G-Tool Aligns Multigang Installations

Cooper Wiring Devices introduces a G-Tool for enssuring alignment of multigang installations. The tool’s built-in level provides contractors a way of properly installing from single-gang to 20-gang devices, including toggle, decorator, duplex and other combinations of switches. This gives switches the wallplate fit without the need to make further adjustments.

The G-Tool operates with the swivel and snap arm up for toggle switches, down for decorator or duplex devices and permits keeping screws loose, then quick tightening of all mounting screws.

Call: 800-315-0779; e-mail: cooperwiring@

Traceability Software
Has 24 Data Levels

MIMOT releases its traceability software module, MIMTRACE, to help electronics manufacturers meet traceability requirements. MIMTRACE traces details of the placement process, including job, lot, panel, board and placed component. There are 24 data levels stored for each component. Search functions are added to help track the 24 data levels when needed.

Newly delivered components are processed and receive a barcode label including identification number, number of components, supplier and manufacturer, delivery date, charge number and a comment assigned. This information can be read back when needed.

Call: 949-727-4600; e-mail: jwidmer@

MasterControl Is Web Based

Document Control Systems introduces its Web based quality management system, MASTERControl13 Suite 3.4. Its capabilities include robust collaboration to help regulated manufacturers automate processes, document management and form based workflows to follow quality management processes and ensure compliance.

Suite 3.4 also offers full text searching, system administration and streamlined routing and approval. One single location is offered for collaborations, document approvals, corrective actions, engineering change requests, training notices and form data collections.

Call: 800-825-9117; e-mail: info@

Digital Readout Is Capable
Of Programming Contours

Heidenhain’s PT 880 digital readout is capable of programming contours, allowing you to program two-dimensional parts and graphically follow the cutting process on a large TFT color monitor. The PT 880 accepts absolute scale inputs to either 11 μApp or 1 Vpp. The inputs can be linear, rotary or another combination.

The PT 880 comes standard with both lathe and milling software selectable through the user. Memory is provided for stored programs. As an option, a remote console is available for applications on larger machines.

Call: 847-490-1191; e-mail: info@

Tag and Label Move Through Quality Control Process

Badger Tag and Label has developed a tag and label set that identifies products as they move through the quality control process. This configuration is a multipart piece with colors, type and materials playing a role in each stage of the process.

The two top layers are perforated; the third layer is a self-adhesive label with a pull tab for application directly to the product. The first label reads “staging” and is yellow. The second layer reads “nonconforming” and is red, and the final label reads “approved” and is green.

Call: 920-994-4348; e-mail: dj@

Software Contains International Standards

Applied Stats Software Suite 6.0 from ASI DataMyte is an electronic data acquisition and statistical process control software. It includes updated functions such as integration with the ASI DataMyte PACT Suite 5.5 and international standards analysis. It offers the ability to view computer aided drawings for updating data as acquired and ISO 9000 procedure enforcement allowing users power to launch controlled documents in response to specific cause or corrective action assignment.

With 6.0, users are able to customize statistic sets and paste all views into Windows applications.

Call: 763-746-4116; e-mail: peterbelsito@

Nanome/x Is Designed
For Nondestructive Testing

Phoenix/x-ray Systems + Systems’ nanome/x is a nanofocus four-in-one failure analysis system designed for nondestructive testing. The nanofocus tube can be operated in four modes covering a range from nanometer resolution to high power radiation. The nanome/x allows for a 2000x magnification and 3D like imagery with 2D magnification speeds. The tube and detector rotate up to 70° around the sample while providing oblique views of minute defects.

The intensifier in the system is a digital detector technology and video system that releases images in pseudo real time of poor absorbing materials.

Call: 805-389-0911; e-mail: dklehmann@

Premier Is Available
In 24 Sizes

International Metrology Systems introduces its Premier series of coordinate measuring machines. The Premier series offers machine models from 1m through 3m in travel and features carbon fiber on all structural components in the bridge assembly. Premier is coupled with Virtual DMIS software, which provides computer aided drawing enabled measurement including scanning and graphical reporting.

Premier is available in 24 different sizes with two controller options. The Premier Matrix has the IMS 32-bit on motion controller including rapid scan for touch trigger operation. The Premier Maxxum uses the Renishaw UCC series of controllers and supports continuous analog scanning.

Call: 401-667-0109; e-mail: kensheehan@

Torque Tester Data Are Downloadable to a PC

ASG announces its series of torque testers for precision assembly tools. The DTT series torque testers feature a memory capacity of 200 readings with a date and time stamp and nine user selectable torque units. Collected data can be downloaded to a PC and exported to Excel.

The DTT testers also have an auto reset mode to avoid manual resetting between readings. When required, the testers can beep to indicate the range has been met. DTT testers are 7 1/8 in. x 4 3/8 in. around and 2 in. in height.

Call: 216-486-6163; e-mail: asginfo@

EASYpick Offers Hardware Display Options

Real Time Solutions has designed EASYpick, a pick to light system for simplifying order fulfillment in warehouses and distribution centers. Using a system of light units, EASYpick directs pickers to each pick location. The light units combined with LED counters tell pickers the correct quantity to pick.

EASYpick supports operations with or without bar codes and is compatible with tethered or radio frequency scanning. It offers hardware display options, integrates with order filling systems and includes software management tools and reports for work distribution planning within a graphical user interface.

Call: 919-960-9794 x16; e-mail: melissa@

Sensor System Measures Closing Forces

Sensor Developments has designed a sensor system to measure the closing forces of automatic lift gates and power sliding doors. This is a specific development in pinch force sensors. The package accommodates the company’s existing window pinch force sensors used to comply with FMVSS-118.

The unit features an interchangeable adapter to fit both the sliding door and lift gate without the need for two different sensors. Sensor Developments offers consultation to adapt sensor to specific vehicle platforms.

Call: 248-391-3000; e-mail: kenw@

Pi Tape Is Available in Inches Or Millimeters

Pi Tape brand precision diameter tapes are designed for the aerospace, automotive, steel forming, pipe and logging industries. These tapes allow users to measure the true diameter of round and out-of-round forms.

Pi Tape gages are available in either inches or millimeters. Tapes are marked in inches read to a diameter of 0.001 in. with an accuracy of ± 0.001 in. up to 144 in. Tapes marked in millimeters read to 0.01 mm diameter with an accuracy of ± 0.03 mm up to 3,600 mm. Each tape comes with a certificate of accuracy traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Call: 866-474-8273; e-mail: ewignall@


Labels from Badger Tag and Label follow the quality control process.



98 I JULY 2004 I www.asq.org

ASG’s torque

testers for precision
assembly tools.


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