Copley Controls Adds To Line of Amplifiers

Copley Controls adds a resolver compatible model to its CANopen networking Xenus servo amplifiers. Most servo amplifiers operate with position and velocity feedback from incremental encoders, supplemented by Hall sensor feedback for motor commutation. In contrast, resolver sensors provide absolute motor position feedback.

Resolvers use none of the encoder’s parts, such as optics and integrated circuits. Instead, they are rotary transformers and primarily consist of iron and wire. Resolvers are equipped for harsh environments to receive accurate resolver based feedback.

Call: 781-828-8090; e-mail: sales@copleycontrols.com.

RPT Introduces Laser Cutting System

Robotic Production Technology introduces Robo-Lase, a robotic laser cutting system for the manufacturing floor of automotive interior trim suppliers, vacuum formers and paint film producers.

The laser takes the place of the upper arm, or third axis, of an articulated arm robot. The design provides a custom wrist, which has two axes. The system turns a six-axis robot into a five-axis robot because the laser is taking the place of the third axis. The Robo-Lase can be used to cut textile based A, B and C pillars, paint films, soft trim products and other plastics and composite parts.

Call: 248-829-2750; e-mail: david.dibiase@rpt.net.

ISOPur’s LR-Series Purifies Liquids

The ISOPur LR-Series is a submicron purification system for hydraulic and lubricating oil used in industrial machinery. The unit is capable of purifying at flow rates ranging from 30 to 150 gallons per hour. The LR-Series features balanced charge purification technology, which helps eliminate the adhesive or hard particles that create varnish and sludge.

The LR-Series units remove solid contaminants, such as products of oxidation, from nonconducting fluids, including cutting/machining oils, phosphate esters and vegetable oils. The LR-Series is ideal for power generation, plastic extrusion, marine, primary metals, general manufacturing, machine tools and food processing industries.

Call: 888-270-9889; e-mail: csakorafos@isopurfluid.com.

Software Designed for FDA Regulations

ICM Corp. designs Leopard version 4.0, a compliance management system specifically for Food and Drug Administration regulated companies. Leopard version 4.0 is a single system with its own document control system, event management system and other advanced systems that include e-signature, workflow, record retention server, audit tracking server and server PDF creator.

Users can continue to work through interfaces such as Web browsers, Word, Excel or other Microsoft Office applications to capture the data required for tracking, trading and creating an audit trail.

Call: 678-353-3332; e-mail: andrew@icm-corporation.com.

L.J. Star Illuminates Interiors of Tanks

The USL-08 Ex from L.J. Star provides illumination for interiors of tanks, vessels, mixers, pipelines and visual flow indicators. The units are available with built-in reflectors for ratings of 35 or 50 W, spot or flood utilizing an E26 screwed lamp or at 100 W utilizing a spot halogen lamp with bayonet base and a separate reflector.

USL-08 Ex luminaries are readily applied to bolt-on, circular flanges, circular weld pads, visual flow indicators in both full view and view through configurations, and circular threaded assemblies larger than 4 in.

Call: 330-405-3040; e-mail: view@ljstar.com.

SME Releases Cost Estimator Tool

The injection molded part cost estimator is a spreadsheet tool designed by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ (SME) injection molding technical group to evaluate plastics variables not always considered in determining total part costs. Primarily used by plastic manufacturers, the spreadsheet tool simplifies internal decision making operations and projects an estimate of overall cost.

Categories of process variables added into the calculator include part volume and information, resin material, tooling equipment and maintenance, production, secondary operations, associated costs and direct labor. The injection molded part cost estimator can be ordered through SME’s resource center and is free to members.

Call: 800-733-4763; e-mail: service@sme.org.

Jilson Group Offers Quick Release Couplings

The Jilson Group releases the Bi-Tec series of self-venting, quick release coupling. The Bi-Tec series offers a combination of a sliding valve and quick lock mechanism.

When the connector is pressed into the coupling, the process is complete. The only resistance is the force of the spring. Pushing the blue sliding valve forward will allow pressure to be built up. The venting process starts when the sliding sleeve is moved into its home position. The connector can be removed by actuating the unlocking sleeve.

Call: 800-969-5400; e-mail: info@jilson.com.

Mettler Toledo Introduces Graphic Terminal


Mettler Toledo introduces the IND310 graphic terminal for use when a truck scale is the entry point in the shipping and manufacturing environment. IND310 features database tables, identification indexes, configurable soft keys and condition based moni-

This graphic terminal is ideal for applications in quarries, farms and manufacturing facilities served by trucks and is used for controlling inventory, valuing transactions and ensuring the ability to ship maximum possible loads without exceeding highway limits. The IND310 graphic terminal provides the option of analog, digital or combination load cell technologies.

Call: 614-438-4936; e-mail: sheila.st.jean@mt.com.

Students Offered OriginPro Software

OriginLab announces OriginPro 7.5 student version based on the company’s Windows based scientific graphing and analysis software. OriginPro 7.5 is a software application that combines point and click interfaces for scientific graphing and analysis with a programming environment. Features include graphics, analysis tools, the Origin C language and elements of the numerical algorithms group function library.

Built-in plot types allow creation of two- and three-dimensional, contour and image graphs. Data analysis tools include statistics, signal processing, curve fitting and peak analysis. Updated features include an import wizard, automatic update for worksheet calculations and a dialog builder.

Call: 800-969-7720; e-mail: info@originlab.com.

Digital Controllers Prompt Users

Macro Sensors’ digital controllers and indicators, designed for measurement and control applications involving linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) based displacement transducers, are manufactured for use in automation and process or lab applications. The series DMC dual channel LVDT controller and series DMI single channel LVDT controller offer a scrolling display that prompts users through setup.

The DMC allows users to program and view data through a computer using a graphical user interface, and the DMI provides step-by-step light emitting diode display prompts for setup. Both controllers incorporate internal signal conditioning to provide the proper voltage for operating LVDTs.

Call: 856-662-8000; e-mail: lesters@macrosensors.com.


Conveyor Offers Quick Belt Change


Conveyor Technologies introduces an open side, low profile conveyor offering a quick belt change for automation of work cells, packaging machines and automation assembly. The quick change configuration allows cantilever style mounting to one side of the stand. The conveyor does not have to be disassembled from the stand for belt change, and the tail pully mounting permits detensioning to free belt for removal.

The cantilever stand is designed to support conveyor capacity on widths of 12 in. or less. For larger conveyors and loads, the company offers supplemental swing away supports for the short side connecting frame to leg.

Call: 513-248-0663; e-mail: sales@conveyortechltd.com.

TIPQA 6.3 Features Assignee Tracking


TIP Technologies releases TIPQA 6.3, a quality management software regulated for manufacturers of aerospace and defense, medical devices and complex products. TIPQA 6.3 includes a compliant handling module featuring medical version reports, including the standard Medwatch 3500A report.

TIPQA 6.3 also features corrective action task planning and assignee tracking functionality, automated receivers with Baan interface and unlimited user licenses available for serialized testing and inspection. A training management module is included for defining and tracking skill levels within the organization.

Call: 262-781-1211 x112; e-mail: sales@tiptech.com.

BYK-Gardner’s Tool Measures Gloss Level

The micro-TRI-gloss μ from BYK-Gardner is developed for quality control of paint and coatings. Its built-in dual sensor measures the thickness of a coating on ferrous and nonferrous substrates while the three-angle geometry allows users to measure gloss level from matte to high gloss surfaces.

The auto diagnosis feature in the holder checks the calibration values, indicates when to calibrate and checks if the standard is clean. The included software allows direct data transfer to Excel, displaying results in a quality control report with graphs.

Call: 800-343-7721; e-mail: custserv@bykgardnerusa.com.-


The Jilson Group’s self-venting, quick relaease couplings makeup the Bi-Tec series.



94 I NOVEMBER 2004 I www.asq.org

Conveyor Technologies introduces an open side, low profile conveyor.



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