Power Quality Analyzer Users Can View Data

Fluke Power Quality introduces three-phase power quality analyzers that enable testing at the service entrance. The Fluke 430 series features AutoTrend, which records on screen automatically, and SystemMonitor, which diagnoses system performance against user defined limits. Users can also view data while recording new data, and the analyzers build benchmarks for predictive maintenance.

The Fluke 430 series is designed for power quality specialists, electricians and plant technicians working in industrial, healthcare, business and public service settings.

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Admet’s Recorder Captures Moving Waveforms

Admet’s Gauge Buster Recorder is designed to capture moving waveforms by sampling data up to 4,096 times per second. It can be used in applications such as calibrating soil asphalt compaction machines, measuring crush rates of automotive components and measuring the deceleration profile of shock absorbers.

The Gauge Buster Recorder also features user programmable log rate and comes with a remote push button to start recording. It’s powered by an AC wall adapter or can be purchased as a battery powered instrument with carrying case.

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Stafford Releases
Two-Piece Sensor Mount


Stafford Manufacturing Corp. has re-leased its sensor mount assembly featuring a two-piece threaded collar that opens for installing or changing sensors. It also allows for fine tune positioning without disassembly and attaches to a machined aluminum base. The sensor mounting collar is secured by two clamping screws that attach to the base but also features two tapped face holes for mounting elsewhere.

The sensor mount assembly is designed for use with optical and electromagnetic sensors. The standard collar and base are manufactured from aluminum and can be made from steel and stainless steel. Other bore configurations are optional.

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Grease Caddy Can Be Holstered to Belts

A magnetic mount probe and holster has been added to UE Systems’ Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy, providing inspectors with the option of mounting the Grease Caddy directly on a grease gun or putting it in a holster and wearing it on their belt while noting changes in ultrasound level as they lubricate bearings. A magnetic mount with a strong pull allows users to place the probe on different types of bearing housings.

The probe’s sensing elements detect ultrasound and filter out low frequency signals, allowing users to hear bearing sounds while applying lubricant. An additional feature includes a mini spotlight that enables users to see their lube connections in low light situations.

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Gages Designed for Lab
And Production Use


The Digimar CX2 collection of digital height gages from Mahr Federal is a series of motorized, programmable height measuring systems suited for both gage lab and production measurement use.

Digimar CX2’s measuring and evaluation functions include the measurement of planes, grooves, bores and shafts, and the calculation of distances and symmetries. Perpendicularity measurements in conjunction with a digital dial indicator and maximum/minimum measurements are also supported. The Digimar CX2’s measuring range runs from 14 in. through 24 in., and the gages also offer a large capacity option measuring 40 in.

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TrackWise Software
Offers Auditors Many Tools

Sparta Systems releases TrackWise Audit Manager, adding to the standard TrackWise Quality Management System. The Audit Manager provides auditors with a tool to create and maintain audit templates and to build questionnaires and checklists for specific audits.

With the Audit Manager, an audit team has the ability to acquire audit information, including answers to specific questions, ratings, scores and observations. The Audit Manager also features offline functionality, allowing members of the team to export their assigned questions to a local Excel file.

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UltraWand Ideal for Nondestructive Testing

The Spectroline AP-800 UltraWand ultraviolet (UV) inspection lamp from Spectronics Corp. features long wave UV illumination in restricted areas, making it ideal for nondestructive testing. The unit’s 8-watt UV tube is located near one end of its anodized aluminum cylinder and positions the UV light where it is needed.

The AP-800 UltraWand is 1 in. in diameter, has a 30 in. reach and weighs 1 lb., providing an alternative to disassembling equipment. The AP-800 plugs into an AC outlet and detects hydrocarbon contamination on interior surfaces that must be 100% clean.

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Trace Analyzer Measures Moisture in Gases

Tiger Optics’ MTO-LP-H20 is a trace moisture analyzer designed to measure moisture in hydride gases, such as ammonia, phosphine and arsine. It is ideal for low temperature epitalial applications, specialty gas production and semiconductor compounds. The MTO-LP-H20 detects water down to single digit parts per billion levels in milliseconds. It is calibration free and transportable.

Because the MTO-LP-H20 employs a noncontact measurement technique in which only the light touches the gas, moisture concentrations can be quantified in corrosive and reactive gases.

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Love Controls Controllers Offer Two Zones

The 32DZ 1/32 DIN temperature/process controllers from Love Controls offer a semiuniversal input, and each zone offers a single set point with mechanical relay. One of the two outputs may be a proportional 4 to 20 mA output that may be assigned to either zone 1 or 2.

Standard features include independent fuzzy logic, self-tune and peak/valley indication for each zone. Process protection is provided by open sensor protection, shorted sensor protection, input rate of change protection and loop break protection. Options for the 32DZ 1/32 DIN temperature/process controllers include RS-485 serial communication and low voltage operation.

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The LTT 621 Features
A Calibration Mandrel


Marmo Meccanica announces the LTT 621, a horizontal, compact, straight belt continuous processing polishing machine for round and flat edges up to 6 cm. The LTT 621 is controlled by a programmable controller in which the operator inputs the radius of the work piece, and a beam automatically finds the centerpoint where polishing should begin.

The LTT 621 also features a calibration mandrel to gauge thickness at an adjustable depth. The mandrel can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically, can rotate 0-90 degrees and can be used to carry out slotting for the drip stone.

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InterTech’s Leak Detectors Self-Calibrate and Validate

Two production line leak detectors featuring electronic technology for self-calibration and system validation are introduced by InterTech Development. The M-1075 CALVAL-03 and -44 models eliminate the need to manually check and adjust instrument zero and span, or to manually verify flow measurement through the instrument and entire test system.

An additional CALVAL feature is that the volume of the leak testing circuit remains the same when calibrating as when measuring test parts for leaks. Both models feature compensation for temperature and for test pressure ranging from 0 to 5 bars.

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EnCapta 3.0 Enables Geometric Transformation

Vistagy’s EnCapta 3.0 software enables engineers working with computer aided design systems to transform the geometric digital model into a digital product definition that includes nongeometric information. EnCapta is ideal for engineers who design products, mainly in aerospace and automotive industries, to capture and communicate design rationales, manufacturing expertise and other product information.

This updated version of EnCapta supports complex product structures and custom configurations common to highly engineered products. EnCapta 3.0 features file export capabilities and support for interfacing with Web services.

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Danaher’s Portescap Reduces Iron Loss


Danaher Motion introduces Portescap Turbo Disc stepper motors, suited for application in the medical, textile, die bonding and variable optical attenuator industries. These motors feature a sinusoidal torque function with low harmonic distortion and low detent torque, as well as static and dynamic accuracy for any position and under any load or speed conditions.

An independent magnetic circuit eliminates the coupling between phases for angular resolution in microstep mode. An optimally dimensioned iron circuit made of SiFe laminations reduces iron losses and provides more torque at high step rates.

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Sensor mount assembly features a two-piece threaded collar.





92 I DECEMBER 2004 I www.asq.org

The LTT 621’s calibration mandrel can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.



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