Advanced Quality Function Deployment

Fiorenzo Franceschini, CRC Press, 2000 N.W. Corporate Blvd., Boca Raton, FL 33431, 2002, 187 pp., $59.95 (book).

Quality function deployment (QFD) is an important tool for quality and manufacturing professionals. The first three chapters are basic and present QFD concepts and approaches. However, in chapter three, the author starts providing mathematical techniques using calculus, which may be hard for some readers to understand.

I had difficulty deciding who would use this book other than professors and advanced students. The final chapter, "Application of a Quality Function Deployment to Industrial Training Courses," is too basic and would be better titled "Case Study" or "Real-World Application."

I expected more from this book based on its title, Advanced Quality Function Deployment, but the material presented is adequate if you scan it and then look for a user-friendly book of QFD tools and techniques.

Ron Anjard
San Diego

Design for Six Sigma

Geoff Tennant, Gower Publishing, 131 Main St., Burlington, VT 05401-5600, 2002, 195 pp., $84.95 (book).

Design for Six Sigma: Launching New Products and Services Without Failure provides guidance in the successful introduction of new products and services, describing aspects of business strategy, design, project management and methodology to attain a customer focused Six Sigma approach. The use of Six Sigma as a philosophy, metric and methodology is covered. The design process is analyzed from an ideal perspective, and common failures of the design process are explored.

A design for Six Sigma (DFSS) methodology deals with customer focus and satisfaction. The primary tool used by the author is quality function deployment. Other quality tools and skills required in DFSS include failure mode effects analysis, simulation and modeling, team building, project management, and innovation and creativity skills.

The chapters are written in a conversational style but tend to be filled with too many personal opinions. Figures are used to present concepts visually, and major points are bulleted in the text.

This book will be useful to any student or practitioner of Six Sigma. Designers, development managers and engineers will find the book a necessary addition to their tool chests.

Bryan Ruggles
Sanden International
Allen, TX

ISO 9001:2000 Revision Highlights

Klaus Graebig, ASQ Quality Press, 600 N. Plankinton Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53203, 2002, 96 pp., $20 member, $25 list (book).

ISO 9001:2000 Revision Highlights: A Comparative Guide is designed to be a clause-by-clause comparison of ISO 9000:1994 to ISO 9000:2000. Minor changes in the standards and editorial comments are purposely left out so only the essential changes are included.

While there isn't enough information in the guide to make it the sole document used for developing or upgrading to an ISO 9000:2000 quality system, it still is useful as a quick reference. The author also provides short descriptions of what was changed, revised or deleted, and explains how the clauses are referenced to other clauses. Having both versions of the standard together makes this pocket-sized guide a handy tool for quality professionals.

I would recommend this guide for organizations in the process of transitioning to the 2000 version of the standard. Remember, it's not a substitute for the actual ISO 9000 standards. This guide would also be useful for people not directly involved with the ISO 9000 transition who want to have a reference available to remind them of the requirements.

Eric Furness
Derco Aerospace

TL 9000 Release 3.0

Sandford Liebesman, Alka Jarvis and Ashok V. Dandekar, ASQ Quality Press, 600 N. Plankinton Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53203, 2002, 170 pp., $36 member, $45 list (book).

TL 9000 Release 3.0: A Guide to Measuring Excellence in Telecommunications, second edition, is organized in a logical manner. It starts with an informative introduction that provides insight into the development of the TL 9000 quality system requirements and metrics. The next two chapters cover the common, hardware, software and service specific requirements (adders) of the standard. Each section within these chapters includes the requirements, the rationale behind them and tips for implementing these adders.

The chapter on the TL 9000 measurements provides various examples of the required measurement data using appropriate data tables and graphs.

Chapter six, "TL 9000 Case Studies: An Innovative Way of Gathering Feedback Information," lived up to my expectations. However, including more updated information from an organization that had recently achieved TL 9000 certification would have exceeded my expectations.

This reference book can be used by organizations pursuing certification to TL 9000, registrar organizations that conduct certification audits and organizations already certified to the standard. This is one book that will not be covered by dust sitting on someone's shelf.

Herzl Marouni



Manufacturing Handbook of Best Practices, Jack B. ReVelle, ed., CRC Press, 2000 N.W. Corporate Blvd., Boca Raton, FL 33431, 2002, 435 pp., $89.95 (book).

Simplified TRIZ, Kalevi Rantanen and Ellen Domb, CRC Press, 2000 N.W. Corporate Blvd., Boca Raton, FL 33431, 2002, 262 pp., $59.95 (book).

Six Sigma and Beyond: Statistics and Probability, D.H. Stamatis, CRC Press, 2000 N.W. Corporate Blvd., Boca Raton, FL 33431, 2003, 344 pp., $119.95 (book).

Standard Work for the Shopfloor, Productivity Press, 444 Park Ave. S., Suite 604, New York, NY 10016, 2002, 85 pp., $25 (book).

Statistical Process Adjustment for Quality Control, Enrique del Castillo, John Wiley & Sons, 605 Third Ave., New York, NY 10158, 2002, 358 pp., $89.95 (book).

The Quality Revolution, George Mouradian, University Press of America, 4720 Boston Way, Lanham, MD 20706, 2002, 268 pp., $38 (book).

The Uncertainty of Measurements, S.K. Kimothi, ASQ Quality Press, 600 N. Plankinton Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53203, 2002, 416 pp., $52 member, $65 list (book).

Transactional Six Sigma and Lean Servicing, Betsi Harris Ehrlich, CRC Press, 2000 N.W. Corporate Blvd., Boca Raton, FL 33431, 2002, 271 pp., $69.95 (book).

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