Data Loggers Are Slightly Larger Than Quarters

Dickson has two new compact economy data loggers--the TK500 and SK500. The SK500 measures temperature, and the TK500 measures temperature and humidity. Both models are slightly larger than quarters.

They feature a delayed start capability, data storage of almost 4,000 sample points and accuracy of ±1.8° F for temperature and ±2% for relative humidity. They are also compatible with Dicksonware software.

Uses include monitoring critical storage and testing conditions, laboratories, refrigerators, freezers, incubators and clean rooms.

Call: 800-323-2448; e-mail: dicksoncsr@dicksonweb.com. Circle #284

Mahr Federal's new multiparameter circular form system.

System Measures Medium To Large Parts

Mahr Federal's new multiparameter circular form system has a motor driven gage headstand, touch screen and variable speed joystick controls.

Designed to measure medium to large parts, the MarForm MMQ 6200 uses Mahr Federal's MarForm metrology software and runs on Microsoft Windows.

The Marform MMQ 6200 measures parameters such as roundness, concentricity and circular runout, circular flatness and perpendicularity, plane runout, circular parallelism of top and bottom faces, and coaxiality.

Call: 800-333-4243; e-mail: info@fedprod.com. Circle #285

Borescope Is the Slimmest Model in Hawkeye Line

The Hawkeye MicroSlim precision borescope is the slimmest model in the Gradient Lens Corporation's Hawkeye line. Its diameter is less than 0.073 in.

The MicroSlim's image quality and small size allow fast and reliable visual inspection of microscopic openings in metal machined parts. This makes it valuable to manufacturers of fuel injectors, hydraulics and pneumatics, and miniature valve manifolds.

Call: 800-536-0780; e-mail: kindred@gradientlens.com. Circle #286

Measurement Arm Is Completely Portable

The Platinum FaroArm from FARO Technologies is a portable measurement arm with 0.0005-in. accuracy.

The FaroArm can be used to inspect, reverse engineer or perform computer aided design to part analysis on parts, fixtures and assemblies. It is recommended for the aerospace, tool and die, casting and moldmaking, and automotive industries.

Features include portability, an integrated eight-hour battery and overload sensors to prevent stress on the arm.

Call: 800-736-0234; e-mail: info@faro.com. Circle #287

Transducer Combines 2x Range, High Resonance

Endevco's Model 8520A piezoresistive pressure transducer combines 2x linearity range with high resonance for static or dynamic pressure measurements. It uses silicon strain gages bonded to a micro-machined silicon diaphragm.

Its 0.15-in. diameter makes it well suited for measuring skin pressures on aircraft, inlet distortion pressures in turbine engines or small-scale models in wind tunnels.

The Model 8520A offers superior performance in temperatures up to 500° F and can operate with diminished lifetime to 600° F. It vents to the atmosphere, to a standard reference manifold or for differential pressure measurements.

Call: 949-493-8181; e-mail: arkell@endevco.com. Circle #288

Signal Conditioner Offers Choices in Output, Frequency

Macros Sensors' new LVC-2402 is a single channel low voltage differential transducer (LVDT) signal conditioner used in automation applications with PLCs and mini-PLCs.

It offers three user selectable analog outputs in a three- or four-wire current loop configuration. The LVC-2402's 24V DC input power is fully isolated from its analog outputs, enabling its connection in either a four-wire isolated input/output configuration or a three-wire common ground system.

The LVC-2402 provides LVDT excitation frequency in a choice of either 3, 5 or 10 kHz and does not require a phase adjustment control.

Call: 856-662-8000; e-mail: sales@macrosensors.com. Circle #289

Dampened Movement Gage Operates Without Liquid

Ametek U.S. Gauge's new Solfrunt Advantage features a dampened movement option that has many of the benefits of a liquid filled gage without the need to fill or replace the liquid.

The Solfrunt Advantage incorporates a self-contained movement dampening capsule that minimizes the effects of shock and vibration in demanding applications.

The Solfrunt Advantage is 4.5 in. with 316L stainless steel wetted surfaces and a seamless bourdon tube design. It has a precision electric turret case that provides superior impact strength and resistance to a broad range of chemicals for chemical and petrochemical processing applications.

Call: 215-355-6900; fax: 215-354-1802. Circle #290


The BoltMIKE III from StressTel.

BoltMIKE Measures Elongation Ultrasonically

The StressTel BoltMIKE III ultrasonically measures elongation of installed bolts and fasteners. This determines the true bolt stress and is often used when traditional methods are limited by unpredictable operational variables such as friction and lubricant.

Measurement data can be uploaded and downloaded directly to a personal computer. Other features include a large display, rapid calibration and setup, and automatic temperature compensation.

BoltMIKE III is recommended for use in the aerospace, automotive, injection molding and power generation industries.

Call: 814-861-6300; e-mail: sales@stresstel.com. Circle #291

Hart's Release Consolidates Software Systems

Hart Scientific has consolidated its Calibrate-it and Generate-it software systems into a new package called Met/Temp II.

The software offers automated calibration and can be integrated with Fluke's Met/Track software to provide equipment tracking and asset management capabilities.

Met/Temp II supports a wide variety of Hart thermometer readouts and can calibrate almost every type of temperature sensor. It has a capacity of 100 sensors at a time.

Call: 801-763-1600; e-mail: info@hartscientific.com. Circle #292

Three-Point Bore Gaging System Has 24 Heads

The Flexbar True-Bore three-point bore gaging system is for accurate measurement of internal diameters. Its 24 heads cover a range of 6-200 mm.

The True-Bore system can be used in simple or integrated measurement applications as well as special applications such as o-ring grooves and spherical forms.

The ergonomically designed Triga-Bore handle allows single-handed operation. Its fixed anvils are designed to eliminate operator error.

Call: 800-879-7575; fax: 516-582-8487. Circle #293

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