Actuator Works In Adverse Conditions

Danaher Motion's Electrak 1 Long Life compact, light-duty actuator is for adverse conditions such as mobile off highway and agricultural applications.

The Electrak 1 Long Life fits into small areas and is self-contained and sealed for outdoor use. Available load and length configurations cover intermittent duty applications requiring lifting, positioning, sorting, opening, clamping and adjusting.

It delivers as much as 75 lbs. of force at a minimum extension speed of 0.6 in./sec. and is equipped with fixed mechanical limit switches and an 80,000+ cycle capacity.

The Electrak 1 Long Life is available in 2, 4 and 6 in. stroke lengths.

Call: 440-995-3200; e-mail: al.wroblaski@danahermotion.com.

Fuji's Flowmeter Is Lightweight, Rugged

The M-Flow, Fuji Electric's new transit time ultrasonic flowmeter, is an alternative to magnetic, vortex and differential pressure transmitters.

The M-Flow is rugged, compact and weighs less than 2 lbs. With menu driven programming and a built-in keypad, the M-Flow does not require a PC.

Standard options include analog output, totalizer pulse and relay outputs. It offers up to 0.5% accuracy.

Call: 800-235-8367; e-mail: sales@ttiglobal.com.

Silica Gel Desiccant Is Environmentally Friendly  

Sphinx Adsorbents'
friendly silica gel.

Sphinx Adsorbents has developed an environmentally friendly indicating desiccant that contains no cobalt chloride (a heavy metal) and has a high water adsorption capacity for industrial, medical and laboratory applications in which moisture control is critical.

Sphinx indicating silica gel desiccant is low abrasion and changes color from yellow to green as it adsorbs up to 35% of its own weight in moisture.

It can be regenerated and fully reactivated when heated to 270°-320° F and has high bulk density of 49 lbs./ft.3 It can replace electronic dew point indicators and humidity indicating cards.

Call: 413-736-5020; e-mail: info@sphinxadsorbents.com.  

Bead Mill Is Alternative To Puck and Dish Mills

Retsch's MM 301 bead mill is designed to prepare small batches of hard, brittle sample to the fineness of <50 microns required for reliable x-ray florescence and x-ray diffraction results.

Grinding sets are available from 1.5-50 ml in metal and nonmetal materials to avoid undesired contamination. Typical grinding times are three minutes and less.

Compared to puck and dish mills, the MM 301 offers significant advantages, such as simultaneous grinding of two samples of up to 20 ml, a benchtop unit requiring little space and all digital controls.

Call: 866-473-8724; e-mail: info@retsch-us.com.

SPC Software Offers User Defined Reports

ASI DataMyte's Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software Solutions package now features analysis and reporting software capable of producing user defined reports that include multiple characteristics across multiple product lines.

The DataMyte Setup Editor provides charting support for the ASI Datamyte Model 4000 pen tablet data collector. Charts created can be used in DataMyte Quantum SPC Software and on the 4000 mobile platform.

The Tool Suite Editor, also part of the package, configures device inputs for the Model 4000.

Call: 800-207-5631; e-mail: info@asidatamyte.com.

New Powder Coatings Meet NSF Requirements

The new single coat, environmentally sound powder coatings from Sherwin-Williams comply with National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)-61 performance requirements.

Powdura high gloss epoxy powder coatings work in a number of applications in the potable water industry, including valves, fittings, pipes and tanks. They can also be used for interior functional and decorative applications.

Powdura coatings cure in five minutes at 400° F and can be applied at film thicknesses ranging from 2-10 mils. They are available in gray, black, clear, red oxide and off-white.

Call: 800-524-5979; e-mail: bwmcelroy@sherwin.com.

Detector Head Measures Broadband Light Sources

Ophir Optronics' PD300-BB radiometer head.

Ophir Optronics' model PD300-BB, a photodiode based detector head, is made for power measurement of broadband light sources. It has a flat spectral response from 400-1000 nanometers.

The PD300-BB can measure from 50 picowatts to 8 milliwatts of power. It is a thin, low profile head and contains a 10 X 10 mm aperture with a response time of 0.2 seconds and a low noise level of ±2 picowatts.

The model PD300-BB is compatible with Ophir's Orion, Nova and Laserstar displays.

Call: 800-383-0814; e-mail: sales@ophiropt.com.

Leak Detector Uses LED And Audio Indication

Kernco Instruments' LDE-10 ultrasonic leak detector can be used in many applications, including detecting electrical discharge, control of tightness with ultrasonic transmitter, internal leaks in hydraulic systems, leaks in pressure and vacuum systems and function control of steam traps.

Ultrasonic signal strength is indicated by an LED and an audible tone through the headset. The tone is adjustable to 50 decibels.

The LDE-10 operates in temperatures from 0°-50° C. It comes with an ultrasonic microphone, ultrasonic probe, earphone headset, extension tubes and tips, 9V battery and carrying case.

Call: 800-325-3875; e-mail: info@kerncoinstr.com.

Quick Scope Can Be Manual or Motor Driven 

The Mituyo Quick Scope is a noncontact, microscope based measuring system for complex applications such as prototyping or lower volume batch work.

Quick Scope is available in manual and motor driven models. The QS-E (manual) has a 0.1 µm resolution, 6-in. Z-axis range and variable magnification and comes standard with coaxial surface illumination and contour stage illumination.

The motor driven model reduces throughput time to as much as one-tenth. Its maximum drive speed is 50 mm/sec.

Call: 630-978-5385; e-mail: info@mitutoyo.com.

Relex Expands Software For Enterprisewide Use

Relex Software Corp. has released FRACAS 2.0, an updated version of its management system software.

FRACAS supports deploying a closed loop failure reporting, analysis and corrective action system (FRACAS) for small teams of reliability specialists and quality assurance engineers.

FRACAS 2.0 extends this purpose to enterprisewide workforces whose projects involve numerous people in varying departments and locations.

FRACAS 2.0 is available in enterprise, corporate and team editions.

Call: 724-836-8800; e-mail: info@relexsoftware.com.

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