Conveyor Links Assembly Operations With Functions

The VarioFlow chain conveyor from Bosch Rexroth lets manufacturers link assembly operations with functions such as parts feeding and packaging on either side of the assembly process.

VarioFlow consists of two profile widths, 65 mm and 90 mm, with chains of 62 mm and 87 mm, respectively. The product offers an integrated variable speed drive option with transport speeds up to 60 meters/minute and a stronger chain (tensile force of up to 1,250 Newtons).

The new types of chains are designed for the food and packaging sectors.

Call: 269-697-5295; e-mail: kevin. gingerich@boschrexroth-us.com.

Handheld Tester Exerts Up to 200 lbs. of Force

MidTel Technologies introduces its portable MPT-500 crimp terminal pull test instrument used to certify the quality of crimp-on solderless lug, ring, funnel barrel, tongue and spade terminals to wire. It uses a handheld ratchet action tester to make destructive pull type force measurements exerting up to 200 lbs. The digital readout displays the exact fail force point in 1/2 in. high digits.

The MidTel-500 is for use on the manufacturing floor, in the test lab and in the field. The system consists of a digital meter, ratchet action tensile stress tester, power supply and protective case.

Call: 847-818-9007; e-mail: rczepiel@midtelusa.com.

Admet Releases Tenacity Meter for Textile Testing

Admet's pi tenacity meter is a digital force indicator for measuring the breaking strength and tenacity of fibers, yarns and fabrics. It is also used for updating analog based tensile testing machines used to test textiles.

The unit can be retrofitted to existing testing machines. The LCD features operator input of linear density, indication of live load, plus display of breaking strength and tenacity after the test has been completed.

The pi tenacity meter's calibration is software programmable and password protected and is stored in permanent nonvolatile memory. The unit includes a serial RS232 port to transmit results to a remote computer.

Call: 781-769-0850; e-mail: mvenet@admet.com.

Software Puts Emphasis On ISO 9001:2000 Compliance

Business Management Solutions and Proquis have released ISOlutioner 1.3, a tool for documenting compliance to ISO 9001 using the allClear diagramming and analysis software application.

This software allows users to compare their quality management practices with the requirements of ISO 9001 and turn the results into their organization's documentation.

ISOlutioner 1.3 provides the user with a series of process charts indicating the complete requirements of ISO 9001 for documented procedures and records. The maps can then be customized to show the organization's compliance to the standard.

Call: 732-283-8700; e-mail: dan@stemsystems.com.

Air Filtration System Has Automatic On/Off Switch

Great Lakes Air Systems has added an automated on/off switch on its RoboVent Enclosed Robotic Welding Air Filtration Systems it cuts power to the unit during periods of welding inactivity.

The on/off switch uses a proprietary power sensor to turn the unit on when it senses the welder is striking an arc. The switch will then automatically turn the unit off five minutes after it senses the last arc and the RoboVent has captured all weld smoke from the most recent cycle. With each shutdown
there is a self-cleaning of the filters.

The on/off switch is now available on all RoboVent FloorSaver and FloorMount Enclosed Robotic Welding Air Filtration Systems self-contained air filtration units.

Call: 866-762-6836; e-mail: sales@greatlakes-air.com.

Data I/O Releases Automated Handling System

The TF30 automated tray feeder from Data I/O Corporation is a self-adjusting, automated handling system for processing devices in and out of Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council and semiconductor specific matrix trays during programming.

The self-adjusting feature allows the feeder to change tray configurations without the need for operator adjustments to the machine or tray feeder. The TF30 accepts and feeds many sizes and variations of matrix trays to the host machine's pick position.

New trays of devices can be replenished without removing the feeder or stopping the programming of the host machine.

Call: 425-881-6444; e-mail: southwm@dataio.com.

Air Gage Allows For Readouts on Site

The Micro-Dimensionair portable air gage by Mahr Federal incorporates a Micro-Maxum digital indicator and an interchangeable handle to provide readouts at the measurement site.

The interchangeable handle can be configured as a pistol grip or normal end mount for application of the plug to the part. For larger plugs the handle can be mounted between the tooling and the display, bench mounted or mounted directly on the machine tool.

The Micro-Dimensionair also incorporates inch/metric measurement in digital or analog display, bi- and unilateral tolerances with presets, multiple data output formats and auto-zeroing. Once calibrated, the 3-volt lithium battery retains settings.

Call: 800-333-4243; e-mail: information@mahr.com.

Frequency Analyzer Provides Port for Post Processing

The RION SA-78 by Scantek is a handheld, two-channel frequency analyzer that measures sound and vibration in fast Fourier transform or octave band analysis. It also allows for cross and power spectrum, transfer function, octave and one-third octave synthesis testing plus related measurements up to an 80-kHz frequency range with up to 1,600-line resolution.

After data collection, items can be stored on a CompactFlash memory card, read in Excel or downloaded through the instrument's universal serial bus port. Waveform recording is also an option.

The SA-78 can print measurement results in the field, and the battery provides 15 hours of operation. The backlit LCD screen allows for readings taken from an external microphone or accelerometer.

Call: 800-224-3813; e-mail: peppinr@scantekinc.com.

VeriColor Offers Six Remote Sensor Heads

X-rite's VeriColor is a high resolution color verification and identification system designed to reduce color errors in manufacturing assembly and sorting operations. It detects subtle color differences on varying surfaces and prevents false matches.

The VeriColor system includes a rack mountable processing hub and up to six remote sensor heads that can be installed as far as 75 ft. from the hub. The Windows based software is provided for system configuration and operator control, and multiple interface options allow communication with process control information systems.

Call: 800-248-9748; e-mail: tandrew@xrite.com.

Performance Tracking Module Is Browser Based

Environmental Support Solutions has released a browser based enterprise performance module called Essential Performance Manager. This software system collects, tracks and reports performance indicators for benchmarking compliance efforts and environmental health and safety goals. The program provides digital dashboard displays and graphical analyses of environmental business metrics.

The Essential Performance Manager also enables communication between employees through e-mail alerts and Web enabled tasking. It can be used alone or in combination with the program's client server application. 009;

Call: 480-346-5526; e-mail: dawn_kehr@environ.com.

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