Minitab Offers Project Management Software

Minitab's Quality Companion is a project management solution that integrates a variety of tools needed for a quality improvement project into one package.

Quality Companion allows quality professionals to access the various tools used in an improvement project from a single application and store all the information associated with a project in a single file.

Tools available include flowchart, failure mode and effects analysis, XY matrix, forms generator, cause and effect diagrams, brainstorming, affinity diagrams, consensus builder and process mapping.

It runs from a network drive, which provides all users immediate and universal access to projects, says Minitab.

Call: 800-488-3555 x326; e-mail: sales@minitab.com. Circle #282

EMI Launches Web Based Quality Reporting System

Express Manufacturing Inc. (EMI) recently released a Web based reporting system that allows customers to access their quality reports and information in real time.

EMI says its system heightens the efficiency of root cause analysis and any subsequent quality improvement efforts, while allowing quality control and customer service departments to operate more efficiently.

Available quality data include yield analysis, delivery schedules, and defect trends and design issues.

Call: 714-854-0900; e-mail: sandy@kanatsiz.com. Circle #284

Dual Purpose Probe Performs Scanning

Renishaw's SP25M scanning probe is a two in one scanning probe that can perform scanning for form and touch trigger sensing for size and position.

Measuring 25 mm (1 in.) in diameter, the SP25M can be mounted to motorized articulating heads and fitted to a range of extension bars to allow access to deep part features.

The probe uses Renscan technology to provide flexibility, while maintaining scanning performance on both traditional coordinate measuring machines and vision systems, says Renishaw.

It also features kinematic stylus changing and bump-stop crash protection.

Call: 847-286-9953; fax: 847-286-9974. Circle #287

Autros System Helps Reduce Medication Errors

The Autros Point of Care system is a computerized medication management system that provides caregivers with the decision support they need to help them accurately manage patient information and safely administer medications, says Baxter Healthcare International.

Using wireless technology and handheld personal digital assistants, Autros lets the physician, pharmacy and nurses update and share patient information in real time at the point of care.

The system includes bar code scanning at the bedside for patient identification, electronic entry of physician orders, monitoring and charting of patient medical records, and management of pharmacy and nursing workflow.

Call: 800-422-9837; fax: 847-948-3642. Circle #283

Gigahertz-Optik Introduces Light Measurement Solution


Gigahertz-Optik's P-2000 Optometer.

The P-2000 Optometer from Gigahertz-Optik offers two channel parallel operation for universal use in any optical radiation measurement including radiometry, photometry, optical and laser power, and integrating sphere applications.

The P-2000 features a large blue fluorescent display, 16 menu selectable modes of operation and auto or manual ranges over a wide dynamic range from 0.1 picoampere to 2 milliamperes.

Gigahertz-Optik says all essential detector data are stored in the detector's data coupler so any number of detectors with associated components like optical filters, integrating spheres and other input devices can be interchanged on the optometer for error free system setup.

Call: 978-462-1818; e-mail: b.angelo@gigahertz-optik.com. Circle #292

Daytronic Introduces Gage Conditioner Module

The Model 5D70 from Daytronic is a single input, dual output, software programmable conditioner for input of pressure, force, torque, weight and other variables measured by conventional direct current excited strain gage transducers.

Daytronic says the Model 5D70's analog design yields signal stability and accuracy over a wide range of sensor inputs (configurable sensitivity ranges from 0.5 to 16 mV/V, full scale).

Features include remotely sensed, user selectable excitation, chopper stabilized low drift amplification, internal absolute software based calibration, external shunt calibration connections and 0.02% accuracy, full scale.

Call: 937-293-2566; fax: 937-293-2586. Circle #285

Accelerometer Demonstrates Shock Survivability

Endevco's Model 752A is a lightweight piezoelectric accelerometer with integral electronics and transducer electronic data sheet capabilities.

The Model 752A can withstand most rough handling in laboratory environments without sustaining damage and maintains phase characteristics over its entire operating frequency range, says Endevco.

It is available in a 100mV/g and 1V/g version and offers exceptional resolution and wide bandwidth (flat to 10 kHz).

The accelerometer is recommended for aerospace, automotive and general laboratory applications.

Call: 949-493-8181; fax: 949-661-7231. Circle #289

UV Exposure Meter Features Run Time System

The IL393UV Uniformity View from International Light is a self-contained instrument that can perform four critical UV measurements: total exposure, peak irradiance, irradiance profile and duration.

Using run time system diagnostics, the IL393UV acquires the maximum irradiance at every point along the curing path and displays these data as a graph of irradiance vs. position to let an operator instantly see the quality of the illumination.

The instrument provides both quantitative and qualitative analysis of a process run by recalling a stored baseline run. It can also detect when a lamp is down or out of focus and display that information instantly so an operator can take corrective action.

Call: 978-465-5923; fax: 978-462-0759. Circle #288

Data Loggers Have "Push To Start" Button

Dickson recently introduced the Pro Series Data Loggers.

The user decides when to start logging data with the push of a button, making it easier to eliminate unusable predata during testing, shipping and other monitoring conditions.

The loggers feature data storage of 32,512 sample points and high accuracy of ±1.8° F for temperature and ±2% for relativehumidity.

They are available in two models: TR220 for temperature and humidity and SR200 for temperature.

Call: 800-323-2448; fax: 800-676-0498. Circle #291

Camera Has Factory Floor Applications

The ThinkEye camera from JAI is a complete standalone solution based on a PowerPC processor with floating point unit.

The camera has a resolution of 659 x 494 pixels using a monochrome, progressive scan charged coupled device sensor. It accepts standard C-mount lenses.

ThinkEye is configured and programmed via an ethernet interface using a standard Web browser, since it has an on-board Web server. It is powered by Common Vision Blox, an image processing software suite.

The camera is housed in an anodized aluminum case, making it ideal for factory floor applications, says JAI.

Call: 978-957-8587; e-mail: jdo@jai.com. Circle #290

MicroVibe Vibration Test Instrument Uses PDAs


The MicroVibe Analyzer from SKF Reliability Systems.

The MicroVibe Analyzer is the first vibration test and measurement instrument made to be used with a personal digital assistant (PDA), says SKF Reliability Systems.

The card type vibration meter fits the Springboard expansion slot of a Handspring Visor handheld PDA and accepts a variety of sensors, including accelerometers and electrodynamic velocity pickups.

The instrument offers vibration, time-waveform and fast Fourier transformation spectrum plots, as well as user selectable measurement units (English or metric).

It also provides technicians with judgment criteria based on ISO 9000 standards, enabling an immediate assessment of a machine's condition, says SKF.

Fax: 215-513-4736; e-mail: csg-usa@skf.com. Circle #286

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