Smart Torq Accommodates Eight Parameter Sets

The Smart Torq error proofer, ASG's new controller for electric assembly tools, accommodates up to eight parameter sets.

The Smart Torq automatically learns an assembly's fastener installation characteristics and then monitors the fastening process, comparing learned characteristics to those being experienced while the fastener is installed.

By monitoring the entire process rather than just controlling torque, the Smart Torq catches problems during the process, such as differences in workpiece characteristics, fasteners or assembly tool performance.

Call: 888-486-6163; e-mail: asginfo@asg-jergens.com.

Shaker Offers Double The Vibration Capacity

Entela-Grand Rapids has doubled its vibration capacity and increased its shock testing capability with the addition of a 6,600 lbs.-of- force shaker with a 2-in. stroke.

The shaker is powered by a high performance digital solid state switching amplifier rated at 30 kilovolt-amperes. The hydrostatic slip plate bearings restrain high moment loads for improved cross-axis motion performance in lateral and fore-aft directions. An environmental chamber allows rapid transition thermal cycling during vibration in all three axes.

The shaker can be used in the automotive, industrial, medical and aerospace industries.

Call: 800-888-3787; e-mail: info@entela.com.

Master Station II Controls Up to 250 Actuators

Flowserve's Flow Control Division's Limitorque Master Station II provides complex control and diagnostics of all Limitorque DDC-100 field units.

Designed for power, petrochemical, oil, gas, water and wastewater applications, the Master Station II is a single source controller for up to 250 actuators. It provides real-time status of field units through continuous cyclical polling.

The unit offers a built-in Web server and is available in standard 24 volts DC and 100 to 240 volts AC, requiring no batteries. It also offers three enclosure options--standard rack, mountable or standalone cabinet.

Call: 434-528-4400; e-mail: infomail@flowserve.com.

Software Develops Satisfaction Surveys

The Gosling Group's new Dynamic Questionnaire Engine (DQE) enables development of professional satisfaction surveys.

DQE technology enables respondent satisfaction to be measured directly by filtering out any emotional responses at their sources, enabling true benchmarks to be achieved. It also delivers satisfaction weightings, showing each respondent's level of conviction.

Respondents receive immediate feedback to their inputs following completion of the survey, which typically takes about four minutes.

DQE products allow both customer and employee satisfaction to be measured.

Call: 49-0-5723-9898253; email: info@thegoslinggroup.com.

Linear Bearings Are Free Of Organic Lubricants

Schneeberger's new DryRunner line of antifriction precision linear bearings is free of organic lubricants, sulfur containing solid lubricants and soft metal coating lubricants.

While the running surfaces in standard linear bearings without organic lubricants are destroyed after 10,000 rolling element overruns, DryRunner bearings run dry for more than one million overruns.

DryRunner is available in sizes RN3, RN4, RN6, RNG4 and RNG6, the numbers indicating the diameter of the rolling element in millimeters. Lengths are available up to 900 mm.

Call: 800-854-6333; e-mail: info-usa@schneeberger.com.

Phasec 2d Inspects Bolt And Fastener Holes

The Phasec 2d frequency eddy current instrument from Hocking Nondestructive Testing (NDT) is for rotary mode inspections on bolt and fastener holes.

Its frequency range of 10 Hz to 10 MHz is selectable with a precision of 2.5 significant digits. It provides digital conductivity measurements from 1% to 110% International Annealed Copper Standard and nonconductive coating thickness measurements up to 0.05 in.

The Phasec 2d features a 16-kHz sampling rate, backlit LCD display and single page menus. It has a compact housing, weighing 2.1 lbs. with battery.

Call: 717-242-0327; e-mail: ndtsolutions@agfandtinc.com.

Calibration Conditioner Provides One, Two Channels

The model SC2000 AM microprocessor based load cell calibration conditioner from Honeywell Sensotec provides one or two channels for load cell calibration.

The SC2000 AM is calibrated against an 8.5-digit traceable digital voltmeter and can present test and reference load cell measurements simultaneously on a split-screen display. Its 22-bit conditioning processor offers 19 bits of resolution that measure the signals from up to two load cells.

Connected to a host computer running Honeywell Sensotec's load cell calibration software, the SC2000 AM stores and retrieves calibrated load cell data.

Call: 614-850-5000; e-mail: sales@sensotec.com.

Absolute Angle Encoders Offer High System Accuracy

Heidenhain's new absolute angle encoders have a system accuracy of ±1 angular second.

The angle encoders are intended for high precision applications such as rotary tables and swivel heads on machine tools, telescopes or spectrometers. They can be designed with one scanning unit on the main track (with 32,768 grating periods) and therefore fulfill all requirements of machine tool design.

The angle encoders have a hollow through shaft and diameter of 60 mm. They are available with Heidenhain's EnDat, Fanuc or Mitsubishi interfaces.

Call: 847-490-1191; e-mail: info@heidenhain.com.

Compact Operator Terminal Has Programmable Backlight

Beijer Electronics' new e Cimrex 12 compact operator terminal features recipe management and support for transparent/pass through mode and dual drivers.

The Cimrex 12 provides programmable dimming of the display backlight, allowing 0% to 100% dimming for optimal viewing in all conditions. It also has three options for communication ports, including RS485. It has a compact size of 142 x 90 x 46.5 mm.

The Cimrex 12 is for the food processing, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

Call: 888-350-1306; e-mail: info@beijerelectronics.com.

Software Testing Tool Features Java Based Wizards

Cantata++ Version 3.1, a software testing tool for C/C++ software professionals, is now available from Quality Checked Software.

Version 3.1 features an enhanced set of Java based test wizards and an HTML results viewer (HRV) for graphical presentation of test results. Passes and fails are color highlighted.

The HRV also provides a color coded coverage view of the source files under test. The user can select individual coverage metrics plus view full code execution details.

Call: 503-645-5610; e-mail: info@qcsltd.com.

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