Trumpf's TQ Provides High Precision Measurements

The Trumpf Qualifier (TQ) is a light and laser based visual inspection machine that provides sheet metal fabricators with a high speed option for quality measurement.

It operates at scanning speeds of up to 1,430 in. per minute.

Depending on the task, the visual inspection process takes a few seconds to a few minutes.

The TQ is available in two formats: the TQ 2500, which has an inspection area of 4 x 8 ft. (1,250 x 2,500 mm), and the TQ 1250, which has a 4 x 4 ft. (1,250 x 1,250 mm) inspection area.

Call: 860-255-6112; fax: 860-255-6424. Circle #263

Micro-Gloss Meter Checks Calibration Values

The micro-gloss meter from BYK-Gardner has an auto-diagnosis feature that checks calibration values and standard cleanliness.

Special features include multiple readings per sample with full statistics, pass and fail, and differences with up to 50 target values. Sample storage is maintained using the scroll wheel.

The included software allows direct data transfer to Excel, and the results are displayed in quality control reports with graphs.

Call: 800-343-7721; fax: 800-394-8215. Circle #267


Kernco's Refractometer Measures Coolants

Kernco's Model DR-35-FL LCD digital refractometer.

Kernco's Model DR-35-FL LCD digital refractometer reads percentage measurements of coolants, cutting and lubricating oils, quenchants and other industrial fluids used in metal shops, machine shops and general manufacturing processing applications.

The refractometer has a measuring range of 0 to 35% with readability of 0.1%.

Special features include automatic measurement with optical sensor, automatic temperature compensation, corrosion resistant stainless steel sample stage and a 0.75-in. LCD display.

Call: 915-852-3375; e-mail: brkernco@whc.net. Circle #264


Sensotec Offers Load Cell Calibration Software

Load cell calibration software from Sensotec accepts two inputs. The first is output from the load cell under testing. The second is the load cell being applied to the cell either manually or through use of a reference load cell.

When the loading cycle is complete, the software calculates the linearity and hysteresis and provides least squares fit and polynomial information on the cell under testing.

The software is designed to work with excitation and signal conditioning equipment.

Archiving and data storage functions are available.

Call: 800-848-6564; e-mail: sales@sensotec.com. Circle #265


Optical Encoder Provides Immunity To Noises

The 1024 optical encoder
from Sensor Developments.

The 1024 optical encoder is part of Sensor Developments' noncontact, infrared rotary torque sensor line.

The encoder features a digital infrared transmission system, which provides a high immunity to noise sources such as eddy current brakes or alternating current motors.

It also has a high level analog output to represent the torque load and has been designed as a drop-in replacement for many existing rotary transformer torque sensors.

Call: 248-391-3000; fax: 248-391-0107. Circle #273


Wavetek Meterman Offers Two Data Acquisition Packages

Wavetek Meterman's data acquisition packages combine a 10,000-count, digital multimeter with Windows based data logging software and PC interface cabling.

The 38-SW logs, displays and stores data. It also exports data for advanced analysis, charting and reporting in Excel.

The 38XR DMM has a full complement of measurements that can be logged, including temperature, frequency, 4-20 mA control loop percentage and duty cycle.

Call: 877-596-2680; e-mail: info@metermantesttools.com. Circle #266


Software Performs Data Mining, Graphical Reporting

Quality System International (QSI) System for Reports 3.0 from IBS America is a data reporting tool integrated with compliance management software.

The software comes with more than 140 predefined reports and 17 databases designed for use with QSI Systems.

QSI Reports allows you to format data as line, bar or pie charts, histograms, Pareto diagrams and basic tables.

It also has online analytical processing, manual and server data mining, multiple user network accessibility, spreadsheet integration and internet interface.

Call: 781-862-9002; fax: 781-862-9003. Circle #269


Software for Six Sigma Contains Specialized Tools

NextSigma's SigmaWorks is a software program for Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) technologists and managers.

SigmaWorks, integrated with Excel, contains specialized tools for information management, simulation, optimization, process mapping, data analysis, management reporting for Six Sigma and DFSS and general improvement projects.

Key tools include a project charter, financial analyses for projects, concept selection matrices, responsibility grid, quality function deployment, cause and effect matrix and Six Sigma metrics.

Call: 720-219-0160; e-mail: isabelle.munn@nextsigma.com. Circle #272


Photodiode Head Fits Into Small Spaces

Ophir Optronics' Model PD300-TP is a thin profile, laser power photodiode measuring head designed to fit into small spaces.

The head has a sliding filter to measure from 50 pW to 300 mW and contains a measurement in dBm.

The PD300-TP has a spectral range of 350 to 1,100 nm and is capable of ±3% accuracy within a spectral response range of 400 to 950 nm.

It also has built-in wavelength calibration.

Call: 800-383-0814; fax: 978-774-8202. 9; Circle #270


GainSeeker 7.3 Calculates, Manages Data Grouping

Hertzler Systems' QA/S GainSeeker 7.3 software collects, manages, analyzes and reports quality information.

GainSeeker 7.3's data grouping feature uses control charts to display control limits calculated for each group of data. This allows users to mark changes in the process and better understand the subprocesses that contribute to common cause variation, says Hertzler.

It also has the ability to edit statistical labels and real-time messages and launch data entry at a specific time. It has new statistics and date and time periods to help analyze the data.

Call: 574-533-0571; e-mail: info@hertzler.com. Circle #268


Heidenhain Introduces Specto Length Gages

Specto incremental length gages from Heidenhain can be used for process monitoring and automated production applications.

The gages have an accuracy of ± 1 µm and measuring ranges of 12 and 30 mm and are designed for plunger velocities up to 1.2 m/s (47 ipm).

The gages can remain stable over long periods of operation and require no calibration, says Heidenhain.

All versions feature a ball-bush guided plunger and protection against contamination.

Call: 847-490-1191; e-mail: info@heidenhain.com. Circle #271

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