Changeover Regulator System Provides Constant Flow

Scott Specialty Gases' 8404 automatic changeover regulator system.

The Model 8404 automated changeover regulator system from Scott Specialty Gases provides uninterrupted flow of specialty gases and allows scheduled cylinder change-outs.

Constructed of powder coated steel, the Model 8404 is cleaned for oxygen service and is available with either brass or 316-liter wetted body materials. Delivery pressure is adjustable from 0 to 200 pounds per square inch. A safe purge vent protects the operator.

A pressure switch with annunciator can be added for remote alert when gas supply change-out is necessary. Optional valves include pressure relief, check and flow limit shutoff.

Call: 800-654-2737; fax: 732-271-1630.

Test Cell Recorders Designed For Multichannel Recording

The GSR20f and GSR200f ground station test cell recorders from Heim Data Systems capture vibration data from fatigue and crash testing of various industrial structures and components.

Designed for multichannel analog and bus recording, the GSR20f and GSR200f feature all digital recording, high data integrity and signal interfacing.

Their plug-in media cartridges accept tape, disk or solid state drives. The cartridges offer standard small computer system interfacing, allowing the system to act as a front end multiplexer to any other external media/drive with compatible protocol.

Call: 732-556-2318; e-mail: marketing@heimdata.com.

Macrowave System Dries Using Volumetric Heating

The Macrowave RF rapid drying system from Radio Frequency Co.

A new radio frequency (RF) rapid drying system for temperature sensitive materials such as filter cake and granular or palletized materials is available from Radio Frequency Co.

The Macrowave RF drying system uses volumetric heating, which keeps the temperature uniform throughout temperature sensitive materials, reduces the moisture content to levels as low as 200 parts per million and eliminates the long dwell times required by conventional surface heating methods.

The Macrowave removes water from material at bed depths up to 6 in. and applies radio waves at a frequency of 40.68 MHz. It is a suitable replacement for tumble, spray, tray, spin flash and belt/tunnel dryers.

Call: 508-376-9555; e-mail: tclark@radiofrequency.com.

Nikon Instrument Scans at 1,000 PPS

Nikon Instruments' VMR-H3030 is the latest model in the NEXIV line of measuring instruments. It scans at 1,000 points per second (PPS) on complex profiles of 3-D precision parts.

The VMR-H3030 features a 15X telecentric zoom system that facilitates searches at low magnifications. It also offers Nikon's VMR-Z120X maximum magnification module, a dual optical system that delivers a range of magnifications from 36X to 4,320X. Stage scale resolutions are 0.01 µm.

The NEXIV VMR system's software features interactive measurement wizards that can be customized by each operator for future use.

Call: 800-526-4566 or 877-446-4566.

Pistol Grip Thermometer Reads Hard To Access Areas

Telatemp now offers a pistol grip infrared thermometer for noncontact temperature measurements with a built-in laser pointer that allows accurate aiming.

The unit measures surface temperatures that are difficult or dangerous to access. Applications include plant maintenance of rotary equipment, testing for hot spots on electrical panels and checking tires, brakes, cooling systems, air ducts and process operations.

Field of view is 6:1. Basic accuracy is ±2% F over a range of 0° to 600° F (-20° to 320° C) or ±2° C (whichever is greater). The thermometer is °F/°C switchable and battery powered.

Call: 800-321-5160; e-mail: techsales@telatemp.com.

Single-Point Sensor Uses Optical Triangulatio

A single-point sensor for industrial measurement applications requiring high accuracy and a high frequency rate is now available from LMI Technologies. Applications include measuring distance, thickness and material deformation, positioning and profiling.

The SPR-04 uses optical triangulation principles to deliver resolution of better than 0.001 in. at rates up to 1,800 measurements per second.

It has a field adjustable measurement range of 2 to 8 in. Its small size allows for tight and exact industrial measurement applications.

Call: 248-359-2409; e-mail: issales@lmint.com.

Zetec's System Magnetically Saturates Material

Zetec's SU-100 magnetic saturation system detects flaws and imperfections in ferromagnetic tubes, pipes and bars.

Using nondestructive eddy current testing and large electromagnets to magnetically saturate the material, the SU-100 reduces the influence of permeability variations on signals. It can test manufactured materials according to American Society for Testing and Materials and other specifications.

Interchangeable eddy current test probes are available in a range of sizes to accommodate the outside diameters of test parts.

Call: 800-643-1771; fax: 425-392-2086.

Real-time Serial Interface Provides High Throughput

Racal Instruments' model 6075 quad/octal channel real-time serial interface is for functional test applications that need to provide high throughput for fast test times. Its fast data channels provide high speed send and receive buffers, allowing all channels to run continuously at full speed.

The 6075 has the option of four or eight channels of RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485. Other features include baud rates up to 460 k-baud, synchronous and asynchronous support modes, programmable termination resistors for RS-485 networking and a front panel alphanumeric display.

Applications include radio frequency pager and wireless phone tests.

Call: 949-859-8999; fax: 949-859-7139.

Data Loggers Offer High Resolution and Accuracy

The Hobo U12 family of data loggers from Onset.

Onset Computer Corporation's Hobo U12 family is a line of four high resolution, high accuracy data loggers for measuring temperature, relative humidity (RH), light intensity and other indoor environmental conditions.

Features of the Hobo U12 family include 12-bit resolution, direct USB interface, a rugged enclosure and 43K measurement capacity. Precision is ±2.5% for RH and ±0.35° C for temperature.

Call: 800-564-4377; e-mail: sales@onsetcomp.com.

Pulsed Light Signal Analyzer Works at High Speed

Gigahertz-Optik's TR-9600 data logger and pulse form analyzer.

Gigahertz-Optik's TR-9600 high speed data logger and pulse form analyzer is for applications involving high frequency modulated light sources such as Xenon flash lamps, pulsed infrared light emitting diodes and lasers in which more detailed data beyond average power are required.

The TR-9600 combines a 100 nanosecond slew rate signal amplifier with a 10 megasample per second datalogger and 512 kilosample transient recorder for complete analysis and record of peak power, single pulse energy, and pulse width, shape and repetition rate.

Optional software is available to extend the TR-9600's capabilities.

Call: 978-462-1818; e-mail: b.angelo@gighertz-optik.com.


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