SmartDraw Releases BPM Solution Software
SmartDraw Business Process Management (BPM) Solution is the latest software in the SmartDraw line. SmartDraw software is Windows compatible and is used for creating business charts and documents, diagrams and technical drawings.

The BPM Solution includes templates for flowcharts, cause and effect diagrams, matrices, surveys, gantt charts and interrelationship and affinity diagrams.

SmartDraw software features drag and drop drawing and more than 50,000 symbols and clip art images.

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Digital Pressure Gages Offer Range of Accuracies
Meriam Process Technologies has introduced the 3900 series of Merigauge digital pressure gages. The 3900 series offers 0.10% accurate pressure measurement as well as the standard 0.25%.

The Merigauge can be battery or externally powered and can be rack or pipe mounted. The externally powered versions can be equipped with relays and 4-20 MA output.

A stainless steel enclosure and isolated sensor are standard on every unit.

Call: 216-281-1100; e-mail: meriam@meriam.com. Circle #296

Scanning Probe Makes Stylus Changing Easier
Renishaw's SP80 passive scanning probe has submicron 2-D and 3-D scanning performance. It has no motor, avoiding unnecessary system complexity and heat.

The SP80 features isolated optical metrology and digital readheads with 0.02 µm resolution. It carries styli up to 500 mm length and 500 g weight, including star configurations, without the need for counterbalancing.

A repeatable kinematic stylus changing mechanism enables rapid changing. There is no need for probe requalification after each stylus change, and stylus arrangements can be optimized to ensure the best results for each feature to be measured.

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The Lap BOSS from Newage.

Portable Scanning System Works With Laptop
Newage Testing Instruments has introduced a portable model of the Brinell optical scanning system (BOSS), called the Lap BOSS, with new software features.

The Lap BOSS has USB compatibility, which enables use with a laptop or a desktop computer. Options are available to protect computers and the Lap BOSS so they can be used on shop floors.

The new software features an audible signal for out of tolerance results and an improved image recognition system for better accuracy.

Call: 215-526-2200; fax: 215-526-2192. Circle #299

Sensor Is Single Screw Mountable
The 9234A sensor from Kistler Instrument measures indirect force as strain by a piezoelectric element.

The 9234A mounts on a surface with a single screw, eliminating the need to position it deep within equipment. It includes an integral miniature charge amplifier that provides an output suitable for standard process control units.

Designed for assembly processes such as press fits, punching and crimping, the 9234A is ruggedly packaged for industrial production floor environments. The high sensitivity makes high accuracy possible even with rigid machine structures.

Call: 888-547-8537; e-mail: sales.us@kistler.com. #009; Circle #300

Piston Ring Assembly System Works in Three Steps
City Machine's automatic piston ring assembly system with gantry pick and place is designed for use with large diesel pistons.

The ring assembly features single step loading of the oil control ring and coil spring. It handles complete piston connecting rod, piston pin and skirt assemblies. It installs the fire, compression and oil control ring assemblies in one three-step operation.

The piston does not touch any reference surfaces during the ringing process, and no machine parts touch the piston dome, eliminating damage to the dome.

Rings can be loaded while the machine is cycling, so the system does not need to be stopped at any point.

Call: 765-288-4431; e-mail: sales@citymachine.com. Circle #250

The Micro-Oxymax respirometer from Columbus Instruments.

Respirometer Measures Food For Germination, Rancidity
Columbus Instruments' Micro-Oxymax is a multigas, multisample respirometer. The most common gases it can measure are oxygen and carbon dioxide, but it can also measure methane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide in up to 80 samples.

The Micro-Oxymax allows a respiration resolution of nearly 0.2 µL/hour, ideal for measuring low respiration activity of seeds and other foods to test for germination or rancidity.

It measures 2 x 10-7 liters of gas per hour.

Call: 614-276-0861; e-mail: sales@colinst.com. Circle #298

Druck's Hand Pump Has Four-Function Capability
The PV411A is General Electric Druck's second generation of multifunction hand pumps. It is used for field calibration of pressure gages, switches, transmitters and transducers.

The PV411A's features include fine pressure control, the ability to operate with high viscosity fluids, a large volume reservoir option and tamper proof, field selectable pressure relief valve.

Hydraulic pressures can be generated to 10,000 psi, pneumatic pressures to 600 psi and vacuum to 28.5 inhg. Draft range pressures can also be generated, giving the PV411A four-in-one capability.

Call: 800-432-2572; e-mail: dietzt@druck.com. Circle #251

LK Metrology's
Evolution CMM.

CMM Incorporates Remote System Monitoring
The Evolution, a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) from LK Metrology Systems, features an advanced integrated modular controller. It incorporates remote system monitoring, which allows increased functionality to be added if required in the future.

The Evolution has a maximum work envelope of 200 in. x 60 in. It is capable of ISO 10360-2 E=1.8+L/500 accuracy and repeatability of 1.5 microns.

The granite base, ceramic bridge, guideway construction and wraparound air bearing design provide stiffness, thermal stability and increased measurement speed.

The Evolution also has reduced exposed cabling for improved ergonomics and safety.

Call: 810-220-4360; fax: 810-220-4300. Circle #295

Tiger Analyzer Detects Several Species of Gas
Tiger Optics' LaserTrace is a multispecies, multipoint and multigas analyzer, capable of detecting several gases, including oxygen, hydrogen, hydrogen dioxide, hydrogen fluoride and carbon monoxide.

Using fiber optic connections, the LaserTrace is capable of remote monitoring of four different analytes at four sample points for as many as four different gases. Detection range is from 100 parts per thousand to 1,000 parts per million.

The LaserTrace is calibration free, robust and transportable.

Call: 215-343-6600; e-mail: sales@tigeroptics.com. Circle #252

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