Visual Flow Indicators Meet FDA Requirements

L.J. Star has designed a line of sterile visual flow indicators featuring an internal flush style that meets Food and Drug Administration and 3-A specifications. They provide operators with a clear view of the flow of any process pipeline fluid or powder. The O-ring seal minimizes traps where bacteria can build up.

Stainless steel connections include a sanitary clamp as standard with butt weld and flange as special order items. Units are available in tube sizes from 1/2 to 4 in. with standard lengths from 2 3/4 to 6 in. Custom designs in lengths are also available.

Call: 330-405-3040; e-mail: view@ljstar.com.

Two Data Loggers AddeTo Onset Computer Line

Onset Computer’s HOBO U12-006 4-channel indoor and HOBO U12-008 4-channel outdoor/industrial are two models added to its line of data loggers. They both accept up to four external sensors, providing 12-bit resolution for measuring AC current, 4 to 20 milliamperes, DC voltage, temperature and carbon dioxide.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and industrial monitoring applications include energy audits, building commissioning, indoor air quality studies, temperature setback strategies, comfort complaints and HVAC systems troubleshooting. To plot and analyze data recorded with HOBO U12 loggers, the user can choose between Windows and Macintosh based software options.

Call: 800-564-4377; e-mail: sales@onsetcomp.com.

Software Does the Double Checking for You

SolidWorks’ CosmosWorks Designer adds design check capabilities to its analysis software for engineers performing dual roles. Designer is an application that gives engineers tools for comparing and validating designs early in the design cycle process.

Among Designer’s capabilities are analyzing how assembly components come in contact and deform due to operating conditions. It also allows users to simulate different types of operating environments to study design performance. Communicating analysis results with team members can be accomplished with HTML reports, animations and eDrawings.

Call: 800-693-9000; e-mail: mailto: sales@onsetcomp.com.

TTI Introduces a Paperless Videographic Recorder

TTI’s paperless videographic recorder, the Datagraph II, is best used for monitoring, recording and evaluating processes in applications including laboratory, chemical, petrochemical, semiconductor, automotive, food and beverage, and environmental.

The Datagrah II allows for up to 18 analog inputs or a mix of analog and digital input/output (I/O) cards. It features a color display, infrared detector, plug and play I/O card, shallow unit depth, and low voltage and bench top kit options for portability.

Data can be stored in flash read-only memory, on a compact flash card or on a PC through RS232/422/485 or Ethernet options.

Call: 800-235-8367; e-mail: sales@ttiglobal.com.

Insulating Jacket Protects Against Condensation

Scott Specialty Gases has introduced a Class 1, Division 2 rated cylinder heating and insulating jacket that prevents condensation of hydrocarbon gas mixtures inside a cylinder used in a low temperature environment.

The cylinder jacket maintains temperature at 120° F in temperatures down to 0° F and is suited for hydrocarbon, natural gas, power plant and utility applications. The jacket is available in sizes ranging from 10 1/2 to 17 in. in diameter and 45 to 55 in. in height. Each jacket is supplied with 10 ft. of color-coded, 3-conductor flexible conduit that is protected from corrosion by a polymer sleeve.

Call: 215-766-8861; e-mail: mparadiso@scottgas.com.

Crystal Ball Is Compatible With Microsoft Office 2003

Decisioneering has released an upgrade to its Crystal Ball risk analysis, forecasting and optimization product. Crystal Ball 2000.5, version 5.5 is an Excel based application compatible with Microsoft Office 2003.

This upgraded version features more flexibility with licensing as well as restructured algorithms for time series forecasting methods, confidence intervals and autocorrelations. The updated example models include nine new examples for applications such as Six Sigma, design for Six Sigma, financial valuation, and oil and gas exploration.

Call: 800-289-2550; e-mail: sales@crystalball.com.

Laminar Flowpac Combines Hardware and Software

Meriam Process Technologies’ Laminar Flowpac System combines hardware tools needed for mass flow measurements, such as pressure, differential pressure, humidity and temperature, with a Windows based software package. The system allows operators to make leak testing or automotive gas flow measurements without having to collect all the equipment needed for the test. The system calculates the measurement uncertainty.

Typical applications include combustion airflow for internal combustion engines, fans and blower calibration, leak testing and testing of automobile components.

Call: 216-281-1100; e-mail: meriam@meriam.com.

OverDrive Connects To One PC or Network

Mettler Toledo OverDrive software allows users to control multiple vehicle weighing and data solutions across one platform. OverDrive connects vehicle scales to a standalone PC or integrates them into a local or wide area network. The software can control multiple scale configurations and unattended weighing stations where drivers may interface directly with the system without need for a dedicated scale house operator in attendance.

The OverDrive software manages data from weighing transactions with open database connectivity compliance.

Call: 614-438-4936; e-mail: shelia.st.jean@mt.com.

SpaceAge Control Releases Mini Draw Wire Transducers

SpaceAge Control has released the Series 6 line of miniature draw wire transducers with FlexSignal electrical outputs. With the ability to monitor up to 85 in. of displacement, the transducers offer a choice of 4 to 20 milliamperes, low level bridge strain gage, voltage conditioner, standard and high resolution digital quadrature and a voltage driver. The voltage conditioner output allows for 12 to 40 volts direct current, and reverse polarity protection is provided with a choice of increasing or decreasing signal output.

The Series 6 line is suited for signal types required by industrial control, original equipment manufacturer, and test and management users.

Call: 661-273-3000 x102; e-mail: toma@spaceagecontrol.com.

Exhaust Filters Also Protect Chemical Scrubbers

Parker Hannifin Corp. has introduced its line of Balston vacuum pump exhaust filters. The filters are designed to remove oil mist and smoke and to reduce the noise from vacuum pumps. They also remove concentrations of fine oil droplets from the vacuum pump exhaust, reducing the risk of Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Environmental Protection Agency violations.

Balston vacuum pump exhaust filters protect chemical scrubbers from oil contamination. Filter cartridges continuously drain the collected liquid back to the vacuum pump. Models are available for pumps with flow ratings from 3 to 380 cubic feet per minute.

Call: 800-343-4048; e-mail: toma@spaceagecontrol.com.

Steinmeyer Introduces Bearings for Ball Screws

The SLS and SLF series from Steinmeyer are two new series of industrial standard support bearing assemblies for its miniature ball screw product line. Each assembly includes backlash free sealed precision duplex bearings, locknut and housing in either a pillow block design or a round unit with rectangular flange. Both series are greased for the life of the part.

Steinmeyer designed the Series SLS and Series SLF in four sizes for bearing inside diameters of 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm. They are compatible only with Steinmeyer precision ground miniature ball screws series 1112, 1214, 1412 and 1510 and their respective counterparts.

Call: 800-297-6403; e-mail: info@steinmeyer.com.

Build Your Own Monorail With Schneeberger

Schneeberger announces a linear guide module that offers a “build your own monorail” concept. Offering low overall carriage and rail height as well as guide rails, the concept for the guide module is based on the pre-existing Schneeberger MRB roller carriage. The dimensions of the guide modules are fixed, but the rails can be manufactured to customer specification. Made of through-hardened steel, the carriage body uses rollers for heavy load carrying.

The guide module can be used in many applications including machine tool and systems engineering.

Call: 800-854-6333; e-mail: info-usa@schneeberger.com.

TALtech Software Collects Real-Time Data

WinWedge 32 Pro from TALtech collects RS232 data from any laboratory instrument or device directly into Excel, Access and other Windows applications. This software collects real-time data from balances, pH meters, sensors, gages, bar code scanners, meters and other instruments. WinWedge 32 Pro also includes utility programs for RS232 and transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP) based data collection and communications.

WinWedge 32 Pro includes TCP-Com software, making software designed to communicate with only RS232 ports now communicate over Ethernet or internet TCP/IP ports. TCP-Com software also features error recovery that can automatically detect and repair broken TCP/IP connections.

Call: 800-722-6004; e-mail: susan.rogers@taltech.com.

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