Machine Tool Probe Provides Frequency Hopping

Renishaw’s RMP60 machine tool probe provides frequency hopping spread spectrum radio transmission for five axes, large part and deep part machining operations in which obstacles or part features can block transmission by optical line-of-sight probes. The system hops transmission between multiple one-MHz channels to overcome interference.

The system consists of the RMP60 probe and radio magnetic indicator (RMI) receiver. A signal is transmitted using a coded pattern of different frequencies shared by the probe transmitter and receiver. Once synchronized, the RMP60 and RMI frequency hop together to overcome any interference. The RMP60 operates in a band defined for industrial products, which complies with radio regulations in the United States, Europe and Japan.

Call: 847-286-9953; e-mail: jeffery.seliga@

Technical Support Offered For Temperature Calibrator

Electronic Development Labs has introduced the Practi-Cal, an industrial temperature calibrator used in a manufacturing environment. It allows calibration of surface, insertion and infrared sensors.

The Practi-Cal is available with an iris type aperture for determination of spot size when using infrared devices. There is a temperature span covering up to 315° C and uncertainties to ±1.0° C. The Practi-Cal is standard with interchangeable wells when multiple sizes or depths of insertions are required.

Electronic Development Labs provides technical support for the Practi-Cal and will perform calibrations traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Call: 434-799-0807; e-mail: ebronk@

The MegOhmMeter Has 99 Memory Storage Locations

Fluke Corp.’s 1550B MegOhmMeter combines insulation resistance testing up to 5,000 volts with measurement storage and PC interface software. It is used for installation testing, preventive maintenance and commissioning. Standard test voltages start at 250 volts and are available in 50 volt steps. The MegOhmMeter includes 99 memory storage locations and a ramp function from 0 to 5,000 volts DC for breakdown testing.

It is designed for industrial electricians, plant maintenance personnel, utility technicians and anyone who installs, repairs or maintains switchgears, motors, generators or cables.

Call: 425-446-5671; e-mail: larry.wilson@

Deburring Tool From ATI
Is Radially Compliant

Available from ATI Industrial Automation, the Flexdeburr 340 is a radially compliant deburring tool that performs 90% of all robotic and automated deburring applications. Mainly suited for removing flash and parting lines on die cast parts, the floating motor and spindle arrangement provide the deburring tip’s radial compliance to perform on irregular part patterns.

The Flexdeburr 340 has an air turbine motor and spindle arrangement mounted in a housing and uses a pivot bearing to provide radial movement. The deburring tool is an extension of ATI’s Speedeburr machining tool product line.

Call: 919-772-0115; e-mail: info@ati-ia.com.

Eldim’s Digital Camera Evaluates Product Quality

Eldim has developed a scientific-grade complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensor based digital camera called LABCam.

Using CMOS, the LABCam allows individual pixel addressing through a dedicated processor in which the user can control sensor saturation and exposure to zoom in on a region of interest while acquiring samples or full images. An optional photopic filter allows for photometric measurements.

The LABCam can be used for quantitative imaging measurements, including evaluation of display uniformity, product quality control in manufacturing industries, and medical and microscopic imaging.

Call: 312-327-5260; e-mail: eldim@

Calibration Certification
Is Supplied for Each Detector

The broad spectrum dual sensor integrating sphere based LP-9930 power detector by Gigahertz-Optik measures the output of bare and connected fibers, laser diodes and light emitting diodes from 1 nanowatt to 100 milliwatts in combination with a single- or two- channel optometer.

Certification of absolute calibration in watts, decibels, decibel milliwatts or in relative units from 400 to 1,800 nanometers, including spectral responsivity plot, is supplied for each detector.

M3 threaded holes in the detector faceplate allow it to accept all standard telecom fiber connectors, bare filter adaptors or other custom mounts.

Call: 978-462-1818; e-mail: b.angelo@

Adjustable AirFlow Device
Is First in Industry

DuctSox’s Adjustable Flow Device (AFD) is an in-duct system for regulating fabric duct airflow and static pressure specifically used by the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning industry. The AFD reduces in-duct turbulence at outlets or at fittings, stages inflation and reduces abrupt start-ups and balances airflow and static pressure in trunk lines and branch ducts.

The AFD is a polyester mesh cone with a factory set or field adjustable hemmed drawstring aperture available in 6 to 72-in. diameters and custom order sizes. It can be used in all open ceiling architecture buildings using fabric duct as an aesthetic to metal ductwork.

Call: 800-456-0600; e-mail: npaschke@

Dial Indicating Wrench
Offers Torque Inspection

The DB dial indicating torque wrench from Tohnichi provides users with torque inspection and tightening capability.

The DB’s dial measures torque from both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. Accuracies in each of these directions are within ±3%. The movable dial enables the torque pointer to be set to the desired torque and the assembly to be tightened until the pointer reaches zero.

The DB comes in American, metric and system international units of measurement. A memory pointer comes standard on all models.

Call: 847-272-8480; e-mail: inquiry@tohnichi. com.

Roadmap Shows Directions to Process Management

Rath and Strong’s Lean Six Sigma roadmap takes you step by step in developing a project plan and shows how to use Six Sigma tools to eliminate variation and lean tools to create flow. Each process can work independently or integrate to improve process management.

The Lean Six Sigma roadmap is printed on hopsyn paper, making it waterproof and tear resistant, and unfolds to measure 38 x 26 in. The roadmap fits for both manufacturing and services industries and is available for purchase in multiples of 10.

Call: 800-622-2025; e-mail:rathstrong_info @aoncons.com.

System Provides Rework From Cell Phones to PCs

FocalSpot has released Den-on Instru-ments, RD-500SH, used for rework applications. Designed for both lead free and standard solder, the system is a vision based semiautomated reflow removal and placement rework station for all printed circuit assemblies, including connectors.

The RD-500SH combines top and bottom heaters with auto-profiling technology to heat and reflow rework applications from small personal digital assistants and cell phones to PC motherboards and multilayered avionics back planes.

The RD-500SH can handle boards up to 400 x 420 mm using a standard board fixture or can accommodate boards larger or smaller, using optional or custom board holders.

Call: 858-536-5052; e-mail: dmcclure@ focalspot.com.

Micromachining System
Has Automated Height Gage

New Wave Research has released MicroMill, a micromachining system that combines submicron stage resolution and positional accuracy with high magnification viewing of the work piece. Its submicron stage resolution on three axes allows 2-in. accuracy micromachining in all directions. The system has an automated height gage that determines thickness, contour and slope of the work piece.

MicroMill’s stereomicroscope and color charge coupled device video camera allow up-close sample viewing and online digitization. MicroMill comes with a computer, flat screen monitor and Windows XP based software with graphical user interface controls.

Call: 510-771-3845; e-mail: lasers@new-wave.com.

The Sentinel M24 Reduces
Part Fill and Exhaust Times

The Sentinel M24 from Cincinnati Test Systems is a leak test instrument that provides repeatable, high resolution tests, vacuum fluorescent graphic display and an operator interface. The Sentinel M24 reduces part fill and exhaust times by 80% and can function in single or multiple station configurations. It provides auto-calibration and corrects for temperature changes.

The Sentinel M24 has a modular design, tooling control functions and measures 16 x 14 x 8 in. It can communicate directly to the factory or other networks by linking to an Ethernet, sending messages to personal digital assistants, e-mail or through conventional RS232 and RS485 ports.

Call: 513-367-6699; e-mail: ggrebe@cincinnati-test.com.

ATI Industrial Automation’s Flexdeburr 340 is radially compliant.


Renishaw’s RMP60 machine tool probe.




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