Perfecting’s W-series Avoids Thread Seizure

The W-series wingstyle interchange couplings from Perfecting Coupling are designed to optimize hydraulic system performance while minimizing pump damage and overheating of hydraulic circuits. The W-series are manufactured with a strategically positioned elastomeric marker that remains visible and easy to identify so the user will know the coupling is fully connected. The elastomeric marker also seals the threaded portion of the coupling while it is connected, avoiding incidents of thread seizure.

The W-series couplings are ideal for mobile applications such as sump trailers and walking floor trailers.

Call: 800-839-8980; web: www.perfecting.com.

Pressure Manway Ideal For Sensitive Processes

Tank Components Industries released the model TCI-01, an autoclavable pressure manway designed specifically for sanitary service. A hinged cover is available with a safety lock to secure the cover when opened. Other features include a spring assist design containing stainless steel parts. The O-ring gasket placed inside the cover provides protection from the cap falling into the tank when opened. The fine threaded clamp design allows the TCI-01 to be sealed and opened without the use of tools.

The model TCI-01 is ideal for pharmaceutical and contamination sensitive processes.

Call: 417-831-5100; e-mail: sales@tankcomponents.com.

Controller Accepts Single Or Dual Voltage Inputs

Degree Control introduces its ProntoFlow programmable thermal management controllers and fan trays. ProntoFlow products allow an engineer a range of options for managing thermal issues while working within power, acoustic and other constraints on specific applications.

The ProntoFlow controller accepts single or dual voltage inputs, is configured to accept 36 to 60 volts DC and provides regulated voltage to a system of up to nine fans. The controller card will work with local and remote sensors to provide closed loop temperature based fan revolutions per minute control, fan synchronization, failure monitoring and status reporting.

Call: 603-672-8900; e-mail: seta.davidian@degreec.com.

Visible-InGaAs Never Needs Field Adjustments

Sensors Unlimited offers the Visible-InGaAs, a dual wavelength range camera that simultaneously images in the visible and short-wave infrared spectrum. The camera features a 320 x 240 pixel array with a 40 micron pitch. The array is built into the mini camera platform, which weighs less than 11 oz. The camera never needs field adjustments with the factory set nonuniformity corrections and the built-in antiblooming.

Applications include industrial machine vision, hyperspectral imaging and laser beam profiling.

Call: 818-708-1704; e-mail: mettenberg@sensorsinc.com.

Roundness Control Function Added to Gage System

Marposs releases a roundness control function for its Fenar L in-process gage system for crankshaft orbital grinding applications. The roundness capability allows checking roundness of a crankshaft main or pin journal diameter directly after grinding without removing the part from the machine for inspection. The Fenar L gage is capable of controlling size on both mains and pins, in a range of up to 25 mm.

A data stream from the gage is sent to a PC, either within the machine control or off- line, where the roundness calculations are made.

Call: 888-627-7677; e-mail: marposs@us.marposs.com.

TS III Qualifier Includes Automatic Calibration

The TS III Qualifier assembly process monitor from ASG can help eliminate fastener related assembly errors. When used with an electric torque control driver, it can determine if each screw in an assembly has been inserted, driven to full depth, torqued to its designated value, cross threaded or stripped.

Additional features include automatic calibration, allowing the TS III to monitor and remember proper fastener profiles and if washers or gaskets have been omitted from a fastener. Unauthorized program changes are also prevented by password/key protection.

Call: 216-486-6163; e-mail: asginfo@asg-jergens.com.

FlatMaster Provides Surface Form Measurements

The Tropel FlatMaster provides performance of surface form measurements for precision component manufacturers. The noncontact optical technique records the entire surface. The FlatMaster offers five nanometer resolution and a standard accuracy of 50 nanometers. It measures flatness, line profile, radius and other surface parameters from many different surfaces.

Many standard versions of the FlatMaster are available depending upon different component size ranges. Customizing is available to achieve specific performance requirements, whether it’s for increasing dynamic range or accuracy or to include component handling features.

Call: 585-388-3612; e-mail: metrology_info@corning.com.

Software Suites Merge For Process Flow

MKS’s Integrity Manager and Mercury’s Quality Center have combined to build a continuous and two-way process flow between development and quality assurance (QA) teams. Defects identified with the Quality Center are cycled back in the development process through the Integrity Manager and travel with associated development artifacts such as source code or documentation.

This integration of both software suites allows organizations to establish an enforceable and auditable process for defect resolution, software quality and QA team efficiency.

Call: 800-265-2797; e-mail: support@mks.com.

Meterman Test Tools Introduces the PM Series

Meterman Test Tools introduces the PM Series of portable digital multimeters. The PM Series meters are 3/8 in. thick and weigh less than 3 oz. Each of the three meters measures AC/DC voltage, resistance, frequency and capacitance with an audible continuity beeper.

The PM51, with frequency and capacitance, is suitable for building maintenance, automotive technicians and engineer students. The PM53, with autoranging functions, is suitable for building maintenance, residential and commercial electricians, automotive technicians and computer technicians. The PM55 is suitable for heating, ventilation and cooling technicians, plant maintenance, engineers and medical equipment and aircraft technicians.

Call: 877-596-2680; web: www.metermantesttools.com.

CZ-V Detects Color Change Differences

The CZ-V from Keyence uses three separate red-green-blue (RGB) light emitting diode (LED) light sources for detection and differentiation of color change.

During operation, the CZ-V’s separate RGB LEDs transmit red, green and blue light onto the target surface. The received signal from each color is converted into 16-bit data in the receiver to enable color recognition. A proprietary algorithm analyzes the individual RGB data and determines the optimum combination and intensity of red, green and blue light to provide accurate and stable detection.

Call: 888-539-3623 x70703; e-mail: philm.hq@keyence.com.

Bicron’s Transformers Available in Various Models

Bicron’s encapsulated switch mode and pulse transformers for high frequency switching applications are designed to meet reliability requests for basic impulse level (BIL) ratings found in power management, control and conversion systems.

The transformers are available in a series of configurations and ratings, and different models are intended for applications involving switching frequencies from 10 KHz to 500 KHz, hipot requirements and BIL ratings up to 60 kilovolts. Transformers can also be integrated with the Bicron Tunable Transformer Platform.

Call: 860-824-5125 x1305; e-mail: fpierzga@bicronusa.com.

ClearForest Adds New Module to Analytic Software

ClearForest announces its Quality Early Warning industry module as part of its product suite. The Quality Early Warning module, when used with ClearForest Analytics, facilitates resolution of warranty, product safety and quality issues through early discovery of component and system level failures.

Additional features of the Quality Early Warning module include determination of root causes, prioritization of the issue resolution based on situational context, processes for claims review and handling and engineering visibility into text based market and service information.

Call: 781-622-2271; e-mail: corporatecommunications@clearforest.com.

ERO 1470 Is Designed For Electronics Industry

Heidenhain’s rotary encoder, the ERO 1470, is available without integral bearing and with integrated interpolation electronics. This model is suited for motors used in the electronics industry. Applications possible for use with the ERO 1470 are those in handling printed circuit board assembly machines.

In these types of motor applications, the interface of the subsequent electronics is digital, the installation space for the encoder is limited and a high resolution and repeatability are needed for positioning of the components. Therefore, the ERO 1470 displays 25-fold interpolation of the scanning signals. The shaft diameters offered with the ERO 1470 are 4 mm, 6 mm or 8 mm with line counts of either 1,000 or 1,500.

Call: 847-490-1191; e-mail: info@heidenhain.com.

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