George Fischer Expands Ball Valve Line

George Fischer Inc. has added the Type 546 ball valve to its line of manual and actuated valves. The new valve features a short overall length, buttress thread design, universal multifunction module and ratchet style handle.

Available in polyvinyl chloride and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, the Type 546 ball valve is suited for water and wastewater treatment and chemical processing applications.

The valve nut's buttress thread design offers robust construction. The overall length is more than 9% shorter than the previous generation Type 346 valve.

Call: 800-854-4090; e-mail: info@us.piping.georgefischer.com.

Gas Mass Flow Controllers Offer Range of Configurations

Emerson Process Management has expanded its Brooks Instrument Mf series of gas mass flow controllers (MFCs). A full range of configurations is now available to meet the accuracy, response and precision control specifications required for critical process gas delivery systems.

The Mf series uses an IP65/NEMA 4X housing to protect it in hose-down and mildly corrosive environments encountered in pharmaceutical applications, such as fermentation processes.

Built-in monitoring and online diagnostic capabilities allow users to see and troubleshoot their process flow control systems without removing the MFC from the line.

Call: 888-554-3569; e-mail: brooksam@emersonprocess.com.


Engine Tachometer Fits in Pocket

Ono Sokki Technology's SE-1100 noncontact engine tachometer.

Ono Sokki Technology's new SE-1100 noncontact engine tachometer employs an ignition spark detection method.

The SE-1100 is ergonomically designed and weighs approximately 110g including batteries, allowing it to fit in a pocket.

The SE-1100 features point and shoot rpm readings and a hidden switch in the battery compartment that allows the user to change settings for single cylinder or muticylinder gasoline engines. The rpm reading updates every second and is shown on an LCD.

Call: 630-627-9700; e-mail: info@onosokki.net.

Portable Vibration Calibrator Produces NIST Reports

The Modal Shop's self-contained K9100C portable vibration calibration system produces NIST traceable reports that comply with ISO 17025/A2LA requirements.

The system uses two 10-turn potentiometers to set the test parameters for calibrating vibration sensors in a bandwidth ranging from 10 Hz to 10 kHz over an amplitude range up to 10g. Shaker amplitude and frequency can be displayed in English or metric units.

The K9100C includes a rechargeable power source for field testing. It can support sensors that weigh up to 500g without the aid of an external support mechanism.

Call: 513-351-9919; e-mail: mdillon@modalshop.com.

Thickness Gage Measures Hard To Reach Areas

The Panametrics model 25 is an ultrasonic precision thickness gage for applications in which the opposite side of the test material  is difficult or impossible to reach.

The model 25 measures steel from thicknesses of 0.006 to 20 in. and plastic from 0.003 to 2 in. It can also measure glass, thin composites, rubber, fiberglass and cast metal.

The auto-recall application allows the user to select and recall any of the stored standard or custom transducer setups in the gage's memory. This permits easy switching between a variety of contact, delay line and immersion transducers.

Call: 800-225-8330; e-mail: ndt@panametrics.com.

Hardness Tester Handles Fine- and Coarse-Grains  

Krautkramer Ultrasonic Systems' MIC 20 portable hardness tester.

Krautkramer Ultrasonic Systems' MIC 20 portable hardness tester combines ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI) and rebound testing methods in one instrument. This enables the MIC 20 to test fine-grained materials (UCI method) as well as coarse-grained forgings and castings (rebound method).

The MIC 20 is compatible with 10 UCI probes and three rebound impact devices. Once connected, the MIC 20 automatically recognizes the probe or device and sets up the instrument.

A measurement series can be displayed and analyzed as a curve or histogram or with statistics. The series can be named, stored and sent directly to a printer.

Call: 717-242-0327; e-mail: ndtsolutions@agfandtinc.com.

New Bearing Greases Handle Range of Applications

Molykote has added six high performance bearing greases to its lineup to handle applications such as electrical motors, fan bearings, rail cars, elevators, construction machines, hot rolling mills, central locking systems and window lifters.

The six new greases are: Molykote G-0100 multipurpose motor bearing grease, G-0101 long life bearing grease, G-0102 high load bearing grease, G-1001 high performance bearing grease, G-2001 high speed bearing grease and G-6000 high temperature bearing grease.

Call: 989-496-4400; e-mail: industrial@dowcorning.com.


Leak Detection System Replaces Multiple Units

Uson's Qualtek 6000 mutlichannel leak detection system.

Uson's Qualtek 6000 fully automatic multichannel modular leak detection system is designed to replace multiple standalone units.

The Qualtek 6000 can be used for synchronous testing of similar components in parallel and asynchronous testing of different items or different tests on the same item. There is no need to connect all test components before multichannel testing.

Modular design allows use as a small independent test system or full integration into a completely automatic station. Serial ports connect to a printer or computer for data download.

Call: 281-671-2000; e-mail: info@uson.com.


Quiet Ball Screws Available In Eight New Sizes

One of Steinmeyer's quiet ball screws.

Steinmeyer has expanded its quiet ball screw line with eight new sizes.

With diameters ranging from 5 to 20 mm, they provide flexibility in applying precision ball screws engineered for smooth, quiet motion. The nut uses rugged plastic end cap ball returns instead of metal tubes, reducing ball screw noise.

Steinmeyer's quiet ball screws are available with or without backlash and in a choice of two accuracy grades--T5 (ground thread) and T7 (rolled thread).

Several sizes are compatible with the latest German Institute for Standardization 69051 ball screw standard.

Call: 781-275-6097; e-mail: info@steinmeyer.com.

SMJS Is Alternative To Shunts and Jumpers

Illinois Tool Works Switches' surface mountable jumper switch. 

Illinois Tool Works Switches has developed a new surface mount jumper switch (SMJS) as an alternative to shunts and jumpers.

The ERG SMJS can be used for data programming, digital address settings, signal and data line switching, disk drives and security devices.

It features a custom or ganged top half that allows most pick-and-place equipment to remove the switch for processing.

Other features include gold-over-nickel plated beryllium copper contacts, four-point wiping contact design, positive detent action for shock resistance and deep V slots to securely locate an operation probe.

Call: 800-544-3354; e-mail: customerservice@itwswitches.com.

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