usa@clareinstruments.com.

USB Compatible Interface Simplifies Applications

Sensor Developments has announced a universal serial bus (USB) compatible interface for strain gaged based sensors. The model 90386 USB Sensor Link is a portable sensor interface that powers and processes a strain gaged based sensor into USB 2.0 compatible signals.

The instrument allows users to eliminate additional signal processing or PC cards. The USB Sensor Link measures and stores data for force and torque sensors while also measuring and recording pressure or displacement. For horsepower monitoring, the USB Sensor Link also measures angle and speed.

Call: 248-391-3000; e-mail: kenw@sendev.com.

Harrington Software Announces Web QMS

Harrington Software has announced a Web based quality management system. H-QMS provides integrated modules that include corrective action and document control features. It’s built on an application framework that lets you implement your own process and is designed to meet the needs of large or geographically distributed organizations.

The system is designed to aid users in every aspect of business improvement operations. Users can share information about key documents, customers, suppliers and quality operations with the whole organization through the use of a browser based system. H-QMS is capable of generating reports and flexible analysis and includes diagnostic resources.

Call: 800-476-9000; e-mail: sales@harringtonsoftware.com.

Boothroyd Dewhurst’s Software Features Libraries

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) software from Boothroyd Dewhurst identifies the major cost drivers associated with manufacturing and finishing parts. The software helps engineering supply chains understand the cost structure of products and takes a quantitative, multidisciplinary approach to cost assessment.

New features include libraries of machine costs for manufacturing hot forged, powder metal and foam molder parts. New libraries for the various types of furnaces used in powder metal and hot forging processes have also been added.

Call: 401-783-5840; e-mail: info@dfma.com.

Delmia Corp. Offers End-To-End Machining Solutions

Delmia Corporation’s End-To-End (E2E) is comprised of a suite of Delmia applications used to encapsulate activities found throughout the machining process. Within the process engineer application of E2E, a project is initialized in the conceptual product design phase, capturing logistical information such as location, labor, production shifts, production volume and budgets.

These data are then integrated with E2E’s manufacturing hub application to facilitate all ongoing communication and collaboration. Through this a rough skeleton process plan is produced and later matured into a 3D design. E2E machining flow can also be used for tolerance charting, 2D drawings and fixture design.

Call: 248-641-0044; e-mail: n.lesinski@french-rogers.com.

Meriam’s Solutions Reduce DAQ System Workloads

Meriam’s application engineers have designed a direct mount differential pressure transmitter for the laminar flow element needed for flow measurement. Meriam’s ISO 17025 certified flow calibration lab provides a custom calibration curve to fit the needs of the existing data acquisition (DAQ) systems. This reduces the workload on the DAQ systems and permits relocation of the systems’ capacity to other needed measurements and functions.

The curve is programmed into test cell computers to streamline processing and improve accuracy.

Call: 216-281-1100; e-mail: meriam@meriam.com.

Dixon Bayco Provides More Swing Check Valves

Dixon Bayco has announced an expanded line of 3- and 4-in. swing check valves for flow reversal prevention in dry bulk transfer carriers. These valves are designed to protect food grade and sensitive dry bulk contents at temperatures up to 350� F.

The computer generated design eliminates flow restrictions through the body by allowing the flapper to swing out of the airflow. A bolt-on removable lid allows for inspection and flapper rebuild without removing the dry bulk tank.

Call: 800-355-1991; website: www.baycoind.com.

IntelliChem’s Universal ELN Is Chemically Aware

IntelliChem, provider of intelligent electronic lab notebooks, has released the Universal ELN solution. The Universal ELN solution is designed to be flexible enough to model scientific and nonscientific workflow. This allows users of the ELN solution to reach a broader user audience, increase productivity and protect intellectual property.

The Universal ELN is chemically aware, allowing chemical structures, materials and analytical data to be captured, viewed and searched. This solution is available as a standalone application or as an integrated component of all other IntelliChem pro-duct suites.

Call: 541-382-7043; e-mail:matt.wallach@intellichem.com.

Polytec Introduces a White Light Interferometer

Polytec has introduced a white light interferometer for online part inspection and production/quality control. The TMS-300/320 TopCam interferometer installs on a manufacturing line and verifies production part specifications for flatness and topography.

The TopCam can be mounted in any direction and can be controlled through the operator interface software using COM/ActiveX or LabView drivers. Telecentric lenses allow imaging along high, steep edges and within deep drilled holes. The TopCam software package includes all the necessary commands for instruments operation, data acquisition, analysis and presentation.

Call: 714-850-1835 x13; e-mail: p.mitchell@polytec.com.

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