Astro-Med's Dash 2EZ Has Real-Time Viewing

Astro-Med's new handheld data acquisition recorder, Dash 2EZ, features a 5.7-in. color real-time display for waveform viewing and touch screen control, Compact Flash memory and a 3-in. thermal printer for printing captured data. The unit can record two channels at a rate of 10 kHz per channel while also displaying waveforms.

Dash 2EZ is designed for maintenance and troubleshooting applications such as paper mill maintenance, power monitoring, shock and vibration testing, metal mill maintenance and nondestructive testing.

Call: 877-867-9783; e-mail: mtgroup@astromed.com.

DATAjogger Software Provides Whiteboard

DATAjogger, a new software program from PQ Systems, provides an electronic whiteboard for improvement projects on the shop floor, in the classroom or for the examining room. Data can be entered once and then used in any of 13 different data analysis and problem solving tool formats.

When used with a live PC projector, DATAjogger replaces flip chart paper. Groups can create flowcharts with automatic line routing, and project files can be stored on a network disk drive so others may have access. Each project becomes a document similar to a Microsoft Word document.

Call: 800-777-3020; e-mail: sales@pqsystems.com.

Pressure Points Films Are a Metrology Tool

Sensor Products introduces a line of tactile pressure sensor films called Pressurex Pressure Points. The films are a metrology tool for assessing magnitude and distribution between contacting or impacting surfaces.

Pressure Points are available in diameters ranging from 0.3 to 1 in. (0.8 to 2.5 cm). Applications include machine and component inspection and calibration.

Each sensor film comes prepackaged in a blister sealed pouch. The pouch has a clear window for viewing the pressure film and has adhesive on the back, enabling the sensor to be affixed to any surface.

Call: 973-884-1755; e-mail: bebner@sensorprod.com.

Integrated Data Releases Web Based Software

Integear Management System is business management software focusing on quality management and assurance. The system is designed to support aspects of continuous improvement efforts. This is a Web based application enabling information pertaining to key business performance indicators to be shared throughout the organization.

Integear Management System allows for the management of corrective action, preventive action, customer feedback, supplier evaluation, nonconforming material, engineering changes, work instructions and customer issues.

Call: 321-452-4601; e-mail: gary.jacoba@godi.com.

New Nondestructive Testing Black Light Is Cordless

Test Equipment Distributors has introduced Inspector+, a battery powered black light lamp for nondestructive testing. It is cordless and features instant-on capability with no warmup.

Standard 14.4-volt drill motor batteries last up to one hour at 50% duty cycle and recharge in an hour or less using 110-volt, 220-volt or vehicle power port chargers.

The Inspector+ kit contains the lamp, 14.4-volt battery, 110-volt charger and UV goggles, all in a foam lined case.

Call: 248-244-1573; e-mail: sthams@tedndt.com.

Agfa NDT's Gage Measures Through Thick Materials

Agfa NDT's new digital thickness gage, the DM4-EDM, has the testing capabilities of most conventional ultrasonic instruments plus the capability to measure very thick (up to 5 in. /127 mm) materials in the extended dual-multi mode.

The DM4-EDM measures through materials in standard mode when no coatings are present and through thicker than normal carbon steel when coatings are used to protect the steel from corrosion.

This unit is powered using standard AA batteries and has a protective rubber boot with a neck strap, hand strap and prop up stand.

Call: 717-242-0327; e-mail: ndtsolutions@agfandtinc.com.

New Sherlock 6.3 Version Decodes the Bar Code

The intelligent products division of Coreco Imaging has released Sherlock 6.3, its newest version of Windows based point-and-click software. Used in machine vision application development and deployment, Sherlock 6.3 incorporates OCRplus (optical character recognition) and SmartInspect capabilities as well as support of the new reduced space symbology (RSS) 14 stacked bar code.

OCRplus provides tunable parameters that customize the behavior of underlying algorithms. SmartInspect is an optional self-learning algorithm.

Sherlock 6.3 can also now decode RSS14 stacked omnidirectional, RSS14 truncated, RSS14 limited and RSS14 composite component A bar codes, according to the manufacturer.

Call: 978-670-2002; email: mclancy@goipd.com.

Various Uses for Navitar's Digital Camera Adapter

Navitar's new digital camera adapter allows users to couple their digital cameras or camcorders to any C-mount or standard lens single lens reflex, microscope or telescope, permitting a digital recording of subject matter.

The digital camera adapter comes with a male M37 x 0.75 thread for cameras. The adapter is intended to fit into any standard 30-mm eyepiece port for microscopes. Telescopes require a 1.25-in. to C-mount adapter.

In addition to photographing and recording digital images, the adapter also can be used as a standard monocular for direct viewing with the eye.

Call: 800-828-6778; e-mail: info@navitar.com.

SPC Software Enables Critical Process Montoring

Northwest Analytical's (NWA) latest statistical process control (SPC) software, NWA SPCx, is designed for NWA's Wonderware InTouch. This online real-time software incorporates ActiveX based SPC with any InTouch application. It enables operators, engineers and managers to monitor their critical process parameters and product characteristics.

NWA SPCx provides all standard SPC control charts, assignable cause/corrective action and real-time process status and exception reporting. It attaches to any open database connectivity compliant database and connects to InTouch tags with time or event based sampling.

SPCx offers point-and-click setup and configuration.

Call: 888-692-7638; e-mail: info@nwasoft.com.

Novacel Offers a Surface Protection Solution

Novacel's latest self-adhesive film, Novacel 9373, is designed for protection of metal sheets (stainless steel, aluminum, precoated metal) and plastic profiles used in the building, appliance, automobile and electronic industries.

Novacel 9373 is a 50-micron black and white film that can print company trademarks, logos, advertising messages or technical information. The company supplies the film in rolls--3,300 ft. long and up to 8.5 ft. wide.

Call: 011-33-2328-27233; e-mail: novacel@chargeurs-protective.com.

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