Princo’s SmartSonic
Ignores Baffles

Princo Instruments releases its model L4660/OC SmartSonic open channel flowmeter with narrow beam angle technology used for accuracy and reliability. The flowmeters include built-in flow equations for 20 configurations, including Parshall, Palmer-Bowlus and Khafagi Venturi flumes and rectangular, trapezoidal, bottom step, circular and Thomson weirs.

The self-contained units include the sensor, signal conditioner, microprocessor and totalizer all housed in a National Electrical Manufac-turers Association 4x enclosure. SmartSonic ignores baffles, uneven sidewalls and other obstructions that interfere with other ultrasonic devices.

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Final Filter Comes
In Three Lengths

DuctSox introduces the Final Filter, a replaceable in-duct air filter for fabric dust that increases indoor air quality while reducing outdoor air requirements and building maintenance. The Final Filter is cone shaped and zippered into a fabric duct system at the inlet. Depending on application, an annual replacement schedule is expected for typical occupied buildings.

The multilayered filter media were developed to withstand pressure loading while allowing depth loading. Final Filter comes in three lengths and is designed for all round DuctSox models ranging from 12 to 72 in. in diameter.

Call: 800-456-0600; e-mail: npaschke@


TFC-9000 Displays Four Measured Test Results

UV Process Supply’s TFC-9000 allows users to test inks, coatings and adhesives, assuring they are curing consistently in every batch. The TFC-9000 measures the exothermic heat reaction from a polymerizing sample through a sensitive sensor. It performs analysis of the data in 10 to 20 seconds.

Following the sample analysis, the TFC-9000 displays four measured test results: time to reach peak temperature, peak temperature in basic thermal unit (BTU), slope of temperature rise and total energy emitted by curing reaction in BTUs.

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Software Thermometer Sends Warning Messages


Teletemp’s new software release allows Micro Humidity Logging Thermometer users to receive warning messages when-ever preset ranges are exceeded. When the logger is connected to a computer during real-time monitoring, an e-mail error report can be sent either on the first occurrence only or as often as once every minute for as long as the condition exists. If the computer is connected to a telephone or modem, a six-digit message can go to a pager.

The Micro Humidity Logging Therm-
ometer can record up to 10,922 humidity and 10,922 temperature date and time stamped readings simultaneously.

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Adcole Model 1200-8 Provides 3,600 Data Points

The Adcole model 1200-8 crankshaft and camshaft gage is a heavy-duty machine designed to measure parts up to 130 in. long, with a 22 in. swing diameter, that weigh up to 3,200 lbs. It features a laser interferometer system in combination with a contact follower to measure pin journals for roundness and straightness with 0.5 μm accuracy, and it has a 12 in. follower stroke and provides an instant graphic display of measured parameters.

The Adcole model 1200-8 incorporates a Pentium PC with Windows XP software. It provides 3,600 data points and is capable of performing measurements within eight minutes on a large diesel crankshaft.

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Bradford’s I-line Fittings Offer Stationary Cleaning

I-line fittings and valves from Bradford offer the ability for cleaning in place on process line operations and are ideal for sanitary line operations, such as juice plants and wineries. The I-line system consists of a male and female ferrule, a gasket and a heavy duty wing nut style clamp. Bradford also offers a bolted type clamp for use in high pressure applications.

I-line products are made with type 304 and 316L stainless steel materials and meet the dairy industry’s 3A Sanitary Standards. I-line configurations can be created in varying sizes ranging from 1 to 8 in. for many different applications.

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Relex 2.2 Includes Two
New Modules

Relex Software announces the general availability of the Relex FRACAS Management System version 2.2. FRACAS is an acronym for failure, reporting, analysis and corrective action system. Relex 2.2 can be found in many industries, including defense, aerospace, telecommunications, process control, medical, information technology and automotive.

Relex 2.2 provides gathering and tracking failure data in a centralized database so the underlying failure causes for a product or system can be identified and corrected. Relex 2.2 includes two new modules: report designer and import/export wizards.

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MotionXra HG-LE
Available for Diagnosis

Redlake’s new MotionXra HG-LE captures high-speed events on the production line. Available in color or monochrome, the camera can record 1,500 feet per second at 752 x 752 resolution and faster rates at reduced resolutions. A 5 microsecond electronic shutter eliminates motion blur. The HG-LE downloads digital images into a computer through an ethernet for slow motion analysis.

Use the HG-LE for production line diagnosis, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, machinery development, equipment setup and changeover.

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StarTalk XP Controls StarPac’s Interface

Flowserve’s StarTalk XP for Windows is a software package that directs the StarPac. As a controlling interface for StarPac, StarTalk XP’s user interface employs a single screen for configuration and operation of the valve’s functionality, directing up to 255 StarPacs on a daisy chain network using direct Modbus access.

The software features help files and signature analysis that includes system and component diagnostics for valves, pumps and piping. The diagnostic checks include measurement of actuator air pressure and leakage, valve packing friction, pipe fouling and pump performance.

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HOBO U12 Measures Thermocouple Probes

Onset Computer Corp. introduces the HOBO U12 Thermocouple Logger. The U12 is a self-contained, 12-bit resolution data logger for measuring and recording temperatures from a variety of thermocouple probes. Designed for monitoring applications such as industrial process monitoring and concrete maturity testing, the U12 can accept J, K, S or T thermocouples and provides measurements over many temperature ranges.

Features of the U12 include cold junction compensation and direct universal serial bus interface. Users can choose either Windows or Mac OS X software to plot and analyze data.

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UWTL Is Engineered
For Undersea Conditions

Load Cell Central’s UWTL series eliminates guesswork of cable loads in marine operations. For up to 5,000 meter depths, the UWTL is engineered for undersea conditions and is used in applications such as marine towing, oilfield, salvage, construction and mooring-load monitoring.

These welded, hermetically sealed, stainless steel load cells incorporate sub-sea electrical connectors and are built to order to meet customer requirements including special dimensions, cable length, millivolt per volt and internal signal conditioner outputs.

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CATSWeb Customers
Can Share Information

AssurX announces the CATSWeb version 6.1, added to the CATSWeb Enterprise Quality Tracking System. CATSWeb is a real-time automated quality system designed to track and manage issues and actions from identification through disposition and corrective action.

Typical uses of version 6.1 include decision trees, context sensitive data entry instructions, diagrams and aids, dynamic pictures and graphs, assistance with data entry and verification of the consistency of data against information in external systems. CATSWeb also features a portable Web service in which customers can share information between databases.

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Faro Gage Is Internally Counterbalanced

The Faro Gage by Faro Technologies allows machinists and other shop floor personnel to measure parts and assemblies directly on the machinery producing them and simultaneously record data for later reports. The gage may also be used for advanced measurements and statistical analysis like geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.

It is internally counterbalanced for neutral buoyancy, and overload sensors prevent users from stressing the arm and help ensure precise measurement. Magnetic and vacuum mounts are available as options.

Call: 407-333-9911; e-mail: sahlerd@

94 I OCTOBER 2004 I www.asq.org

Adcole model 1200-8 features a laser interferometer system.



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