Certification Exam Tips, Trips and Traps

Abstract:An ASQ certification can be a significant career enhancement, but the decision to sit for the exam requires careful preparation. Questions and answers are presented reflecting the author's experience in taking ASQ certification exams. Planning and preparation are key to passing an exam and reducing anxiety. Sidebar articles explain Benjamin Bloom's taxonomy of test complexity and offer suggestions on how to take a multiple-choice …

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--Mitch Waits, 11-21-2016

Thanks a million! what an insightful article. Sure gives a road map on the way to getting certified!
--Monica Nwosu, 07-25-2013

Thank you for this forensic advice. This will help a lot in my CQIA exam.
--Gilbert M. Llovit MPM, PCQI, 05-27-2013

Very useful specially for the first time ASQ exam taker. Good article.
--Cyrus Parlan, 01-06-2013

Excellent article, Jim!
You addressed every step of the process and hit key points of each step.
Very valuable and useful info for all seeking certification.
--Mike Jones, 08-10-2012

Good guideline in achieving ones requirement in a typical exam preparation condition. Nice tips. Thanks.
--Oghomitse Francis, 08-09-2012

Thanks for you advice this. This article was very insightful, now I know what approach to take to prepare for my exam.
--Niccole Moody, 08-09-2012

Excellent advice! Thank you for taking the time to give such detailed information!
--Melanie Sexton, 08-09-2012

Thanks for taking the time for such sound advice!! I now know I'm not ready for my exam yet, but I know how I can be. Thanks again!
--Roman, J 08-08-2012, 08-08-2012

I certainly will practice all of the above. It's useful insight and input to do better in my next exam. Thank you.
--Devy Missner, 08-08-2012

Very candid advice.
--ADEKUNLE,OLABISI, 09-03-2011

Succinct article about preparing and preparing some more for taking an ASQ exam. I will follow your sage advice. Thank you.
--Ilene, 09-06-2009

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