WPD Detectors Are Designed For Year-Round Use

Gigahertz-Optik’s WPD series weatherproof detectors are designed for year-round outdoor light measurement in solar and solar simulated optical radiation monitoring applications. The entire light sensor is shielded in a rugged metal housing with the front input optic enclosed and sealed under a quartz dome.

The WPD’s PTC-0101 peltier temperature controller electronics are contained in a separate compact benchtop or rackmount housing with cable connection to the WPD detector. The WPD series detectors are normally used with an optometer or amplifier for direct measurement in optical units and dialoging.

Call: 978-462-1818; e-mail: b.angelo@gigahertz-optik.com.

System Is Based on White Light Interferometry

Metrology Resource Co. has introduced an optical measurement system based on white light interferometry, a noncontact process that allows users to measure surface topography without target damage. The White Light Interferometry (WLI) is ideal for small area measurement applications in various industries. The WLI measures surface profile, roughness, step height, microstructure and other surface parameters.

Optional software modules are also available for flatness, roughness and radius measurements. Customized software is optional for standard and scientific applications. The measurement head also comes as a single head for production type applications in industries, such as automotive, electronic or engineering.

Call: 704-332-5004; e-mail: ds@starkpr.com.

Access to Calibration Data Is Protected

The PR486D from Practicon is a compact microprocessor based load cell amplifier that connects with a single set of one to four strain gage load cells to supply 10-volt DC excitation. It amplifies and conditions the resultant return signal. From this signal and from stored control and calibration data, a gross/net weight signal is generated.

Calibration adjustments are carried out by four push buttons in conjunction with an LCD display. Access to calibration data is pass-number protected; however, access to the inside of the device is not necessary since there are no potentiometers. Calibration can additionally be undertaken by entering precise sensitivity and capacity figures from the load cells.

Call: 011-44-1270-876211; e-mail: sales@practicon.co.uk.

Software Supports Joint Commission Standards

Medmarx version 6.0, operated by the United States Pharmacopeia, is an internet accessible, anonymous reporting program that enables hospitals to voluntarily report, track and trend data incorporating nationally standardized data elements. Hospitals subscribe to Medmarx as part of their internal quality improvement process. Subscribers can review errors entered by other participants in real-time and can also view any reported action taken by other institutions in response to the errors.

This feature supports the performance improvement standards of the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, which requires institutions to learn from the experiences of others in order to reduce risk.

Call: 301-816-8268; e-mail: slb@usp.org.

FKI Logistex Eliminates Bump Turning Impact

FKI Logistex has announced the Alvey bumpless case turner, designed to handle and turn fragile products requiring higher speed turning when moving into a palletizing operation. The Alvey case turner is an upgrade to the Alvey palletizer line. By eliminating the bump turning impact of conventional case turning methods, the Alvey bumpless case turner provides a solution for the case handling of bottles, paper goods and food products during palletizing.

The Alvey bumpless case turner employs technology to create speed differential under the cases that can selectively generate negative 90, positive 90, 180 and 270 degree case turns.

Call: 314-993-4700; e-mail: jill.raab@fkilogistex.com.

Panel Meters Provide Full Signature Monitoring

The Promess Panel Meters (PPM) from Promess provide full signature monitoring capabilities along with user definable windows that permit monitoring of specific portions of the process rather than the entire operation. The PPM is able to monitor force, torque, pressure and flow rates for air or liquids. The PPM is for single station applications that do not require full capabilities of the company’s more advanced monitoring systems. It provides for monitoring of in-production assembly processes.

Standard PPM features include an LCD display, flexible sensor inputs, peak force monitoring, press force limits, menu driven programming, multiple part capabilities, auto calibration, and diagnostic, setup and troubleshooting software.

Call: 810-229-9334; e-mail: promess@promessinc.com.

Laser Power Probe Measures High Power Outputs

The Comet 10K-HD laser power probe from Ophir Optronics is used to measure high power outputs up to 10 kilowatts (KW) from industrial laser sources. It provides calibration accuracy of ±5%, a repeatability of ±1% for same initial temperature and linearity with power of ±2% from 1 KW to 10 KW.

The Comet 10K-HD comes with a swivel mount that rotates ±90 degrees and has the ability to measure a laser using an automatic or a manual measurement mode depending on whether the laser has a timed shutter.

Call: 800-383-0814; e-mail: sales@ophiropt.com.

Gas Permeameter Measures Pressure Difference

The C522 gas permeameter from Porous Materials measures pressure difference and flow rate in the ranges recommended by the American Society for Testing and Materials. Resistance characteristics are computed from measured values. A number of characteristics of the acoustical material, including specific airflow resistance (rayl), airflow resistivity (rayl/m) and airflow resistance (ohm) are reported.

Airflow resistance determines the sound absorption and sound transmitting characteristics of an acoustical material and is used for material development and quality control.

Call: 607-257-5544; e-mail: gerou@pmiapp.com.

The SDC-301 Requires No Programming Setup

Tivpro has introduced the SDC-301 Smart Data Collector, a palm-sized, battery operated data logger weighing 2 oz. The SDC-301 requires no programming setup or plotting of data by the engineering staff. A Velcro strap attaches the SDC-301 to equipment power cords so the unit never touches a conductor.

The SDC-301 collects data for six months using a CR2032 coin cell battery. It monitors cycle times and offers three additional channels to measure amps draw and temperature using optional probes. The SDC-301 features push-button operation.

Call: 866-584-8776; e-mail: pberger@tivpro.com.

Sentinel F-21 Stores 1,000 Test Results

The Sentinel F-21 from Cincinnati Test Systems uses a solid-state mass flow sensor to respond to flow changes. The 32-point calibration provides flow measurement using tandem regulators to ensure a constant pressure source. Dual regulator configuration provides application flexibility by eliminating reference testing.

The Sentinel F-21 also features an operator panel, flow range of 1 scc/m to 6,000 scc/m, dual pressure testing capability, a self-test aspect and the ability to store 1,000 test results for output to a printer or computer.

Call: 513-367-6699; e-mail: ggrebe@cincinnati-test.com.

MED Instill’s Intact Process Requires No Chemicals

MED-Instill has announced the Intact sterile filling technology, which utilizes a physical four-step process in which closed vials are filled through a stopper with a needle and resealed with a laser. The process requires no chemicals or preservatives. It improves sterility assurance and reduces qualification timelines and equipment downtimes.

Applications for the Intact technology include pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, preserved or unpreserved products, liquids and gels, and plastic or glass containers.

Call: 212-994-3834; e-mail: jfreedman@westhillpartners.com.

Software Allows Users To Define Work Centers

Beach Access Software introduces the addition of a capacity planning module to its entry level integrated manufacturing system, E-Z-MRP. The capacity planning module allows users to define work centers, enter labor routings for each manufactured part and generate graphic and tabular reports. These reports show what work is flowing through each work center each day and what percentage of each work center’s capacity is being utilized.

In addition to the capacity planning module, E-Z-MRP includes a bill of materials processor and a material planning and tracking module. The system also offers a physical inventory function and a purchase order module for printing purchase orders.

Call: 858-259-4334; e-mail: bchacc@san.rr.com.

The SV-100 Offers Tuning Fork Vibration

A&D Weighing adds the SV-100 viscometer to its SV series. The SV-100 has a viscosity measurement range from 1,000 centipoise (cP) to 100,000 cP and features WinCT-Viscosity software. The SV-100 offers the tuning fork vibration method, which provides accuracy and measurement range without having replacing sensor plates.

The SV-100 viscometer measures viscosity by detecting the driving electric current necessary to resonate the two sensor plates at constant frequency of 30 hertz and amplitude of less than 1 millimeter.

Call: 800-726-7099; e-mail: tmoriya@andweighing.com.

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