The Seven Deadly Sins of Quality Management

Root cause analysis is the structured investigation of basic causal factors leading to quality failure. When the root cause resides in the fundamental values of an organization, eradication can be extremely challenging. Problems ascribed to management supervision or oversight or training or communications ultimately reflect underlying beliefs that prevail in the organization. A taxonomy of root causes, based on belief systems, facilitates the analysis by providing organized direction and a reasonable end-point for questioning process. The taxonomy includes placing quality behind budgetary, scheduling, or political considerations, being arrogant, lacking fundamental knowledge, believing in entitlement, and practicing autocratic behavior. Leaders whose beliefs represent root causes of failure may block quality measures because such efforts challenge their deeply held belief systems. Root cause analysis involves serious introspection about values that shape an organization's management …

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--George Samaras, 12-15-2011

A well-written article, which in my opinion is fully applicable to my organization and may be to others as well.
--Bernard D'Silva, 11-06-2009

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