Digital Video Recorder Stores 33 Hours of Footage
The DV Sidekick, part of the iShot Imaging system from Intertest, can record up to 61/2 hours of inspection video at broadcast resolution or 33 hours at full compression.

It comes in 120, 100, 80, 60 and 40 GB models and weighs 10 oz. It captures frames at 720 x 486 and 720 x 576 pixels for a maximum resolution of 550 HTVL.

The DV Sidekick is intended for field inspectors who use video probes, camera crawlers, pole cameras and other video based inspection equipment.

Call: 908-496-8008; e-mail: mail@intertestinc.com. Circle #274

Snap Action Switch Handles Heavy-Duty Applications
Cherry Electrics' GP Series snap action switches provide actuator travel differentials as low as 0.002 in. and mechanical endurance of more than one million cycles.

These switches are suited for commercial and industrial applications such as factory automation, industrial vehicles, elevators and valves.

Cherry offers 13 different standard actuator styles including nickel plated steel levers, rollers and buttons.

The maximum switching current is 15 amps at 125VAC or 250VAC, and the temperature rating is -20oC to 85oC.

Call: 800-927-6298; e-mail: cep_sales@cherrycorp.com.   Circle #275

Transformers Have Superior High Isolation Capability
Bicron Electronics' new series of industrial control transformers are designed for superior high isolation capability and meet corona free requirements up to 2,500 vrms.

The new transformers are intended for insulated gate bipolar transistor, gate drive, flyback and pulse applications. They operate at ambient temperatures of -20oC to 75oC.

Call: 860-824-5125; e-mail: info@bicronusa.com. Circle #279

Transition Toolkit Helps Auto Manufacturers
4aBetter Business has released the ISO/TS 16949 (2002) Transition Toolkit, an all-electronic resource set designed to help automotive manufacturers transition from QS-9000 to ISO/TS 16949 (2002).

The Transition Toolkit includes an over-view of the standard, an audit and implementation guide, a customizable baseline transition plan, and quality manual and quality management system directory templates.

It is Windows compatible, installs directly to the user's desktop and works with familiar software such as Microsoft Excel and Word and Adobe Acrobat.

Call: 847-470-3513; e-mail: pvragel@4abetterbusiness.com.  Circle #277

Software Tracks Chemical, Food Regulations Issues
TrackWise tracking software from Sparta Systems aims to replace paper and manual methods for tracking and managing quality issues in regulatory agencies.

TrackWise is specially designed for the chemical and food industries. It enables users to configure once, with zero limitations, to eliminate data entry errors and omissions, reduce regulatory exposure, lower training costs and achieve total control with maximum efficiency.

The software is Web and Windows based.

Call: 800-261-5948 x121; e-mail: sales@sparta-systems.com. #0 #0 Circle #278

An ASG BL-7000 torque
controlled screwdriver.

Torque Controlled Screwdriver Has A Brushless Motor

The ASG BL-7000 torque controlled screwdriver has a brushless motor, eliminating carbon dust and providing longer life. Its brushless design allows it to be rated for continuous use with minimum heat build-up.

BL-7000 drivers automatically stop when a preset torque is reached, reducing both over- and under-tightening. Torques can be set using a hex wrench between 5 and 21 lbf/in. Tamper proof torque adjustment is also available.

The BL-7000 is recommended for high production vertical insertion of fasteners and other standard torque assembly applications.

Call: 216-486-6163; e-mail: asginfo@asg-jergens.com. Circle #281

DO Probe Supplements Temperature Meter

Thermo Orion's dissolved oxygen (DO) Auto-Stir probe is used with the Thermo Orion 862A temperature meter in biochemical oxygen demand analysis.

The built-in stirrer provides vigorous sample agitation, preventing oxygen stratification, and can be disassembled for cleaning. The probe stand also functions as an air calibration breaker.

Other features include one-touch control and dual automatic temperature compensation.

Call: 800-225-1480; e-mail: info@thermoorion.com.   09; Circle #280

Filtered Preseparator Works With Current System
Nilfisk-Advance America's filtered pre-separator, a heavy-duty collection tank, can be integrated into central vacuum systems. It connects to the central system's outlets and is powered by the system's suction.

The filtered preseparator reduces the threat of cross contamination in pharmaceutical manufacturing applications. All powders are filtered and held within its tank instead of traveling through the outlet to the central system where they could be mixed together.

It also simplifies drug accountability. Users can collect a material, empty the tank and determine the amount of materials collected vs. the amount used during production.

Call: 877-215-8322; e-mail: questions@nilfisk-advance.com.   Circle #282

Condition Analysis System Includes Software
UE Systems' Ultraprobe 10000 is a multilevel digital ultrasonic condition analysis system with two basic components.

The first is a handheld metered pistol ultrasonic sensing instrument. It has onboard sound recording and data logging.

The second component is analytical software that will convert most computers into workstations with comprehensive diagnostic functions, including spectral analysis, record keeping, trending and reporting.

Test data can be uploaded to the Ultraprobe or downloaded to a host computer. When data are uploaded, inspectors have the ability to compare current test results with baseline data on the same screen.

Call: 800-223-1325; e-mail: info@uesystems.com. Circle: #283

One of five models in the
CR Series of Festo actuators.

Festo's Actuators Withstand Corrosive Elements
The Festo CR Series of actuators consists of five different models designed for conditions found in food processing and handling, medical engineering and chemical applications.

The actuators are tested for resistance to sulfur dioxide atmosphere (Kesternich test), sodium chloride mist spray and water condensation.

The pneumatic components have been optimized for corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.

Call: 631-435-0800; fax: 631-435-8026.  Circle #276

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