Handheld Thickness Gage
Is Battery Powered

NDT International’s Model 705 handheld ultrasonic thickness gage measures, from one side, the thickness of metal structures such as piping, storage tanks, pressure vessels, hulls and cylinders to an accuracy of ± 0.001 in.

The 12 oz., battery powered Model 705 has a measurement range from 0.04 to 20 in. and a temperature range of 5° to 120° F. Standard features include an LCD, selectable gain for different probes and materials, built-in calibration block, English or metric readout, low battery indicator and automatic shutoff.

Call: 610-793-1700; e-mail: ndtint@

Spectronics’ Radiometer
Has an Interference Filter

The Spectroline DM-365XA digital ultraviolet (UV) radiometer from Spectronics uses sensor technology to provide accuracy and reproducibility of UV intensity readings. It measures long wave UV with overall accuracy of ± 5%, traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology specifications, over its entire measurement range of 0 to 19,900 μW/cm2.

The DM-365XA radiometer has an interference filter that eliminates sensitivity to infrared and uses solid state electro-optical circuitry for performance. The photodiode is sealed within water resistant sensor housing and weighs 1 lb.

Call: 800-274-8888; e-mail: amckeown@

Shutter Measures While
Laser Operates

Optimet provides an electro-optical shutter for its Conoprobe, permitting measurements during in-process laser drilling, high power laser cutting and welding applications. The electro-optical shutter allows for measuring distance and shapes in between the laser pulses.

The shutter is opened and closed according to the arrival of a laser pulse, and delays can be set by the user to accommodate plasma flash times. The electro-optical shutter is designed to block high intensity light from other applications that are in use.

Call: 978-957-6303; e-mail: sales@

Interferometer Is
For Quality Control

Precision-Optical Engineering announces its Interfire-II interferometer, designed to perform routine quality monitoring tests for optical components and systems in the infrared region of the spectrum. It can be used in production, quality control and research applications.

The Interfire-II is available with a choice of lasers operating at 10.6 micron wavelength, tunable over the 9.2 to 10.7 micron waveband or in the 3 to 5 micron waveband range. It also features a focal plane array camera allowing for high quality fringes to be acquired. The Interfire-II is processor controlled, permitting use of a remote laptop.

Call: 44-0-1462-440328; e-mail: sales@

Clare Instruments Performs Safety Tests

Clare Instruments’ technology combination tester, HAL Combi, performs standard electrical safety tests and allows traceability of test results and records through internal data memory storage. It also performs earth ground, AC/DC hi pot and insulation testing to show the compatibility of Class II electrical products with technical and performance standards. Tests can be applied individually or in set automatic sequences for repetitive multitest routines.

The HAL Combi has selectable 50 or 60 Hz frequencies for hi pot testing and a 30 amp constant current low voltage ground bond test.

Call: 813-886-2775; e-mail: usa@

Isocal-6 Is a Temperature Calibration Laboratory

The Isocal-6 is Isotech’s calibration system offering six calibration instruments in one product through changeable inserts. Temperature calibration units include metal block bath, stirred liquid bath, stirred ice/water bath, blackbody source, surface sensor calibrator and ITS-90 fixed point apparatus.

The Isocal-6 system can calibrate temperature sensors absolutely or by comparison. It will calibrate contact and noncontact sensors such as infrared thermometers, surface sensors, mercury-in-glass thermometers, thermocouples and thermistors of any shape.

There are three models, covering a total temperature range of -45° C to +250° C with accuracies to ± 0.001° C using fixed point cells.

Call: 802-863-8050; e-mail: sales@

LMI Technologies Releases
Its Big Beam Sensor

LMI Technologies releases its Big Beam Sensor (BBS) with a large measurement area that provides versatility for measuring width and height of solid and opaque targets. The BBS also uses a modulated laser source to backlight the object being measured.

The BBS’s large beam height is up to 30 millimeters, accuracy is ±5% at 5 kHz, repeatability is 30 microns, and resolution is 0.003 mm. Sensors can be custom designed for particular original equipment manufacturer applications. According to the manufacturer, the BBS is ideal where one-dimensional measurements are needed, such as on a production line.

Call: 248-359-2409; e-mail:issales@lmint.com.

Grease Is Suitable
For Food Applications


With a combination of an aluminum complex thickener, white lubricating solids and other additives, Molykote’s white bearing grease reduces friction, prevents metal to metal contact and minimizes wear in food grade applications. White bearing grease can be used as lubrication in process machinery, canneries, dairies, beverage plants and pharmaceutical plants.

White bearing grease has a service temperature range of -17° to 150° C and a drop point of 270° C. It can be applied by hand packing, hand operated grease guns, automatic greasing equipment and central lubricating systems.

Call: 405-773-0361; e-mail: industrial@

Websystem Complies
With Regulations

IBS America’s Web based product for compliance management, QSI Websystem, is designed to help organizations comply and document their compliance with internal and external regulations. It includes an independent document control system where documents can be created, edited, routed and deleted through an internet connection.

The Websystem includes templates for all standard documents as well as tools to create customized documents for any set of standards. Real-time tracking provides users with feedback on where a document is in the approval process, and this information is accessible anywhere an internet connection is available.

Call: 781-862-9002; e-mail: info@

Leaks Can Be Heard Through An Earphone Headset

Kernco Instruments’ model LDE-10 ultrasonic leak detector can be used in applications including leaks in pressure and vacuum systems, electrical discharge, control of tightness with ultrasonic transmitters, internal leaks in hydraulic systems and function control of stream traps.

As gas or liquid passes through a small opening, noise is created. The model LDE-10 uses an ultrasonic microphone or probe to locate it. The ultrasonic signal strength is indicated by an LED array and an audible tone through the earphone headset.

LDE-10 comes with ultrasonic microphone, ultrasonic probe, earphone headset, extension tubes and tips, battery, carrying case and manual.

Call: 915-852-3375; e-mail: info@

Danaher Motion Offers
A Series of Linear Guides

Danaher Motion introduces the wide series of MicroGuide miniature linear guides to its current offering of standard MicroGuides. MicroGuide is found in equipment used in front end semiconductor processing, back end semiconductor packaging and handling, medical diagnostic and imaging, laboratory automation, and testing and inspection.

Each MicroGuide is constructed of 440 stainless steel and is corrosion resistant. It is available in one-piece lengths up to 1 m. For stroke capability, the MicroGuide can be customized for longer lengths with butt joints. MicroGuide is available in 7 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm and 15 mm sizes.

Call: 516-944-1537; e-mail: patrick.

Two Measurement Heads Join Ophir’s Line

Ophir Optronics introduces two measurement heads, the PD300-BB and the PD300-CIE, in addition to its photodiode heads for measuring individual wavelengths.

The PD300-BB radiometer head has a spectrally flat response from 400 to 1,000 nanometers and gives the power of a broadband light source in the spectral region.

The PD300-CIE measurement head has a spectral response similar to the human eye and can make measurements in eye response units of lux. It is designed with a small detector where the source overfills the detector and will measure the light intensity per unit area. The PD300-CIE is recommended for measuring illumination sources.

Call: 800-383-0814; e-mail: sales@

Vericut 5.4 Offers a Virtual Measurement Utility

Vericut 5.4 from CGTech is designed to aid manufacturing engineers in inspecting, analyzing and documenting the computerized numerical control program and machine process in order to produce results and reduce time spent in the processes.

Vericut 5.4 has the ability to detect gouges and excess material by embedding the design model inside the cut stock and comparing differences between the two. It also includes tools for creating custom reports containing data gathered during the simulation process. An added aspect analyzes cutting conditions, and an X-Caliper measurement utility allows users to digitally verify the dimensional accuracy before loading the programs.

Call: 949-753-1050; e-mail: jeff.werner@

94 I JUNE 2004 I www.asq.org

Optimet’s electro-optical shutter.

One of Ophir Optronics’ two new

measurement heads.



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