Online RSS-14 Inspects Pharmaceutical Bar Codes

Micron Pharma Works and IPD, the intelligent products division of machine vision manufacturer Coreco Imaging, says it has developed one of the first online RSS-14 (reduced space symbology) code inspection systems for unidose packages in the pharmaceutical industry.

The RSS-14 bar code symbologies incorporate more information in less space. A primary application for this code is in pharmaceutical manufacturing and tracking of the packaging of products, the manufacturers say.

The inspection system features IPD's NetSight general purpose machine vision system, which supports customized software for decoding the RSS-14 symbology.

Call: 978-670-2037; e-mail: jmartell@goipd.com. Circle #273

Hart Scientific's SPRT Measures Temperature, Drift

The Model 5698 standard platinum resistance thermometer (SPRT) from Hart Scientific features a strain free, 25-ohm, pure platinum sensor. Enclosed in a 19-in. quartz glass sheath, it covers temperatures from ­200° to 661° C.

Long-term drift is specified at ±0.006° C after 100 hours at maximum temperature, and typical drift after the same experience is ±0.003° C. Calibration options include both fixed point and comparison calibrations.

Call: 800-438-4278; fax: 801-763-1010. Circle #274

Miniature Displacement Sensor Installs in Seconds

The series L minature position transducers are easy to install displacement sensors developed as a space saving alternative to rod and cylinder products such as linear potentiometers, says SpaceAge Controls.

The transducers weigh less than 2 oz. (57 g) and can withstand 100 g/15 g shock and vibration environments. Operating temperature is from ­40° to +85° C analog and ­10° to +85° C digital, and operating lifetime is in excess of 5,000,000 shaft revolutions analog and 50,000,000 digital.

Typical applications include simulator actuator feedback, steel mill controls feedback and medical device locating function. Installation takes less than one minute, says SpaceAge Controls.

Call: 661-273-3000; fax: 661-273-4240. Circle #276

LVDT Measures Motion In Hostile Environments

Macro Sensors says the SQ 1250 series of linear variable displacement transducer (LVDT) position sensors measures position or motion in mill type hostile environments.

With its electrical assembly encapsulated in aluminum housing, the contactless position sensors can withstand high shock and vibration levels, says the manufacturer.

The sensors are available in measuring ranges from ±0.50 to ±10 in., and maximum linearity error is ±0.25% of full range output. Operating temperature range is ­65° to 300° F (-55° to 150° C), and vibration tolerance is 20 g to 2 kHz with shock survival of 1,000 g, 11 ms.

Call: 856-662-8000; e-mail: lvdts@macrosensors.com. Circle #277

Scantek Offers Multipurpose Acoustical Analyzer

The SC-30 from Scantek is a type one real-time octave band analyzer with frequency range from 31.5 Hz to 16 kHz.

The SC-30 has a single 23 to 140 dB range, reverberation calculations and can complete measurements with no need for range switching. It can be used for high voltage alternating current and building acoustics, industrial noise and community noise measurements and analysis.

It comes with all the necessary software to download measurements, says Scantek.

Call: 410-290-7726; e-mail: info@scantekinc.com. Circle #278

DI-1000TC Has Isolation, Synchronization Features

Dataq Instruments says the Model DI-1000TC is designed for use across the spectrum of temperature measurement applications, from the controlled environment of a laboratory to acid heavy industry environments.

The DI-1000TC provides 1,000 volts direct current and peak alternating current input to output, channel to channel and channel to ground isolation.

It is available in four-channel or eight-channel versions, and each channel may be configured in software to support one of eight thermocouple types: J, K, T, E, S, B, N or R. Temperature measurements may range from ­200° to +1,820° C (-328° to +3,308° F), depending on thermocouple type.

Call: 800-553-9006; e-mail: info@dataq.com. Circle #279

Thermo Spectronic Presents New AB2 Spectrometer

The Aminco-Bowman Series 2 (AB2) from Thermo Spectronic is a new general purpose spectrofluorometer that can be applied to a variety of analytical problems.

The AB2's features include submillisecond rate data acquisition and research grade optics that allow spectral bandpass settings of 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 nm on each of its two monochromators.

A 150-watt continuous wave xenon lamp and a xenon flash lamp can both be mounted inside the instrument at the same time.

Call: 800-201-8132; e-mail: carrie.wagener@thermo.com. Circle #280

Camera Provides Laser Measurement of 3-D Shapes

The Ranger M50 from Integrated Vision Products.

Integrated Vision Products (IVP) Ranger M50 is a camera that measures 3-D shapes at a rapid rate.

Using a patented scanning method, the equipment can be used for test measurements, reading up to 10,000 3-D profiles a second, says IVP.

The camera is based on the company's new image sensor with 1,536 x 512 pixels. It is intended for customers who develop inspection equipment in different fields.

Call: 425-483-9669; e-mail: info@ivpvision.com. Circle #275

Coating System Ensures Structural Integrity

The optically active coating system (OACS) from NCP Coatings is designed for manufacturing applications, including critical applications and coating applications that must have lifetime inspections.

It can also be used for quality assurance inspections of specified coatings that are critical to manufacturing integrity, or wherever there is a possibility of counterfeit original equipment manufacturer components being passed as quality parts, says NCP.

The OACS pigment system can be formulated to coat conventional or composite materials to ensure structural integrity or thickness inspections only under ultraviolet light.

It is recommended for use in industries such as automotive, industrial maintenance, aviation, aerospace and security verification systems.

Call: 800-627-1948; fax: 269-683-3305. Circle #281

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