U.S. ISO 9000 Users Urged To Respond to Survey

The U.S. QEDS (quality, environmental, dependability and statistics) Standards Group is urging U.S. organizations to register their comments and concerns regarding the ISO 9000:2000 standards by responding to a survey being conducted by the International Organization for Standardization, known as ISO.

Subcommittee (SC) 2 of ISO technical committee (TC) 176 has posted the survey. This marks the first time an ISO drafting group has used an online survey for obtaining feedback before review and revision of a standard.

The Standards Group's leadership expects the focus of any revisions to be on expanding the guidance in ISO 9004, related to continuous improvement, and says this is the best opportunity U.S. users will have to influence the review and revision process. Only minor refinements are expected for ISO 9001.

"Since users from a full range of other ISO member countries will be responding to the survey, it is essential all U.S. concerns encountered with the use of these standards be recorded so U.S. interests are protected," says the Standards Group.

Anyone with some knowledge of or experience with the two standards may participate in the survey. The Standards Group estimates it will take about 15 minutes to complete and submit the survey electronically, assuming respondents provide specific input regarding suggested changes.

For example, if a respondent indicates a concern with the present wording of a clause, he or she can also enter suggested improvements.

There is no limit to the number of people who may respond from any organization, and each response is expected to have equal weight. When completed, the results will be disseminated on many sites, including the ISO TC 176/SC 2 website, which can be found at http://www.bsi.org.uk.


Bush Administration Rethinks Support for Manufacturing

After seeking an 88% funding cut for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) in its proposed fiscal 2004 budget, the Bush administration, represented by Secretary of Commerce Donald Evans, may have recently indicated a slight change of heart.

"The plan, Manufacturing in America, offers a weak endorsement of the MEP that calls for an evaluation of MEP operations and a 'recompetition' for all MEP centers," according to Mike Wojcicki, president of the Modernization Forum, the trade association for the MEP centers.

Evans recommended no reference point for MEP funding--2003's $106 million or the $40 million in the stalled 2004 budget--but Commerce Under Secretary Grand Aldonas conceded the reference point was $40 million in a later press conference.

"Forty million dollars for a $106 million program is not support by any definition. I don't think anyone's going to be fooled," said Wojcicki. "More than 2.7 million American workers have lost well-paying jobs. Let's not kid ourselves. You don't improve services to small manufacturers by cutting funding by two-thirds."

The Wall Street Journal saw it differently: "In an election year policy reversal, the administration is making a long-term commitment to the MEP, a network of assistance centers around the country for manufacturers," said a Jan. 16 article, "Bush, in Reversal, Champions Program To Help Manufacturers," by Greg Hitt.

The Face of Quality

Name: Akio Miura.

Residence: Tokyo, Japan.

Education: Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, Waseda University, Tokyo.

First job related to quality: Manager of the industrial machinery  division of Mitsubishi Corp., where business was related to American National Standards Institute and American Society of Mechanical Engineers codes.

Current job: Chair of the International Quality Assurance Institute; quality management consultant.

ASQ activities: Fellow; represents the Quality Audit and Food, Drug and Cosmetic divisions of ASQ in Japan; ASQ international councilor; Annual Quality Congress technical paper reviewer; exam proctor; holds the following ASQ certifications: quality auditor (including biomedical and hazard analysis and critical control point), quality engineer, quality manager, reliability engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt and software quality engineer.

Other activities: Registrar Accreditation Board-International Auditor and Training Certification Assn. approved ISO 9001 auditor course co-instructor with J.P. Russell.

Personal: Married, one son.

Favorite ways to relax: Baseball, classical music, fencing (both Western saber and Japanese sword) and Chinese boxing.

Quality quote: Quality saves us from trouble and intangible costs. It includes conformance, fitness for use plus heart (sincerity). I became involved with ASQ in the mid-1980s through recommendations of executives of my major customers: Mobil Oil, Bechtel and M. W. Kellogg Co. Thanks to ASQ, I became friends with some of the world's top quality people, such as the late Philip Crosby, Nick C. Kist and Dennis Arter. I took my first ASQ certification exam in 1990 and have been promoting the certifications in Japan and other Asian countries since 1995.


Quality Goes to the Dogs At ASQ Headquarters

by Christina Edgerton, marketing specialist

Research says Gen Xers need to identify with their employer's mission and want jobs that give their lives meaning. To maximize the fulfillment of those needs, a group of ASQ employees recently banded together to use their quality tools and professional expertise to help an organization in need.

It started with the involvement of Robin Barry, marketing specialist, with the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County (HAWS) in a Milwaukee suburban area. Then, so HAWS could benefit from their experience, Barry rounded up co-workers Peter Balistrieri, communications specialist; Kristen Johnson, Quality Progress assistant editor; and Fran Sievert, marketing specialist, to share their expertise to help HAWS.

Barry and her husband had volunteered for five years when they brought Balistrieri on board about a year ago. Soon Balistrieri was designing event invitations and an ad campaign for the shelter. He also adopted a cat, Seymour, from HAWS.

Johnson, Sievert and I joined later in 2003, and the team is now leading the shelter in its first branding and image enhancement campaign, consisting of radio, print and electronic ads, billboards, sponsorships and retail items. Securing the $75,000 budget for this campaign was the team's first major accomplishment.

The ASQ staffers have shared quality tools to help HAWS reinvent itself. This is the first year the shelter has had a strategic plan. HAWS also established three strategic activities to guide its focus in 2004. Outcomes HAWS and the ASQ volunteers are working toward are increased adoptions, donations, volunteers and members. They also hope to see growth in the numbers of animals spayed or neutered and a decrease in the number of stray animals in the county.

"A lot of what we work with at ASQ is technical," says Sievert. "Working with HAWS gives us the opportunity to lend our talents to a cause with very human appeal."

All the team members believe this work is in keeping with ASQ's higher purpose and good works initiatives.

ASQ News

AUDIT DIVISION CONFERENCE MARCH 11-12 The 13th Annual Quality Audit Division Conference will be March 11-12 at the Sheraton Hotel in Atlanta. Assessment of supplier quality systems, the use of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria to improve audit performance, the integration and auditing of standards and the auditing of educational systems will be among the topics covered.

SPACE AND DEFENSE CONFERENCE MARCH 22-23 The 12th annual conference on Quality in the Space and Defense Industries will be March 22-23 in Cape Canaveral, FL. Keynoters will include Navy Vice Admiral Gordon S. Holder, retired Marine General Terrence R. Dake, who is now with Bell Helicopter Textron, and Julian Earls, director of NASA's Glenn Research Center.

OTT SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE APRIL 1 Applications for 2004-2005 Ellis R. Ott Scholarships from the ASQ Statistics Division are due April 1. The $5,000 scholarships support students enrolled or accepted into master's degree or higher programs with a concentration in applied statistics or quality management. Members of the Ott Governing Board are Susan Albin, Nancy Belunis, Galen Britz, J. Stuart Hunter, Tom Murphy, Robert Perry and Ronald Snee. For additional information, contact Lynne B. Hare at lynne.hare@kraft.com.

CASE RECEIVES QUALITY OKLAHOMAN AWARD ASQ President Ken Case recently received the Quality Oklahoman Award from the Oklahoma Quality Award Foundation in recognition of his work advancing performance excellence in the state and country. The award was presented by Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry. Case, a native Oklahoman, was instrumental in the formation of the foundation and served as a judge for the first awards in 1994. A former senior examiner and member of the judging panel for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Case is currently a professor of industrial engineering and management at Oklahoma State University.

NEW PUBLICATIONS CATALOG AVAILABLE The new spring and summer 2004 Quality Press Publications Catalog is available. It features 40 new items including: Automotive Internal Auditor Pocket Guide--Process Auditing to ISO/TS 16949:2002 by Rod Munro; Quality Essentials: A Reference Guide From A to Z by Jack B. Revelle; Customer Satisfaction Research Management by Derek R. Allen; Continual Improvement Assessment Guide: Promoting and Sustaining Business Results by J.P. Russell; and The Six Sigma Path to Leadership: Observations From the Trenches by David H. Treichler. Free copies of the catalog are available by visiting the Quality Press Bookstore online or by calling ASQ at 800-248-1946 (United States and Canada only) or 414-272-8575.

IMAGE CENTER PLANNED AT AQC An ASQ Image Center at this year's Annual Quality Congress May 24-26 in Toronto, Ontario, will demonstrate what ASQ is doing to raise the profile of quality. This year, ASQ is embarking on an image enhancement initiative to increase awareness of the role quality professionals play in their workplaces and communities and to elevate recognition of ASQ. The first phase of the program will start this month and will include testimonials from ASQ members in both print and electronic formats.

ASQ HEADQUARTERS OPERATION HONORED ASQ headquarters was honored at the proficiency level in the 2003 Wisconsin Forward Award program. One organization received the highest level of recognition (excellence), two received mastery recognition and four organizations besides ASQ were honored at the proficiency level. "Our objective in submitting the application was to use the process to drive improvement," said ASQ Managing Director Brian LeHouillier, who led the application effort with Peter LaBonte of ASQ's Baldrige contract administration department.

BOARD TAKES ACTION The board of directors recently approved revising the current certified quality auditor-hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) to a standalone examination to be known as certified HACCP auditor. In other action at its most recent meeting, the board approved a new Information Integrity Interest Group. Information integrity is defined as a structured approach to assessing whether information is accurate, consistent and reliable.

EACH ONE REACH ONE RECOGNITION December produced two winners in ASQ's Each One Reach One (member-get-a-member) program. Winners receive a Quality Press gift certificate. John M. Scott from San Antonio recruited 20 new members, the most of anyone in December. He is a Senior Member and joined in 1990. Andy Hancock from Linden, TN, a member since 1993, recruited one new member and was randomly drawn for recognition from a pool of all December sponsors. For more information on the Each One Reach One program, call ASQ at 800-248-1946 (United States and Canada only), e-mail cs@asq.org, and ask for item B0132 or visit Membership on ASQ's website.


Send Your 100th Birthday Wishes to Juran  

The Juran Institute is planning a May 6 birthday celebration for Joseph M. Juran in the New York City area. Quality professionals are invited to send birthday wishes to him through the institute at www.juran.com.

To mark the quality guru's centennial and the 50th anniversary of his historic visit to Japan, Quality Progress will be publishing a special tribute in its May issue.

Readers who would like to comment on Juran, his contributions to the quality profession or his influence on them personally are invited to do so by
e-mailing editor@asq.org.

A selection of contributions will be published in the May issue, and the rest will be forwarded to Juran. Please limit your comments to about 100 words.


Articles Sought for 'QP' Customer Satisfaction Challenge

Quality Progress' Customer Satisfaction Challenge is an article writing competition being held in conjunction with the ASQ/QP Third Annual Business Excellence and Customer Satisfaction (BECS) conference.

The deadline for submission is March 31. Winning authors will be invited to present their papers at the conference and will receive free conference registration.

Entries should fit into one of three categories: furthering customer loyalty through technology, measuring customer satisfaction and aligning customer satisfaction with organizational strategy and goals.

Last year's winning entries were "Move From Product to Customer Centric" by Robert Ricci and "Turn Your Customers Into Interns" by Scott Will, Ted Rivera and Adam Tate. Both articles were published in the November 2003 issue of QP.

Short Runs

INJURIES TO ICE HOCKEY PLAYERS, goalkeepers and referees are expected to be less frequent and severe because of ISO 10256:2003, a revised standard that provides performance characteristics for the construction, shock absorption, puck impact resistance, penetration, retention system properties, field of vision and marking of head and face protectors. Copies are available from sales@iso.org.

THE QFD INSTITUTE has issued a call for papers to be presented at its 16th symposium on quality function deployment July 10 in Chicago. Both application case studies and research papers are sought by the March 10 deadline. For additional information, go to http://www.qfdi.org.

THE INSTITUTE FOR HEALTHCARE IMPROVEMENT'S free online healthcare improvement tool for healthcare professionals won the Standard of Excellence award from the Web Marketing Assn. The website offers information such as improvement methods, tools, measurements, resources and literature for specific content areas, including patient safety, office practices and chronic care.

THE NATIONAL QUALITY FORUM is launching an initiative to identify voluntary consensus standards for measuring the quality of ambulatory care. The ambulatory care setting includes doctor's offices and freestanding or hospital based outpatient facilities. For additional information, go to http://www.qualityforum.org.


QUEST FORUM ANNOUNCES 2004 Board Members  

The Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications (QuEST) Forum introduced its 12-member 2004 executive board at a January meeting. Six members represent service providers and six the industry's suppliers.

Everett McNair of Corning Cable Systems is chair, and George Dowell of Verizon Communications Inc. is vice chair. Kevin Calhoun of Corning Cable Systems is project director.

Other board members are Nick Addante, Bell Canada; Tim Houghton, BellSouth Corp.; Thomas Fallon, Cisco Systems; Shunichi Fujii, Fujitsu; Lynn Mercer, Lucent Technologies; Raghu Rau, Motorola Inc.; Pat Rhodes, Nortel Networks; Steve G. Welch, SBC Operations Inc.; and Richard Woodruff, Belgacom.


House Committee OKs Baldrige Nonprofit Category  

A bill adding a nonprofit category to the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award passed the U.S. House Science Committee in early February.

H.R. 3389 was expected to come up before the full House fairly quickly, perhaps by the end of February. Its next hurdles would be the Senate, followed by House and Senate appropriations committees.

ASQ plans to enlist the aid of members to contact legislators in support of the bill, which would add nonprofits to the five existing categories: manufacturing, service, small business, education and healthcare.

Even if the funds are not appropriated by the end of this year, the Baldrige Foundation has committed to working with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, manager of the Baldrige program, to raise any additional private sector funds necessary to support the new category.

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