Hawk TC-200CX Enhances Machining Performance

The Hawk TC-200CX Turning Center from Cincinnati Machine is equipped with Siemens A2100Di digital control and drive technology and Profibus interface technology for input and output communications.

The manufacturer says the Hawk TC-200CX offers increased power, torque and rapid traverse rates, along with maintenance-free linear guideways on X-and Y-axes for increased rigidity, dynamic stiffness and reduced friction.

It maintains positioning accuracy of ±3 microns in the X-axis and ±4 microns in the Z-axis, and reliability accuracy of ±1 micron in both axes.

Call: 877-246-6224; fax: 513-752-9800.
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Color Measurement System Uses UV Calibration

Datacolor's Mercury 3000 color measurement system is the third tier in its spectrophotometer series.

The Mercury 3000 combines the precision and accuracy of a bench-top instrument with the navigation and touch screen technology of a personal digital assistant, says Datacolor.

It uses UV calibration to measure the whiteness of samples containing fluorescent whitening agents, such as white textiles, paper and plastic.

It features automatic selection of standards and can retain more than 30,000 samples in its database.

Call: 609-895-7442; e-mail: lschuman@datacolor.com.
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Vision Components Unveils New Smart Camera

Vision Components says the VCM50 is the first miniature progressive scan, 50 frame per second charged coupled device smart camera.

It's 100 mm long and 30 mm in diameter, weighs 100 grams and consumes less than one watt of power.

VCM50's construction and NEMA4 housing stand up to vibrations, shocks and extreme temperatures while permitting precise measurements and tests, says the manufacturer.

It can be used for motion detection and analysis, inspection, biometrical identification, and 2-D and 3-D measurements.

Call: 603-598-2588; e-mail: etoth@vision-comp.com.
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Sermatech Introduces New Double-Sure Indicator

The Double-Sure dual containment sight flow indicator from Sermatech.

Sermatech's new Double-Sure dual containment sight flow indicator is designed for high pressure and temperature conditions found in ultra pure processing.

The Double-Sure indicators are dual containment sight glasses with a 150 psig pressure rating and an operating temperature range from -20 to 350° F (-29 to 177° C).

The inner chamber is subjected to a 225 psig hydrostatic pressure test and a 150 psig helium bubble test, while the outer chamber is subjected to a 150 psig helium bubble test.

Call: 610-948-1734; e-mail: dfrymoyer@sermatech.com.
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Software Program Collects, Analyzes Engineering Data

CyberResearch's DaqLab is a software program that collects, analyzes and displays engineering data.

DaqLab has two primary functional areas: the data collection function, which minimizes the effects of random system events on data retrieval schedules, and the display function, which converts raw data to engineering units, statistically analyzes both current and archival data, and displays results in engineering formats that will make sense to the user.

It runs under Windows 98, NT4, 2000 Pro, ME or XP.

Call: 800-341-2525; fax: 203-483-9024.
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ETS's Model 621 Detects Excessive Static Charges

The Model 621 single-channel static level monitoring system from Electro-Tech Systems (ETS) is designed to warn of excessive static charge buildup in manufacturing and handling processes.

The Model 621 is an autoranging monitoring system that will automatically switch measurement ranges between 500 and 5,000 volts (X1) and 5kV and 50kV (X10) at 2 in.

Its controller consists of a 10-digit, autoranging LED bar graph display with polarity and range indicators, lower and upper alarm set controls and LED indication when an alarm is triggered.

The single channel system has a ±1 volt and 4-20mA signal output that can be used with a chart recorder, data logger or computer.

Call: 215-887-2196; e-mail: brianh@ets2.com.
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Data Acquisition Recorder Has 18 Channels

The Dash 18 data acqusition system from Astro-Med.

The Dash 18 data acquisition system can simultaneously capture 18 channels of data to an internal hard drive at a sample rate of 100 KHz per channel, says Astro-Med.

The unit is equipped with a 15.4-in. diagonal monitor for touch-screen control and real-time data viewing and analysis.

Other features include an ethernet interface for command and control and universal signal conditioning for most signal types.

Call: 877-867-9783; e-mail: mtgroup@astromed.com.
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Racal's Arbitrary Waveform Generator Has Arbitrary Sweep Capabilities

The Model 3155, 100 MS/s, 14-bit, PXI arbitrary waveform generator (ARB) provides users with a range of up to 84 dB, high-speed operation and arbitrary sweep capabilities, says Racal Instruments.

The ARB outputs standard functions (sine, square, triangle and others) at frequencies up to 50 MHz, with a generator output rate up to 100 million samples per second.

It has an internal 4,096-step sequencer with advance modes and a trigger timer that conserves the Model 3155's 1 megabyte of waveform memory, says Racal.

Call: 949-460-6854; e-mail: fbennett@racalate.com.
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Ametek Offers Windows Based MT Software

The Nexygen Material Testing (MT) Version 4.5 from Ametek is a Windows based program that houses a library of international standard tests for quality applications.

Version 4.5 records details of all logins and logouts and when tests are created, changed, deleted or aborted. Audit trails are time stamped to provide an accurate history of data, says Ametek.

The software also has security and data audit tracking, video capture and playback, and extended instrument interfaces.

It is available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Danish and simplified Chinese.

Call: 727-536-7831; fax: 727-539-6882.
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