Raindrop Geomagic Releases Computer Aided Inspection Software Program

Raindrop Geomagic says its new computer aided inspection (CAI) software, Geomagic Qualify 5, can automatically process scan data from a physical part.

This allows for instant graphical comparisons between computer aided design models and as-built parts for first-article inspection, tool validation, wear analysis, geometric dimensioning and tolerance analysis, and object alignment.

Other features include 3-D dimensioning, graphical user interface and coordinate measuring machine data handling functions.

Call: 800-251-5551; e-mail: inquiry@geomagic.com. Circle #298

Hygro-Thermometer Records Temperature, Dew Point

Teletemp's Hygro-Thermometer is a portable multifunctional datalogger. It can take up to 15,000 humidity, temperature, dew point and wet bulb measurements.

The Hygro-Thermometer records humidity levels from 10 to 95% with an accuracy of ±3% and temperature readings from ­4° to 140 °F (-20° to 60 °C) with an accuracy of ±0.9 °F (±0.5 °C).

Time and date stamped data are available in list or graph form using the supplied Windows compatible software.

The meter provides real-time measurements of two customer selected parameters on its LCD display.

Call: 800-321-5160; fax: 714-870-8136. Circle #294


Clare Instruments' G2 Genie combination tester.

G2 Genie Possesses Data Traceability Features; Performs Electrical Safety Tests

Clare Instruments says the G2 Genie is a combination tester that performs standard electrical safety tests including earth bond, AC/DC hi pot testing and insulation resistance to ensure the compatibility of products with required test and performance standards.

The tester incorporates fully isolated outputs from the ground connection, enabling multiple test connections to be established with the product or component under test.

The G2 has selectable 50 or 60 Hz output frequencies for hi pot testing and a 30A constant current low voltage ground bond test.

Call: 813-886-2775; fax: 813-868-2754. Circle #300

KJT Introduces System For Power Quality Monitoring

Solo from Kreiss Johnson Technologies (KJT) is an internet system for single point and portable power quality monitoring.

Solo transforms power quality monitoring data into internet accessible answers, giving small to mid-size industrial and commercial companies information on energy use, cost and power quality.

After detecting a power quality event, Solo completes an artificial intelligence based analysis to determine the severity of the disturbance, its source, affected equipment and a recommended solution.

Web based interactive charts enable engineers to analyze and identify energy wastes and reduce usage during peak demand periods.

Call: 858-259-0711; e-mail: sales@kjt.com. Circle #297

FlatRuler Supplies Optical Surface Form Measurements

The FlatRuler from Corning Tropel provides noncontact optical surface form measurement of precision components used in the industrial, semiconductor and automotive markets.

It does surface form measurement of flat surfaces and ground, blanked, stamped, turned or molded components up to 200 mm2.

The FlatRuler uses moiré interferometry and Corning Tropel's phase measuring interferometry software.

Its fringe projection technology illuminates the entire surface of an object. This allows noncontact, 3-D measurement of up to 250,000 data points in seconds, with accuracy to five microns.

Call: 607-974-4989; e-mail: dannme@corning.com. Circle #295

XDAL Performs Element Analysis and Measurement

Fischer Technology's Fischerscope X-Ray XDAL is an x-ray fluorescence spectrometer capable of performing both quantitative element analysis and thickness measurement.

The XDAL can analyze solid samples, powders, pastelike materials and liquids for up to 24 elements from AI (Z=13) to U (Z=92).

The instrument's capabilities are achieved using a semiconductor detector with Peltier cooling for high spectral energy and the WinFTM Version 6 software for materials and multidimensional coating analysis.

Call: 800-243-8417; e-mail: info@fischer-technology.com. Circle #296


The Class II SLS500 sensor from LMI Selcom.

SLS500 Sensors Measure High-Speed Applications

The Class II SLS500 sensors from LMI Selcom are single point, noncontact industrial gauging sensors for high-speed applications in the automotive industry.

LMI Selcom says the sensors have a laser feedback loop, allowing for accurate measurements without regard to speed, ambient light changes, color, temperature of material or general plant environmental conditions.

Repeatability is up to 16,000 times a second within a defined spot using little power.

Other features include a data sampling rate of 16 kHz, a bandwidth (response) of 2 kHz and a standoff distance of up to 15.75 in. (325 mm).

Call: 248-359-2427; fax: 248-355-3283. 09; 09; 09; 09; Circle #293

GP-CX261V Has Small Color CCD Camera

The GP-CX261V color charged coupled device (CCD) camera module from Panasonic Vision Systems incorporates an ultrasmall color CCD camera and controller.

The camera module has a horizontal resolution of 512 (H) x 494 (V) pixels or 350 lines of resolution and a minimum illumination of 6.5 lux. The unit requires only 6V for operation.

Applications include nondestructive analysis, quality control, industrial and medical use, test and measurement, surface mount inspection and process measurement.

Call: 888-880-8474; fax: 845-358-1899. Circle #299

Probe Calculates Surface Resistance of Small Areas

The PRF-922 miniature two-point probe from Prostat is capable of measurements up to 1.0 x 1012 ohms.

Built-in distance stops provide consistent electrode to sample pressure for developing repeatable measurements, says Prostat.

The PRF-922 can measure small material samples, hard-to-assess molded areas, edges of parts, tray or tape cells and other small objects and surfaces.

The assembly is supplied with replaceable conductive electrode covers to enhance contact resistance on irregular surfaces and composition materials.

Call: 630-238-8883; fax: 630-238-9717. Circle #250

Web Based E-Learning Series Covers Six Sigma

Corpedia Education and the Juran Institute recently released Six Sigma DMAIC Process­Production, a Web based e-learning series that teaches the basics of Six Sigma.

The Yellow Belt level courses cover the essentials of Six Sigma and act as a stepping stone to more advanced Six Sigma Green and Black Belt training and certification.

Call: 877-629-8724; e-mail: sales@corpedia.com. Circle #251

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