Hydrophobic Filters Guard Against Water Damage
The Model 98 Hydrophobic Membrane Filter from Parker Hannifin is designed to prevent water from entering and damaging online analyzers in a range of applications.

As gas enters through the filter's inlet port and exits through the outlet port, it passes through a membrane that does not let liquid pass through.

The Model A98-11 contains the same membrane with the added protection of a coalescing filter. This shuts off gas flow to the analyzer should any liquid pass through for reasons such as unexpected surges in pressure or drops in temperature.

Call: 800-343-4048; fax: 978-858-0625.
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Compact Deduster Can Handle Big Loads
Pelletron has introduced the P1 Mini-Deduster, a containment removal system for plastic product manufacturers.

The P1 Mini-Deduster separates plastic pellets from dust contaminants that contribute to rejected parts, increased scrap rates and production delays.

It is the most compact deduster made by Pelletron. It has the capacity to handle up to 200 lbs. of raw material per hour and can separate particles smaller than 100 microns.

Call: 717-293-4008; fax: 717-293-4011.
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Scanning Mode Makes Measuring Easier, Accurate
A new scanning mode that provides nondestructive coating thickness measurements with greater speed and accuracy is being used with the CMI200 and CMI700 series of instruments from Oxford Instruments Measurement Systems.

The CMI200 (handheld) and CMI700 (benchtop) measure the thickness of coated or plated parts.

The new scanning mode allows the easy measurement of uneven or textured surfaces by taking nine measurements per second as the instrument is dragged across the surface. In a five-second scan, 45 measurements are averaged to produce a more accurate result than former methods were capable of.

Call: 44-0-1494-442255; or e-mail:analytical@oxinst.co.uk.
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Software Supplement Expands Compatibility
QI Macros, a statistical process control software add-in for Microsoft Excel, is now compatible with more than 30 international language versions of Excel.

QI Macros draws charts for ISO 9000 and Six Sigma for the service, healthcare and manufacturing industries. The KnowWare Man, maker of QI Macros, says it is easy to learn and user friendly.

It is compatible with Excel and Office 95, 97 and 2000 and runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, NT or XP.

Call: 303-756-9144; e-mail: lifestar@rmi.net.
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PHD optical connectors are military grade.

Optical Connectors Stand Up to Harsh Environments
ITT Industries, Cannon has added a new line of harsh environment connectors to its Photonics High Density (PHD) multichannel optical interconnects system.

The PHD 38999 is designed for military and avionics applications, and the Poseidon PHD is for industrial and other commercial applications. Both are made to be used in severe conditions.

The PHD system features several military grade optical connectors.

Call: 714-557-4700; fax: 714-628-8406.
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Optical System Extends Zoom Range, Performance
The Zoom 125C optical system is designed to extend the zoom range and optical performance of Thales Optem's Zoom product line.

For use in machine vision and inspection application, it has a 12.5:1 zoom ratio covering a nominal magnification range of 0.52X-6.5X, a nominal working distance of 89 mm and a maximum resolution of 300 lp/mm in standard configuration. It works with a wide variety of cameras.

The Zoom 125C features the same modular design as other optical systems by Thales Optem, allowing application specific configurations by interchanging function modules with a variety of magnification and illumination accessories.

Call: 585-223-2370; e-mail: terriference@thales-optem.com.
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Thermo Orion's Aquafast powder chemistries work with most colorimeters.

Thermo Orion Adds Powder Testing Option
Aquafast powder chemistries add a third alternative to Thermo Orion's line of water testing chemistries.

Designed for use in laboratory and portable applications, Aquafast powder chemistries can measure 12 different species of water, determining levels of elements such as chlorine, copper, iron and manganese. They are available from Thermo Orion in addition to tablet and cuvette forms of water testing chemistries.

The powders are used with Thermo Orion and most other colorimeters.

Call: 800-225-1480; fax: 978-232-6015.
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SolidWorks Releases New Version of CAD Software
Solidworks Corp. has released Solid- Works 2003, the latest version of its 3-D computer aided design (CAD) software.

SolidWorks 2003 features new enhancements intended to help users analyze their design's structural integrity, easily communicate design information to others, locate downloadable parts via online supplier catalogs and accelerate the business design process.

According to SolidWorks Corp, this version is also the first mainstream 3-D CAD software that lets users simulate realistic motion so they can check how gears in an assembly, for example, will function in actual operation prior to manufacturing.

Call: 800-693-9000; e-mail: info@solidworks.com.
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Automatic Sampler Captures Medium-Viscosity Fluids
The Isolok Series MSC Samplers by Bristol Equipment Company are designed for flowable medium-viscosity process materials.

They draw samples of fluids such as cream, whey or orange juice on command from an automatic control. Actuated by a compressed air cylinder for greater safety and simplicity, MSC samplers tap process streams moving through pipes or vessels pressurized up to 200 PSI, as well as through troughs or tanks.

The samplers have only one moving part and mount through an access port installed on the process equipment, secured by a standard 2 in. ferrule clamp and gasket.

Call: 630-553-7161; e-mail: info@bristolequipment.com.
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Magnetic Latching Solenoid Holds Without Electricity
Bicron Electronics is offering a new pull type magnetic latching solenoid, the model SC0323L.

It features a "zero power to hold" mechanism, which means it will hold indefinitely in products that require linear actuation and continual hold with the absence of electrical power.

The SC0323L is rated at a maximum force of 4.5 oz. at a 0.05 in. stroke. Typical applications include medical instrumentation, power management devices, computer peripherals and security applications.

Call: 800-824-5125; e-mail: info@bicronusa.com.
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