Vibromet 500 Measures
With No Contact Needed

MetroLaser announces the VibroMet 500, a single beam laser Doppler vibrometer that offers sensitivity vibration measurement over a dynamic range for noncontact vibration measurement of many surfaces. The VibroMet 500 is made for measurement distances from 1 cm to 5 m, with no need to adjust the focusing lens.

The VibroMet 500 is used for control, research and design applications that require measuring vibration without touching the object. This allows different points on the object to be evaluated and is essential when the object is too hot or out of reach.

Call: 949-553-0688 x238; e-mail: mstone@metrolaserinc.com.


Cabinet Designed
For Measurement

France’s Institute of Filtration and Techniques of Separation has developed a particle counting cabinet. This cabinet has been designed for online continuous measurement of the efficiency of filter cartridges used in hydraulic power transmission circuits in lubrication and carburetion circuits for automotive and all other internal combustion engines.

Any particle counter can be fitted in this cabinet once it is equipped with two light absorption sensors (one for each side of the filter) calibrated and matched under ISO 11171:2001. Two flow meters record the actual flows through each sensor.

Call: 33-5-53-95-83-94; e-mail: christophe.


Portable V-bar Runs
On Batteries

The Vector Bar (V-bar) by ArcSecond is a handheld measurement tool that gives users of traditional portable or standard coordinate measuring machines a metrology alternative for measurement, inspection and reverse engineering applications. The V-bar is designed to accommodate varying environmental conditions with no need to move transmitters or leapfrog setups.

The V-bar can run on batteries and comes standard with wireless communication back to the control center computer. It also interfaces with other forms of metrology software, such as Metrolog II, Spatial Analyzer and Build It.

Call: 937-439-4800 x2831; e-mail: dlibrandi@

Endevco’s Accelerometer Uses Dummies for Testing

Endevco’s model 7302BM4 angular accelerometer is designed to provide measurements of rotational or torsional accelerations. The sensing system consists of a temperature compensated piezoresistive accelerometer, designed with a Wheatstone bridge element that provides high rejection of cross axis angular and linear accelerations.

Typical applications for the accelerometer include the measurement of irregularities in shaft and drive train rotation for machine and turbine monitoring. The accelerometer is ideal for automotive applications including crash testing and suspension/chassis vibration monitoring. The accelerometer is also often employed in anthropomorphic crash test dummies to measure rotational body accelerations experienced under impact.

Call: 949-493-9700; e-mail: sandy@


Turck Adds to Its
Q-Pak Line of Sensors


Turck introduces the Q18 proximity sensor to its rectangular Q-Pak line. The Q18 rectangular inductive sensor is similar in style to the Q25 and Q30 series and measures 18 mm (H) x 18 mm (W) x 29 mm (L). The one-piece rectangular housing offers a nonembeddable sensing range of 5 mm and is designed for noncontact sensing of metal objects.

The sensors feature integral circuitry that protects against short circuit overload, wire break and reverse polarity. The Q18 is designed for use in industrial environments.

Call: 763-553-7300 x7394; e-mail: teri.

Membranes Are Used
For Microfiltration

Rhodia Orelis announces its line of membranes, Kerasep Diamond. Developed by Orelis to address specific abrasion problems, especially in the clarification process of glucose syrups and the extraction of fermentation broths, the line offers a high resistance to abrasion. Kerasep membranes also offer back flushing capability.

Kerasep Diamond membranes are suitable for implementing microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration processes. The membranes are used for many applications including bio-industries, pharmaceutical, automotive and metalworking industries, surface treatments and the filtration of sweet beverages.

Call: 312-327-5260; e-mail: contact.


5100 Series Measures Density of Magnetic Fields


Sypris Test and Measurement’s Magnetics Division releases the F.W. Bell 5100 series handheld gauss meter, which measures the density of magnetic fields. The 5100 has a rubber, molded grip handle. Its dimensions are 3.8 in. wide x 6.5 in. long, and it weighs 14 oz.

The 5100 offers digital signal processing and features a USB interface for data logging capability; however, software is optional. The 5100 performs readings in four ranges and provides an optional low field range.

Call: 800-239-3290; e-mail: fwbell@

Couplers Try To
Eliminate Spillage


Dixon Valve and Coupling Co. announces dry disconnect couplings. These couplings, available in stainless steel in sizes from 112 in. to 4 in., are designed for the transfer of chemicals, solvents and fuels. They allow for the connection and disconnection of hoses and pipelines while trying to eliminate accidental spillage and product loss.

Each Dixon dry disconnect coupler features a built-in swivel that allows the operator to use a push and turn action to connect and start the product flow. The valve will not open until the coupler and adapter are connected. The turn and pull action disconnects the coupler and stops the product flow.

Call: 800-355-1991; e-mail: sprice@


Emerson Adds Safety Certification to Transmitter

Emerson Process Management introduces the addition of safety certification to the Rosemount 3144P temperature transmitter. Existing users can upgrade to a safety certified transmitter by replacing the standard electronics assembly with a safety certified assembly.

Emerson’s safety instrumented system, the transmitters are integrated with safety certified final control elements and safety systems in digital intelligent safety loops that enable users to implement safer plants. For example, diagnostics in the transmitter provide predictive unit and process health data that are delivered as needed for improving safety or mainstream control using HART communications protocol.

Call: 512-832-3089; e-mail: jerry.moon@


ConnectGlow’s Bulbs
Are Visible for 360°

ConnectGlow, a series of 15-, 20- and 30-amp three-wire electrical connectors that light when a circuit is energized, has been introduced by Marinco Specialty Wiring Devices. The devices feature a neon bulb visible for a full 360 degrees. They also feature Mag-Vu windows that magnify both the bulb and the terminal connections for visual inspection.

With a ConnectGlow device the user can see the circuit status and determine whether there is a problem with the circuit or with the connected apparatus. Users can also use the connectors to visually monitor a connection to ensure it is maintained. Applications include manufacturing plants, hospitals, television studios and construction sites.

Call: 800-767-8541; e-mail: industrialinfo@


Caliper Performs Readings
In Severe Environments

The IP66-rated Coolant Proof Digimatic caliper from Mitutoyo America is used in applications that require taking accurate digital caliper readings in severe manufacturing environments. The ingress protection rating of 66 signifies the caliper’s housing is sealed dust tight and has also passed a test wherein water projected in powerful jets against the enclosure should have no effect. It may be used anywhere in the shop, even when submersed in coolant.

The IP66 features an absolute linear encoded measuring scale, single battery operation and LCD readout. An optional accessory for the IP66 includes a Digimatic miniprocessor for generating on the spot results.

Call: 630-978-5385; e-mail: info@


DAG Labels Identify
People Too

Pygmalyon releases DAG labels, which enable identification of any item including packages, luggage, palettes, files, raw materials, finished products, people and premises involved in the control process. DAG system technology is a 13.46 MHz radio frequency identification system capable of handling problems of premise access control, industrial traceability of products and traceability of people at considerable distances.

The system can be used for tracing production at factory and countrywide scales to guarantee quality and authenticity. It helps in preventing theft at factory entries and exits and organizing the distribution and return of materials or products.

Call: 33-4-78-85-46-33; e-mail: serge.


Marking Machine Is Available in Four Versions

Technomark introduces the Multi 4 marking machine, which uses micropercussion techniques. The Multi 4 modular marking machine is available in four versions: a fixed bench-top for small parts, a portable for heavy or voluminous parts, mixed (portable or bench-top use) for all sizes or parts and integrated for automatic marking in production lines.

The Multi 4 can mark all types of parts and any surface that can be engraved, including treated or untreated steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, bronze, brass, plastics, wood and ceramics. It is made up of two parts: a mechanical marking head and an electronic numerical control unit.

Call: 800-442-6275; e-mail: sales@


Turck’s Q-Pak line of sensors.



94 I SEPTEMBER 2004 I www.asq.org

ConnectGlow’s three-wire electrical connectors.


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