Internal, External Comparator Gage Assesses Measurements

The Checkmatic from Fowler is an internal and external comparator gage designed to provide measurements for internal and external diameters, center axis distances, thread rolls and internal and exterior grooves.

It determines bearing face distance, concentricity, hole position and center distance, internal recess diameters, internal and external splines, and slot and undercut depth.

The Checkmatic also incorporates inch-metric conversion, preset and preset recall, zero settings, memory hold and tolerance input.

Call: 800-788-2353; fax: 617-332-4137. Circle #252

Setnag's JC48V Analyzer Measures Oxygen Levels

Setnag's JC48V oxygen trace analyzer is designed for industrial gas producers and heat treatment.

It measures ppm oxygen levels as low as 25% using the MicroPoas oxygen microgage, which comes with its own built-in metallic reference point.

The gage makes measurements more accurate because they are independent from outside ambient conditions. No reference gas is required, and the JC48V comes built into a 19-in. rack for integration into existing cabinets.

Call: 011-33-4-91-95-65-12 (France); e-mail: export@setnag.com.  Circle #254

Bar Code Reader Has Reading Efficiency Display

Keyence's BL-600 Series barcode reader.

Keyence says its BL-600 Series is the industry's first bar code reader to provide a preventive maintenance information (PMI) feature. The PMI monitors and reports reading performance during operation, making it possible to detect potential reading error problems.

Using Keyence's patented polygon mirror scanning technology, the BL-600 offers an increased reading area and incident reading angle.

The bar code reader can read bars as thin as 0.125 mm and operates at distances up to 330 mm (12.9 in.). It weighs 115 g and operates at 500 scans/sec.

Call: 888-539-3623; e-mail: keyence@keyence.com. Circle #253

Formtracer Generates Surface Roughness Analysis

The Formtracer CS Series of measuring systems from Mitutoyo can determine contour and surface roughness analysis from a single measurement of the work piece. Two models of the system are available: the CS-3000 and CS-5000.

The CS-3000 is designed for smaller work pieces requiring mid-level accuracy. It has a maximum measuring range of 10 mm and a maximum resolution of 0.8 nanometers.

The CS-5000 provides laboratory level accuracy employing a laser holoscale that utilizes interference of diffracted light to achieve nanometer resolution.

Call: 630-978-5385; e-mail: info@mitutoyo.com. Circle #255

Ono Sokki's BS-112 Sensor Fits Small Spaces

Ono Sokki Technology's model BS-112 miniature linear gage sensor can measure dimensions, thickness, curvature, height, depth, flatness, variation, distortion, eccentricity, deflection, roundness, displacement, run-out and position.

The BS-112 is custom built to fit tight quarters, where conventional sensors can't be used. It produces measurements of 0.00004 in. with a range of 0-10 mm.

It comes equipped with a six-foot signal cable that can be connected to remote displays and comparators with various outputs.

Call: 630-627-9700; fax: 630-627-0004. Circle #256

Software Pressure Regulators Provide Portable Calibration

The Model 206 Series Regulator from Scott Specialty Gases..

The Model 206 Series regulators from Scott Specialty Gases are compact, single stage regulators for portable calibration and analyzer applications.

The regulators feature a low internal dead volume of 3.03 cc that allows for rapid purging in instrument applications.

Maximum inlet pressure is rated at 3,000 psig (207 bar). Operating temperature range is between -40° F and +140° F (-40° C and +60° C).

Call: 800-654-2737; e-mail: mparadiso@scottgass.com. Circle #261

Calculates Real-Life Maintenance Scenarios  

Relax Reliability Software Suite Version 7.6 from Relax Software is a collection of analysis tools for evaluating and improving product reliability.

It includes a system optimization and simulation (OpSim) module for modeling real-life maintenance scenarios.

Based on parameters including transportation times, storage and transportation costs, and replenishment levels for spares, Relax OpSim can calculate the optimal number of on-site and off-site spares for each system component.

From the provided component data, it determines whether to use analytical analysis or simulation.

Call: 724-836-8800; e-mail: info@relaxsoftware.com. Circle #257

HCA Releases E-Learning Seminar on Six Sigma, Lean

Human Capital Associates (HCA) has released a leadership e-learning seminar series on lean and Six Sigma.

HCA says the Lean6sigma Leadership Series provides a management system to create customer value and loyalty, deliver sustainable results, achieve product and service excellence, and generate positive momentum across an organization.

The seminar includes best practices, case studies, interactive exercises and simulations. It is available as a complete series or in individual modules.

Call: 719-590-1171; fax: 719-590-6620. Circle #258

Software Allows Learning Through Virtual Collaboration

PathMaker 5.0 software from SkyMark has tools for quality, planning, process improvement, Six Sigma, benchmarking and scorecards.

The software covers flowcharts, cause and effect diagrams, Pareto charts, histogram and normal plots, brainstorming, affinity diagrams and more.

The tools can be used in virtual collaboration over networks or the internet for project management, meeting support, logical thinking, decision making, data analysis, creative thinking and just-in-time learning.

PathMaker 5.0 runs on Windows XP, ME, 2000, 98, 95 and NT. 

Call: 412-371-0680; e-mail: sdavid@skymark.com.  Circle #259

Aqueous Mixer Produces Uniform Emulsion

Force-Flo's Aqueous Mixer..

Force-Flo's Aqueous Mixer blends chemicals with water automatically for uniform emulsion at any proportion.

Plant water line operating pressure (25-lb. minimum) is needed to operate the units. Three and 10 gallon a minute rated models are available.

Mixing ratio ranges are from 3 to 1 through 100 to 1. Models are available in stainless steel, brass or nickel plate.

Call: 216-431-7270; e-mail: info@forceflo.com. Circle #260

Thickness Gage Improves Ultrasonic Performance

Agfa NDT says the Krautkramer CL 400 precision thickness gage improves ultrasonic performance and straightforward operation.

The CL 400 has a help window to provide step-by-step procedures for calibration, probe setup and data recording, six virtual keys that change function based on the task, a velocity value for immediate reference and an alarm bar graph.

Instrument capabilities can be extended with optional A-Scan and programmable data recorder features.

The data recorder can store up to 250 files with a total capacity of 10,000 readings.

Call: 717-242-0327; fax: 717-242-2606. Circle #262

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